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Apex Legends Mobile gets a launch window

Those who have been wishing to play leendes of the apex on mobile devices will soon be able to do it now that Apex legends mobile has a release window. This mobile adaptation of the Battle Royale game will come out this month, Constawn Entertainment confirmed, although an exact release date has not yet been established. This eventual launch follows numerous tests carried out in the past that were first limited to certain regions before gradually expanding to other places before the complete launch.

The previous launch window for Apex Legends Mobile was at some point during the summer of 2022, so, although we still do not have an exact release date, we approach that announcement now that we are within the month of launch. Respawn shared May launch plans for Apex Legends Mobile during a leends of the apex Preview event for season 13 before sharing the news publicly on Tuesday.

Unlike other mobile games that are released first on Android devices before reaching iOS, apx mobile legends will reach both mobile platforms simultaneously when it is launched. It will have some exclusive characteristics of the mobile version of Apéndex also, including maps only for mobile devices, legends and more.

Although it will have some content that is exclusive to the mobile version of Apéndex This game will not have crossplay as _ apex -legends correctly, so mobile players will only play against other mobile players. However, it will have the legends of the main game. During the tests, for example, Respawn enabled Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Wraith, Bangalore, Octane, Mirage, Pathfinder and Caustic to test during the previous regional views. During the preview of season 13 where apx legends mobile was spoken, design director Jordan Patz said the game will be released with 10 legends, so there is one more to announce.

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In March, Respawn announced that it had opened the pre -registration for Apex Legends mobile to allow people to express their interest in the game registering before its launch. Since it is a game for mobile devices, those previous records naturally came with rewards campaigns, as offered by other titles for mobile devices in the past. Those included things like Holosprays, banks of banners, badges, a banner pose and a new mask for Pathfinder, among other incentives that have already been unlocked now that more than 25 million pre -registration have accumulated.

Apex Legends mobile will be launched for Android and iOS devices in May.

Lol: the best champion of League of Legends and the trap that makes it so effective

Most of the players of League of Legends seeks the easiest way to upload ranges in qualifying games and there are very simple methods to achieve it. It is true that there is no infallible recipe to increase the mmr , but using proven efficiency champions is a good way to make the way simpler. However, there are many cases in which part of the community is not even aware of what the most efficient characters are. For example, there will be many surprised after knowing that Tahm Kench in the shooter position is the strongest hero of the game .

Tahm Kench trap to be the best champion

3 BEST SOLO CARRY Champions for EVERY ROLE in PATCH 12.5b - League of Legends

Regulatory players to the League of Legends competition will not have trouble detecting why Tahm Kench has become the most powerful champion in the shooter position. However, the explanation is very simple. When playing In combination with a Senna Support, it reaches victoria rates capable of exceeding 60% in the highest ranges of the game. This is thanks to a strategy that allows Tahm Kench to accumulate a lot of gold and objects by making the team as a whole much more threatening than the traditional ADC and support compositions, at least in the ranked.

According to the statistical records, there is not a single confrontation that is attracted to the champion when he is accompanied by Senna . The role of Tahm Kench will be to give him the last blow to the subjects and get gold while he tries to keep redeeming alive. Thanks to this, the online companion of him is capable of getting a number of souls much higher than usual. With these he minimizes the effect that causes the lack of gold and remains as a great threat as the game progresses. Even in the professional game it is quite effective, but in Soloq it is simply devastating combo.

The problem of this combination will be the first games and the need to find an adventure partner who wants to use this strategy to upload divisions. However, once you are overcome we will be before one of the most effective methods to inflate our range in the end of season 12. It is true that there is still time before the next great end of League of Legends, but as soon as we reach our Objective soon we can start playing with the relaxation that it gives to know that we have already fulfilled our expectations.

