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Logwave, pre -booking Yeolgang Ho

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Log Wave (Representative Kim Dong-hyun) announced on the 25th that the mobile game has begun to reserve the Mobile Games’

The company will pay a game item “Hwangryongdo Gifts” to the pre-reservation power source and will be presented through the lottery. In addition to friends invitation events, additional compensation will be added to the user who recorded 100,000, and 500,000th counts.

In particular, when he exceeds a pre-reservation applicant, he presented the ‘shining hirohwangdo box’, and the addition of one of the additional users, and adds a “열 혈 강 Limited Edition Figures”, which has been made separately by one of the users.

Kohmi Kang Ho W W is a massive multi-neoplasm-based role (MMORPG) based on a stadial comics, which is served in the year in 28 years since 1994. The users will be encouraged with the tremendous relationship with the ‘parallel space’ that transcends the space, while the original scenario is constructed,

Ocean Waves White Noise for Sleeping 10 Hours

The log Wave is the “Lineage M”, “Blade & Soul”, “Kumnae Kang Ho 2 ‘,” Changchun “developers have been established. Kim Dong-hyun, who was in charge of the development of ‘Dragon Ball Online’, is responsible for producing directly.

The company has signed a contract with Kohwa Rongo Korea’s subsidiary Thai Mobile and a Kwon Kwang Line License Agreement in April, April 20, the April 2020,

Meanwhile, the log wave starts the tester recruitment prior to the implementation of the specific tests scheduled for early May.

Smile Gate Purcher Raw, Indie Game Creative Competition 2022 Indigo held

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Smile Gate Future Lab (Futures) announced on May 22, the Indie Game Creative Competition “2022 Indigo”.

2022 Indigo is an analogy for the establishment of an initial indie game created with the potential, and to establish community through the donation and lecture between Indie Games. Anyone who develops an indie game that is not yet released on the platform without registering the operator yet.

This competition is sponsored by Indie Developers Bepex, Cornfield, Rabbit Hall Games and Fercher Raps. Team, game introduction, and prototypes are comprehensively reviewed, and we will focus on the novelty, completeness, and fun of the game. The total prize money is 120,000 won, and all selected teams are scheduled to provide 14 units of the youngest creative support program that will proceed from Fercher Raps (SGM) 14th interviews.

INDIGOCAST #7 | Dark City & The Matrix Franchise w/​ @GmanLives (FULL SPOILERS)

This year, the competition is to focus on the donation relay of the SGM to complete the SGM. After the first competition last year, the SGM’s commitment team, Bepex, Cornfield, and Rabbit Hall Games, and sponsored a portion of the prize for the initial creator, empathy of the Smile Gate Indie Game Competition, which is supporting new creators in the SGM Games. On June 3, the “Meet Up”, which can meet fellow creators, regardless of whether they are awarded and shared each other’s thoughts and experiences on the creation of Indie games.

Through the competition of the competition through the competition, Hwang Sung-jin, who sponsored Indie Games Creators, said, “I want to contribute to the creators pushing, leading to each other,” he said.

“I ask for a lot of interest and participation in Indie Games Creators,” This year, “said Park Min-jung, said,” I would like to ask for a lot of interest and participation in Indie Gaming Creators, I will not spell investment and support so that it could be the basis of the ground. “

Metabus jumped cracked … Only 50 business organizations are over 50 [Metabus 24]

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Kraffe tone, famous for the ‘Battleground’, is being implemented in the metabus content implementation. The content is a policy that builds a ‘web 3.0’ ecosystem that can be newly fun and valued and grown with the community.

According to the game industry on the 21st, the Krafton (Representative Kim Chang) is officially operating the ‘NFT Metabus Room’ since November last year. Since 2018, there are only 50 people in the Krafton internal workforce and NFT industry, which have been studying NFT, and only about 50 initial members, and talent with various game development experiences, including battle ground, are working on building metabus. Scale is also active.

