It will not be long before the next era of Pokemon lands in Nintendo Switch. If you did not know, Pokemon legends: Areas will be launched this weekend, and fans around the world are anxious to see it. The open world game promises to show a new side of the IP, so, of course, there are tons of marketing campaigns. And as for anime, well, a new trailer is here to highlight your lands Pokémon Special!

As you can see below, Pokemon has launched a new trailer of its legendary special. The clip shows Ash and Pikachu immersing himself in the depths of the Hessian region along with some friends, and things come out of control at the end of the promotion.

The clip starts with Ash and Pikachu knowing Areas with Go and Dawn at his side. As the commercial progress, fans can see the trio while exploring the Hessian region years ago. However, the original story will also focus on the present when Ash is with family faces. It seems that everyone, from Brock to Team Galactic, will be in this special, so they can expect their back screen.

Until now, fans know lands Pokémon will give life to their special of several parts in a short time. The miniseries is intended to help promote the Great Game of The Pokémon Company, and will come out at the end of this week. However, it is not known if the program will be shared outside of Japan. Amazon Prime has the exclusive rights of transmission of this special, so, unless an agreement is reached, this Pokemon it is possible that the anime does not reach the United States.

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