Hackers and fraudsters are developing more and more sophisticated stitches to attack WhatsApp users.

So also with this latest technology.
Munich-WhatsApp uses almost everyone-in Germany and in many other countries.
For millions of users, it is obvious that many criminals and fraudsters also strive to get users’ data from the Messenger, which belongs to the Facebook company Meta.
A new fraud stitch is particularly tough-it attacks the users in their sleep, reports Merkur.de.

Anger WhatsApp fraud-criminal hacking user account while sleeping

UK Abraham clarifies on Twitter about the new tactics of fraudsters.
He is a security expert and co-founder of the smartphone security company Cops.
He writes: The last takeovers of WhatsApp accounts are simple and ingenious at the same time. The victim usually sleeps when the perpetrators strike.
And this is how the trick works: The hacker starts trying to log into the Consumer’s WhatsApp account with the mobile phone number.
This triggers the two-step authentication.
You get an SMS with a safety key.
Because the victim sleeps, nothing happens to it (more digital news at ).
But the hacker has a different plan anyway: he clicks on the Received call option.
Just like the SMS, the call does not reach the WhatsApp user, but only the mailbox.


Abraham: At night only the mailbox goes, the code is still talking on the tape.

WhatsApp account in danger: victims must take measures immediately

The hacker tries to listen to the mailbox to get to the code.
Unfortunately, most of the mailboxes are poorly secured, for example, as a code, have the last four digits of their own telephone number, which the fraudsters already have.
As soon as you are in the WhatsApp account, you will set up a new two-step authentication.
Now follows the last step of the plan: The hacker can load a virus onto the smartphone or blackmail money from the mobile phone user.
And what can you do about it?
Abraham advises setting an individual pin code at the Mailbox and set a pin code for the two-factor authentication of WhatsApp.
There is also good news from WhatsApp, because the messenger refines its functions: in the future, chats can be searched in a very specific way, for example.
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