The NFT metaverse chamber is a fabricated NFT meta bus mount. Park Hyung Chul, which joined Crafton, March last year, has been leading Krafton NFT Meta Bus Room since November last year through Boston Consulting Group Consultants and Craft Tone Strategy Team.

The Craft Tone is based on the development capabilities and operating experience of the battle ground in the regular in-house communication program ‘Craft Tone Live Talk’, which has been formulated on the Web 3.0 and NFT businesses based on the development capabilities and operating experience. It is aimed at supporting the interaction between new worlds and users, and the game that creates pleasure, and at the same time that the creators can lead to the creation of new content in the scalable ecosystem.

Metallic Foil on Luxurious Black Business Cards!

To this end, Krah Tone is promoting the Open Metabus project with Naver Jet and User Generated Contents, UGC (USER Generated Contents, UGC). Based on abundant understanding and experience, technology capabilities, which develops a number of online games, and technology capabilities, it is a policy on implementing the metabus. It is also planning to create a sandbox that is a content creation tool and secure differentiation with existing services.

We also try to build a web 3.0 ecosystem, such as disclosing a virtual human demo image that applies deep and hyper realism technology. The Krafton’s Virtual Human is a company-side explanation that boasts a visual that is similar to the real human being and the real human being implemented from the pupil to the skin’s fluffy and calm, as well as the colorful facial smoke based on motion capture.

Craftone is used for a variety of virtual human games character, e-sports, Virtual Influer, and singer, and in addition to hyper realism technology, artificial intelligence (AI), voice synthesis (TTS, STT), Voice to FACE ) It is planning to develop into a character that can continue to research and develop and communicate with each other.

It is also on the NFT area. Craftone invests stake in Seoul Oil Blue and X-By Blue, and is also on the first collaboration with these partners through Blue Hallsteau, Independent Studios. Kraffe toned game IP has been used to collaborate for NFT avatar production and sales that can be applied to the Methabus world in the future. Blue Hallstore is an independent studio of Craftton, to develop a large-scale MMORPG server operating skills and next-generation graphics technology, and will develop the avatars and personal spaces.

In addition, we will conclude a business agreement for the design and marketing of a block chain, a block chain, an alternative to the design and marketing,.

Craff Tone said, “We are actively developing partners to organize web 3.0 ecosystems together, and they are actively developing collaboration with companies and various communities, which have high technology.”

WMADID play, a social contribution to the audiovisual disorder

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Wimade Play (Representative Lee Hoori) announced on the 15th that the social contribution event with the Mobile Games ‘Aqua Story’.

Exploring social and sensory barriers that impede play in public spaces | Chad Kennedy | TEDxModesto

The social contribution event is a rectangular area low-income vulnerable to the tactile treatment of a low-income vulnerable to the tactile treatment of the Aqua Story, as an event, which consumes a free content that is free of content that is produced in the game. It is contents.

The WMADE play donations will be used for support for seven disabilities for a year for a year, for a professional tactile treatment instructor.

The social contribution event, which is held in Aqua Story, will affirm the fish eggs for a week from April 16 to 22, and will go aim to earn 3 million healing hearts. Mobile SNG Aqua Story, which has a variety of creatures as a concept of ‘making a diverse’ as a concept, presents a poseidon altar that can acquire one thousand and rare fish for all users during the event period.

“Aqua Story is a mobile game that is a mobile game that is active in social networking,” Aqua Story is an expanding the meaning of social contributions, “said the team leader said.

Do not you go to drink, cigarette and pc room? … Game Legal Youth Meaning [IT Magnifier]

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] A bill that improves the situation that the PC room night entry could not be done even if the high school graduation is a high school graduation. It is a key to match the definition of adolescents that the game method is the same as youth protection law.

Life Of A Junior Account! (Rec Room)

According to the National Assembly, the Representative of the Game Act was held on the 13th of the last 13 days of “.