In case you finally encourage you to carry out this combination of Tahm Kench and Senna, you must also bear in mind that Riot Games has raised the possibility of eliminating the classification items as a couple of the main tail to relegate them to flexible mode. The developers have not yet made a firm decision, but it seems a change more than possible. An additional reason to rushing with a coworkering partner to show our rivals why Tahm Kench can become the best League of Legends champion.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp

Garchomp is one of the best non-legendary Pokémon to have in your group in almost all the games in which it appears. However, this game changes the regular Formula of Pokémon in several ways, so you will be asking How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus . This is what you need to know.

How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Even with all the changes that Legends Arceus brings, some things are still the same, as certain methods of evolution. Gible still evolves to Gabite at level 24, and Gabite evolves Garchomp at Level 48. This line of Pokémon does not include any special evolution, although it may take some time to take Gabite at level 48.

Once Gabite reaches level 48, opens the group menu and press x while highlighting the Pokémon. It will look like the example in the image below. This will trigger a manual evolution since the Pokémon does not automatically evolve when winning exp and levels in this game.

Where to find Garchomp

If you have not yet caught a gible, be sure to consult our guide on where to find it at Coronet Highlands. And if you prefer omitting the entire process of evolution, you can even catch a garchomp in the same location of the highlands, instead of evolving Gabite.

How to get GIBLE & GARCHOMP in Pokémon Legends: Arceus
However, you should be careful because it is an alpha Pokémon, which means that it is extremely difficult to tear down according to the Pokémon level in your group.

Garchomp also has a strong dragon / earth type, which makes it weak in front of ice, dragon and fairy and, at the same time, is immune to electrical movements.

That’s all you need to know about How to evolve Gabite to Garchomp in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our Wiki guide on the game to get more tips, tricks and other useful information that will help you on your trip through the HISUI region.

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Legends Pokemon Arceus Debuta Leader in Spain: the best sold in January

Legends Pokémon Arceus It hSpain become the best-selling video game in physical format in Spain during lSpaint month of January 2022 . Despite turning on sale on January 28, computing only four calendar days in the report, the Spanish Video Game Spainsociation (AEVI) and Games Sales Data (GSD) have confirmed that the new Game Freak video game for Nintendo Switch He is a market leader in our country.

Legends Pokémon Arceus Lead a ranking dominated by Nintendo Switch

The ranking leaves us a Top-10 full of Nintendo Switch titles; All less FIFA 22, F1 2021 and Grand Theft Auto V in its version for PlayStation 4. These were the ten best-selling titles in physical format during January in Spain.

  1. Legends Pokémon: Arceus (Nintendo Switch)

  1. FIFA 22 (PS4)
  2. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
  3. FIFA 22 (Nintendo Switch)
  4. Just Dance 2022 (Nintendo Switch)
  5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch)
  6. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch)
  7. F1 2021 (PS4)

Top 10 BEST Pokémon In Legends Arceus
9. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition
10. Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo Switch)

How much hSpain you sold exactly Legends Pokémon Arceus in Spain?

With more than 6.5 million units of copies sold around the world during its first week available (Global Data until Sunday, January 30), Legends Pokémon Arceus hSpain become the Pokémon game more quickly sold in Nintendo Switch and The second best premiere of a video game of the Joy-console in Japan.

In Spain, according to data provided by the companions of vandal and game reactor, Legends Pokémon Arceus sold between 138,000 and 140,000 units in the week of January 24 to 30 . For more signs, this data wSpain represented 62.6% of all video games sold during that week in our country (221,100 titles). In its second week it hSpain accumulated another 26,000 units, thus giving a total of about 166,000 units sold; A rhythm by 14% higher than Pokémon Bright diamond and gleaming pearl, published lSpaint November.

The figure leaves us the best premiere until the date of a Nintendo Switch video game in Spain: no game had sold both in its first week. If we put it in context with the rest of the Pokémon games and its debut in national territory over the pSpaint few years, Legends Pokémon Arceus is the second best premiere of a game of the saga in Spain; Only behind Pokémon Sol and Luna (2016, 3DS), with 184,000 units.

Legends Pokémon Arceus is available in exclusive physical and digital format for Nintendo Switch.

