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Apex Legends Mobile gets a launch window

Those who have been wishing to play leendes of the apex on mobile devices will soon be able to do it now that Apex legends mobile has a release window. This mobile adaptation of the Battle Royale game will come out this month, Constawn Entertainment confirmed, although an exact release date has not yet been established. This eventual launch follows numerous tests carried out in the past that were first limited to certain regions before gradually expanding to other places before the complete launch.

The previous launch window for Apex Legends Mobile was at some point during the summer of 2022, so, although we still do not have an exact release date, we approach that announcement now that we are within the month of launch. Respawn shared May launch plans for Apex Legends Mobile during a leends of the apex Preview event for season 13 before sharing the news publicly on Tuesday.

Unlike other mobile games that are released first on Android devices before reaching iOS, apx mobile legends will reach both mobile platforms simultaneously when it is launched. It will have some exclusive characteristics of the mobile version of Apéndex also, including maps only for mobile devices, legends and more.

Although it will have some content that is exclusive to the mobile version of Apéndex This game will not have crossplay as _ apex -legends correctly, so mobile players will only play against other mobile players. However, it will have the legends of the main game. During the tests, for example, Respawn enabled Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder and Caustic to test during the previous regional views. During the preview of season 13 where apx legends mobile was spoken, design director Jordan Patz said the game will be released with 10 legends, so there is one more to announce.

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In March, Respawn announced that it had opened the pre -registration for Apex Legends mobile to allow people to express their interest in the game registering before its launch. Since it is a game for mobile devices, those previous records naturally came with rewards campaigns, as offered by other titles for mobile devices in the past. Those included things like Holosprays, banks of banners, badges, a banner pose and a new mask for Pathfinder, among other incentives that have already been unlocked now that more than 25 million pre -registration have accumulated.

Apex Legends mobile will be launched for Android and iOS devices in May.

Will NHL 21 be available on Nintendo Switch?

As with the Madden and UFC series, EA Sports has not developed NIntendo Switch game from the launch of the platform in 2017. But it will change in 2020, despite the fact that some of the others. EA Sports games did not receive launch on the platform this year? The answer to this question is no.

In a letter to the NHL community in July, the development team announced that NHL 21 would be launched this year for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The LNH developers did not mention a version of a version Nintendo Switch from NHL 21. On August 24, NHL 21 launch trailer was put online., as well as official information about the game and its release date. In this ad, EA confirmed that NHL 21 will be launched worldwide on October 16 for Xbox One and PS4 only.

When Will EA Sports NHL Be On Nintendo Switch? (Why Isn't NHL 21 On Switch)

So, just like Madden 21 and UFC 4, NHL 21 will not come on Nintendo Switch in 2020. And in the current state of things, the only franchise Ea sports to be on the switch is the FIFA series, which received an exit Every year since 2017.

Launch of the new update of the Nintendo SWITCH system

A new system update is now available for the Nintendo Switch hardware, which takes it to version 13.2.1. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not provided users with many details. Patch notes of the company. Official website simply indicates that Switch has received general system stability improvements to improve user experience. In other words, users should not expect to see drastic changes after completing the update. At the end of the day, these smaller updates can be a bit disappointing, but hopefully they will make the system work better for players.

The fifth anniversary of the SWITCH hardware approaches quickly, so it is unlikely that we will see drastic changes at this time. Throughout the useful life of the console, fanatics hoped to see the type of thematic funds that were available in 3DS, but that did not happen. The Nintendo double-screen handheld allowed players to buy topics based on several dear franchises, such as Mario, Pokémon, Sonic The Hedgehog and more. In the switch era, fanatics stayed with only black and white options, leaving little space for personalization. It is not a big problem, but adding the option would certainly make many fans happy.

Of course, the start screen really does not matter much, in the great scheme of things. Switch has been a great success for Nintendo since the launch of the system in 2017 and continues to capture the attention of new audiences. This year you will see the launch of a series of important exclusives for the console, which include Pokemon legends: aqueous, bayonet 3, Kirby and the forgotten land, platoon 3, and the sequel to the Legend of Zelda: breath of the savage. This week you will also see the launch of anjo-kazooie at the Nintendo 64 Online SWITCH application, which should be exciting news for Rare game fans.

It is possible that today’s update is not too exciting, but it is only January, and it seems that 2022 will have enough for Nintendo fanatics to excite. With luck, there will be much more to come throughout the year!

What kind of updates would you like to see in Nintendo Switch? Are you disappointed that the console has never received topics? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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