The current law is twenty years old, and the high school graduation is a high school graduate, and a student can buy a drink and a cigarette. Article 2 (1) of the Youth Protection Act shall define a person who is under 19 years old as a juvenile, and it refers to the exception of the one who greeted January 1 of the year.

However, the same conditions are not allowed to go to PC room night. The current game law is that unlike the Youth Protection Act, it contains students under 18 years of age and include students who are active in high school under the provisions of Article 2 of the Second and Secondary Education Act. PC room is a restriction of game method as an Internet computer game facility offering industry.

As such, the two legislation, which defines the youth, the two-year-old student who became a 20-year-old student after completing the SAT has been able to drink a pc room night, One amendment of a refemeration of a refemeration is the key to unifying the adolescent criteria of the Game Method as a teen according to the Juvenile Protection Act. If the bill is passed, this unreasonable is expected to be improved.

“In the case of the use time limit of the current law PC room and the use time of the song practice area, unlike the adolescent score, as a result of high school graduation, both operators and youth are being confused in the field. It is also pointed out that social culture is also placed and indicating that the adolescent protection legislation is impaired, “he explained the purpose of the foot.

“Then this law took the adolescent criteria for the Youth Protection Act, enhancing the prickly predictability and promoting the consistency of the youth protection system.”

Kim Tae-jin Global Game Leap … Be sure to confirm the potential of Mr.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] “Yoon’s top goal is a more firm leap to a global game company. To this end, we will confirm the potential of EN in the world through a variety of new ones developed in a new way such as” Open R & D “. “

Kim Tae-jin said, on the 30th,

You've heard of Wordle, try Globle #shorts (Guess the country)

Kim said, “He is creating an open R & D key to actively accept and reflects global customer needs from the early stages of development.” Opening R & D is a way that NCsoft offers a synergy through an external network, such as an external network, such as a user, expert,

Previously, the company has noticed that since last year, we recognize the crisis sensitively to strengthen the crisis and strengthen the market leadership through technology innovation.

The new ones under development in accordance with the open-formed R & D direction are also present in the market. In particular, ‘Tsuron Anti Bati (TL)’, aimed at global launch in the second half of this year, will be a leader. TL is a full 3D graphics-based massive multi-neoprocessing role that can play in PC and console as a game (MMORPG). In addition, “Lineage W”, who won the domestic and Asian markets, is expected to release in North America.

Recently, multiple projects released through teaser images are also globally directed. Previously, NCsoft introduced a video such as “Project E”, which had the same oriental color that TL and the world view. Unlike the previous part of the development of development, it is a strategy to show relevant information from the beginning of the development depending on the open type R & D keynote.

Kim Tae-jin said, “It is the development of various genres such as Action Battle Royal, Collecting RPG, and Interactive Movie, as well as” KRW Battle Royal, Cathering RPG, Interactive Movie, “said, I would like to make a big and spacious world. “

NCsoft emphasized that efforts have been continuing for the dominant structure transparency and shareholder value improvement. The company was the first ‘ESG Management Committee’ for the first time in the domestic game company in 2021. In addition, we also earned the most excellent evaluation rating from the global ESG evaluation agency.

The dividend tendency is maintaining more than 30% since 2014, and we plan to share 30% of net profit of net profit by 2024. The total amount of dividend this year is 121 billion won (5,860 won per share). In addition, it is not so separately from dividends, emphasized that he is also going to acquire his stock every time.

NCsoft also conducted a large-scale magnetic stock in Last year, and the total amount of 2021 dividend amounts and the amount of self-stock acquisition amount was about W300bn. This is the company’s lateral explanation of the highest level of shareholder reduction in the domestic and overseas homes and policies.

Kim Tae-jin said, “We will listen to the opinions of shareholders, customers, and organizational members, and will try to improve corporate value,” he said, “We will have a strong challenge and continue to be a more powerful challenge.” said.