  • Guide to Legends Pokémon Arceus: Tips, Shiny, Pokédex, Objects and more
  • How to get Arceus in Legends Pokémon Arceus: All requirements
  • Pokédex of Legends Pokémon Arceus: All all the Pokémon available

Pokemon legends: Arceus – Increase friendship to Pokemon

In our Friendship Guide to Pokémon Legends: Arceus Leaders:

  • What brings you the friendship to your Pokémon
  • Where you can learn the current friendly value
  • How to raise the friendship to your Pokémon

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Why do I need friendship in Pokémon legends: Arceus?

Also in Pokémon legends: Arceus can build your friendship with your pocket monsters. In the latest part of the series, you need a high friendship level to some Pokémon so you can develop. For example, to get the Evoli developments Feelinara, Nachtara and Psiana, you need a high friendly value to evoli , but even more Pokémon you can only get there.

Which Pokémon can only be developed with a high friendly value?

  • Chaneira to Heeiteira
  • Evoli to Feelinara
  • Evoli to Nachtara
  • Evoli to psiana
  • Golbat to Iksbat
  • Haspiror to Schlapor
  • Klingplim to Palimpalim
  • Knospi to Roselia
  • Mamfaxo to Relaxo
  • Pichu to Pikachu
  • Pii to beepi
  • Riolu to Lucario
  • Togepi to Togetic

Incidentally, in our guide to the Baby Pokémon, you will learn where your Mombaxo, Pichu, Knospi, Togepi, Klingplim, PII and Riolu finds.

Where can I learn the friendly value to a Pokémon?

As soon as your axantor has defeated in the course of the story, you meet in Jubeldorf on Amadeo, who offers you the Secondary Mission 28: Tight Friendship . For this you have to show him a Pokémon, to which you have a high friendly value.

The best way to do it directly with your starter Pokémon, as you probably have used it most in struggles. If your friendship level is not high enough at your starter , just use the tips below in the guide to increase the friendship value.

How To Increase Friendship FAST In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Have you completed the secondary mission, you can always go to Amadeo in the future and show him one of your Pokémon. He will tell you the friendly value for the respective pocket monster.

How can I increase the friendship value?

You can influence the friendship with your Pokémon in many different species. The following actions improve the friendship value :

  • Struggles with the Pokémon and wins the fighting – Caution: Will your Pokémon defeat in the fight, the friendship value decreases.
  • Let your Pokémon rise in the level – as experience is shared with all pocket monsters in the party, you also increase the friendship with Pokémon, which does not actively use it in combat.
  • Feeds Pokémon with special bonboes – she also gives rise to the level.
  • Let Pokémon Items collect in the game world – just ship the Pokéball with the desired Pokémon on the item.

Other guides to Pokémon legends: Arceus on Switch online :

  • Pokémon legends: Arceus – Earn money quickly
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Space Time Distortion – Rare Pokémon & Items
  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Ghost Lights Foundations & Kryppuk
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus catch & defeat

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Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to create articles

Pokemon Legends Arceus is the last entry into the popular Pokemon series, and marks a radical change of the typical formula of the series to which the fans have become accustomed so much. The game takes place in the HISUI region and presents a large open world for the players to explore, as well as a suitable creation system to enter. Here is How to create objects in Pokémon Legends Arceus.

Preparation of items in Pokémon Legends Arceus

While you can buy items and resources from the various NPCs of suppliers you know in the game, you will save a lot of money by simply elaborating them yourself and bringing together your own resources. To do this, you must first find a work table.

The processing tables are located in each base camp in the open world, and there is also one that you can use in JubiRife Village. Interact with him by pressing the A button, and the preparation menu will appear that lists all the recipes you have learned so far.

Use the left joystick to select the item you want to manufacture, then press the A button to confirm your selection. One thing to keep in mind is that when you use a work table, you do not need to have the resources in your inventory. The game will automatically extract the resources stored in your storage box if necessary.

Towards the end of the tutorial section, you will also be given the key element of the Elaboration Kit. This allows you to create articles on the fly by simply by selecting them from your key items section in the inventory, but it comes with a warning: you can only use the resources that are in your inventory at that time.