On the other hand, at the general meeting of the shareholder, the commissioning of financial statements ▲ An approval of the financial statements ▲ Senior Non-Business Director ▲ Auditor’s election ▲ In addition, the number of five consecutive agendas is a total of five agendas.

[RUSUKRA invasion] The game students are also responding to Russian sanctions

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Games industry continues to stop the game industry in Russia, while the game industry is continuing in Russia.

According to the 7-day foreign and game industry, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games decided to stop the game sales in Russia. Daniel Alegri Activision (COO) was found that the Russian user would not be able to purchase its games through the release of the open letter on the last 5 days.

Ukraine Invasion: Russian people start to feel the pinch of economic sanctions
Famous Epic Games with Unreal Engine, “I have stopped commerce with Russia,” “I have not yet released a Russian user who has already had a game.” Epic Games is also a popular game ‘Port Knight’ is also a game that is served.

Prior to this, it said that it would not sell its products to Russia, including Electronic Arts (EA), CD Projid Red, Microsoft (MS) and Nintendo. EA has entered the measures to delete the Russian national team in the EA Sports Games family, such as ‘Fifra 22’ and ‘Fifrof Mobile’ and ‘NHL22’.

Cy Projert Red made ‘Southern’, ‘Cyber ​​Punk 2077’, has stopped all the game sales in the Russian and Russian Room Belarus. This includes all sales in offline stores, as well as both digital sales.

Microsoft has also announced that it would stop selling new sales and services of all products, including “Xbox”, “Xbox”, console game equipment in Russia. Nintendo is a state of switching the ‘Nintendo this shop (eshop) to maintenance mode that can buy digitally via websites in Russia.

Meanwhile, Mihail, Fedo Rope Ukraine, deputy prime minister, was officially requested to participate in Russian sanctions to major games and e-sports officials around the world through SNS, including SNS on two days (local time).

Kim Jung-joo Nexon Foundation I will go out of everywhere.

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The ‘eldest brother’ pioneered the domestic game market, and the news of the Games’ industry, including Kim Jung-joo, Nexon Stationary, is committed to mourning.

Kim Jong-ju, the largest rival, and the Korean game market, Kim Tae-jin, who led together the Korean game market, “I left my most lovely friend. I feel the biggest pain that I had to live. I loved my best. I am very comfortable. ” Kim Tae-jin and Kim Jung-joo’s foundation, Seoul National University,

One game founded member and WMADID, Cacao Games, who served as a representative of Cacao Games, and the president of Cacao, the president, also said, “It is the sorrow of the industry.” I pray for the amusement of the deceased. ” President Lee, Jeon-hyun, said, “I said,

The Venture Corporation Association also made the entrance to the 2nd, and mourned Kim Jung-ju’s foundation. The Association said, “The deceased has grown into a global company in the world’s first online game service company in the early 1990s, and has grown into a global company leading the World Game Market in Korea and the World Game Market..

Korean Billionaire Kim Jung Ju’s Fortune Slides $2 2 Billion After Nexon
“President Kim said,” The venture industry is a pioneer and a true venture company that has pioneered global markets from early on, I sincerely route to challenges and passion. “

I also mourned Kim Jung-joo founder in politics. In addition to Lee Jae-sang, the Democratic presidential candidate said on Twitter on the 1st, “I will show my mourning on the B-boy of Nexon Kim Jung-joo” and “I can not stand it in sudden news.”

“Kim Jung-joo, said,” He said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” He said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “He said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “He said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” he said, “he said,” He said, “he said,” he said, “he said..

Lee Joon-seok said, “It was a big star” on Facebook, and “I am mourning a star of Kim’s director”. “I would not be able to talk about Kim’s contribution to the development of the Korean game industry,” he said.

The Minister of Korea, who has been in Jeju, who has been in the Great Head of the Kwon, I will remember the representation for a long time, “he added.”

Nexon’s Weekly Wen, Mr. Yu, said, “Mr. Kim Jung-joo Enx, a member of Nexon,” said Nexon, said, “he said. “Both of the oil prices do not want to explain in detail, thank you to explain it in detail. However, the deceased has received depression from the previous year, and it is only worse, and it is only worse. “He added.

Neo Fly, Expert Recruitment “Incentive”

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] A specialized subsidiary (representative Oan) of Neoweds Holdings (Representative Osumi) is a specialist, which is a specialist, such as development staff, service planning, operation, marketing, and marketing.

How to Create Incentive Programs that Drive Profits for Staff and Owners
The recruitment field is a development stitch ▲ backend ▲ front end ▲ IOS development, etc. The support period is from February 21 to March 20th. The acception may find and support the ‘block chain’ tab in the recruitment announcement after connection of NeoWizu recruitment homepage.

In both development and non-emphasized units, we will not limit the incentive to the incentive according to their ability and performance. The 5-star hotel suite 3 nights and 4-star hotels are available in the Welcome Bonus. When you join Milestone after joining, you will be able to pay additional incentive resources separately.

The adoption proceeds for the open platform ‘Neopin’ service extension and mobile app, and the like. The key vision of Neogin is ‘connection’ and ‘extension’.

Virtual asset wallet service starts with GameFi (GAME + FINANCE) in the first quarter, launching a Clayton network based P2E (Play to EARN) “and opened ‘S2E (Service to EARN) and’ NFT Services’ It is aiming. In the 3rd and 4Q, we plan to collaborate with a variety of content companies to expand to a win-win platform and hand grab with global companies.

Established in 2007, Neo Phara has started operating a block chain since last 2017. The Global Public Block Chair, which is developed by ‘Ground X’, which is a challenge of Kakao’s block chain, has been investing in the Global Public block chain, and is also active as a governance committee member.

Since 2019, we launched a virtual asset wallet service Enblocks and released an open platform Neopin, a block chain, which has a virtual asset wallet, P2e, S2e, and NFT. A list of “Neogin tokens (NPT)”, which will be used as a basic currency of a variety of block systems, is also preparing.

The representative of Neokhon-heon is “actively looking for a new challenge, even if it is a new challenge, even if it is active in a block chain industry or has a block chain, The total mobilization will be on the core workforce.

All of the game law amendment officers opened on February 10

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] All of the game laws will be held.

In addition, the Democratic Party shall be held in the National Assembly Culture Physical Tourist Committee Meeting Room (the “All Revisions of the Game Industry Promotion Act) of the ‘Game Industry Promotion Act (all below),

The amendment of all amendments to the executive of the Representative of the Representative The revision of the rating classification procedure ▲ Mandatory ▲ Probable item display ▲ Nonprofit game rating Classification ▲ Small and medium game funding ▲ Middling content ▲ And a domestic agency designation system.

In the meantime, the public hearing for the legislation did not open, but with Lee Jae-nam, the Ministry of Democratic presidential candidates, the “probability item probability of the” Probabilistic Item Probability of the “Probabilistic Item Probability Public” Committee, followed by the same content,

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Meeting
All amendment officers listen to opinions from statements consisting of stakeholders and experts in the bill, and have time to query the nominals.

In the meantime, the members of the game are known to recognize the importance of all amendments in the game system and requested to request a number of statements, but the time of time is recommended for the time of time. In addition to the game law, the control of the other was inevitable, as requested by the Korean power of the public.

As a result of the Democratic Party, Oji Young lawyer was selected as the Democratic Committee Policy Research Institute. The recommendation of the Kookmin is still in the meantime.

Lee Sang-consisting, said, “All amendments all of the game laws are a legislature that is significantly meaningful to the gamers and game users, as well as a young man. Various members of Korea game ecosystem, including users, academia, developers, and industry through various channels including public hearing “It is really sorry that” the number of statements is greatly reduced. “But it has been passed through the public hearing, so it has been able to pass the public hearing, because it is possible.

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