Even so, this is a good way to free up space in the inventory while exploring, and you can always create more Poké Balls and Potions in the blink of an eye, as long as you have the materials with you.

How to create articles

Crafting Guide for Pokemon Legends Arceus
* Interact with any work table or use the work kit on your inventory

  • Use the left joystick to select the item you want to manufacture, then press A to confirm

That’s all you need to know about How to create objects in Pokémon Legends Arceus . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more advice and information about the game.

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Yanma – Legends Pokemon Arceus

Yanma is a Pokémon of the insect and flight appeared during the second generation, and available in Legends Pokémon: Arceus.


Pokemon Legends Arceus How To Evolve Yanma Into Yanmega

Useful information

Pokedex tasks




Location in Hisui

List of Yanma attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

Useful links

Useful information

Pokedex tasks

The fat tasks count double for the search level


Knowing ancient power


Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
1 | ¼ | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | 2 | 2 | ½
| | | | | | | |
½ | ½ | 1 | 2 | 1 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 0



Statistics | Lev 50 | NIV 100
PV | 65 |

| 125 – 172 | 240 – 334
Att | 65 |

| 63 – 128 | 121 – 251
Def | 45 |

| 45 – 106 | 85 – 207
ATTSPE | 75 |

| 72 – 139 | 139 – 273
Defspé | 45 |

| 45 – 106 | 85 – 207
Vit | 95 |

| 90 – 161 | 175 – 317
Total | 390
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.

Location in Hisui

Conditions: day, by any time

List of Yanma attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

To come up

Useful links

  • Previous sheets of Yanma
    • Sparkling diamond – glittering pearl
  • How to play Yanma (English form)

Giratina – Pokemon Arceus Legends

Giratina is a spectrum and dragon pokémon appeared during the fourth generation, and available in Legends Pokémon: Arceus.


Useful information

Pokedex tasks

Research Tasks & Pokédex Entries Pokemon Legends Arceus Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3




Location in Hisui

List of Giratina attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

Attacks obtained by level

Purchaseable attacks

Useful links

Useful information

Pokedex tasks

The fat tasks count double for the search level



Weaknesses and resistances

| | | | | | | |
1 | 0 | 2 | ½ | ½ | 2 | ½ | 2 | ½
| | | | | | | |
0 | ½ | ½ | 1 | 1 | 1 | 2 | 2 | 1



Statistics | Lev 50 | NIV 100
PV | 150 |

| 210 – 257 | 410 – 504
Att | 120 |

| 112 – 189 | 220 – 372
Def | 100 |

| 94 – 167 | 184 – 328
ATTSPE | 120 |

| 112 – 189 | 220 – 372
Defspé | 100 |

| 94 – 167 | 184 – 328
Vit | 90 |

| 85 – 156 | 166 – 306
Total | 680
The mini stats are calculated with EV and IV to 0, and a penalty of nature, if possible.
Max stats are calculated with EV at 255, IV to 31, and a bonus of nature, if possible.

Location in Hisui

List of Giratina attacks in Legends Pokémon Arceus

attacks obtained by level

level Name Type Cat. then. Pré pp
01 _ (12) _ Shadow Scope 40 100 20
06 _ (17) _ Antique power 60 100 15
12 _ (23) _ Punishment 65 100 15
19 _ (31) _ Shadow claw 70 100 15
27 _ (39) _ Aresphere 80 10
30 _ (42) _ Ball’ombre 80 100 10
36 _ (48) _ Dragriff 80 100 10
42 _ (54) _ Draco-shock 80 10
55 _ (68) _ TELLUIFORCE 80 100 10
60 _ (74) _ Returning 100 100 5

purchased attacks

Name Type Cat. then. Pré pp
Burst rock 40 100 20
Pietiol 60 100 20
Aircraft 60 20
Meteora 60 20
Bad wind 60 100 15
Fullness 10
Rest 10
Shadow claw 70 100 15
Iron head 80 100 10
Iron Tail 100 75 5
Radius loaded 50 90 15
Eco-Sphere 80 100 10
Iced wind 60 95 20
Ball’ombre 80 100 10
Giga Impact 120 90 5
Hydroqueue 85 90 10
ROC blade 100 80 5
Anger 90 85 10
Ultralaser 120 90 5
Thunder 80 100 10
Psyko 80 100 10
Vibrobscur 80 10
Draco Weather 110 90 5

Useful links

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    • Sword – Shield
  • How to play Giratina (English form)

Legends Pokemon Arceus: Where to buy the game, price and editions

Legends Pokémon Arceus is now available around the world. Nintendo Switch receives its first great video game of the year; One essential for fans and which is presented Pokémon the greatest Pokémon adventure that we have had to date by its way of congeniar the mechanics of action with the combats per traditional shifts. A huge game, for dozens of hours of entertainment; and an amount of lore and overwhelming secrets. We tell you where to buy the game and its price .

Where to buy legends Pokémon Arceus, price and analysis in Meristation

The reserves of Pokémon Arceus legends before its launch were the only ones that included different editions. Some brought figure, other metallic box… but it wPokémon exclusive content for reservations. Those who now buy the game in physical format only have an option: bPokémonic edition with box and cartridge.

  • Analysis, conclusions and note of legends Pokémon Arceus in Meristation

These are the current prices in the main stores in Spain:

  • PurchPokémone Legends Pokémon Arceus on Amazon – Game price: 54.99 euros.
  • PurchPokémone Legends Pokémon Arceus in Game – Game price: 59.99 euros.
  • PurchPokémone Legends Pokémon Arceus in FNAC – Game price: 54.99 euros.
  • PurchPokémone Legends Pokémon Arceus in Mediamarkt – Game price: 46.99 euros (exhausted).

  • Buy Legends Pokémon Arceus in Eshop [Digital] – Game price: 59.99 euros.
  • PurchPokémone Legends Pokémon Arceus on Channel Leisure, El Corte Inglés, PC Components, The Shop Gamer, Video OCA or XTRALIFE. Check the price at each store.

Legends Pokémon Arceus is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The biggest jump playable that hPokémon ever experienced the saga is here and hPokémon loved it. Undoubtedly, the step I needed the series to continue growing. The present and the future aim to be very exciting from now on.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Before You Buy
* Legends Pokémon Arceus Retrieves the experience candies, what are they? what are they for?
* Legends Pokémon Arceus: Who are AdamPokémon, Nákara, Bilo and Volus?
* Legends Pokémon Arceus, what do we know about the HISUI map? Zones and ecosystems
* Legends Pokémon Arceus: How are alfa and stately Pokémon differentiate?
* Legends Pokémon Arceus: Explanation of the fPokémont and strong style of the combat system

Pokemon Legends Arceus: Annoyed Bidoof Application Guide

The game is full of small secondary missions called requests that reward you with many useful elements. Some are a bit more complicated and complicated than others, so if you have a problem with this, we can help you. Here is where to find the three bidoof for the annoying request of Bidoof in Pokemon Legends Arceus .

Bidoof request guide annoying Pokemon Legends Arceus

This request will appear very soon in the game and forces you to run from one side to another to find three Bidoof that have been causing problems and hiding in Jubirex Village. You will need a Bidoof on your computer before attempting to complete this request. The game will cause you to catch one before this, so that should not be a problem.

The Bidoof of your group will communicate with the problems to dismiss them. To prevent you from playing with this hidden game, we have your locations on the map right here:

After starting the request, the nearest Bidoof is on the right side of the Galaxy Team headquarters, on the side of your house. The following two are at the southern corners of Jubilife Village. The southwest Bidoof is next to a building, hidden between a fence and a tree. The one that is southeast is actually outdoors, just looking a fence on the edge of the village boundary.

Finally, he returns with the mission manager to finish it and get your reward. The Bidoof will start working on a construction project, ending their problems.

That’s all you need to know about Where to find the three bidoof and How to complete the annoying Bidoof application in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to check our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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