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Nintendo DS recreated through a folding telephone and an emulator

Recently, someone converted his phone folding into a nintendo ds thanks to emulation. Nintendo fanatics have always been some of the most creative players. Not only do you find ways to show your passion by Nintendo and your IP out of the Games through Cosplay and even Versions of Mario Kart’s real life, but also manage to find ways to take nintendo games to other platforms. Games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have reached the PC through the emulation and it seems that a fan has found an intelligent way to replicate the Nintendo DS on another device.

YouTuber of Izzy Nobre technology realized that his Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 can be used to emulate a Nintendo DS, so he started a game of Pokémon and worked as he would expect. Using the folding telephone, he could have an experience similar to that of Nintendo DS, but noble pointed out that he believes that Nintendo real handheld is the best way to play games like these. He also pointed out that the emulator he used is Drestic, who shows the real exterior of a DS, so he not only uses the screen exclusively for the game. Although the Nintendo DS real is the best option, it is still great to see the same functionality that a DS would have on a mobile phone.

Emulation Test On The Galaxy Z Fold 3! Folding Phone Retro Gaming
Since Nintendo DS is no longer exactly relevant, it is good to know that there are still ways to play their games on the fly in a fun and something efficient way. The Z Fold3 is an extremely expensive phone, so it would be cheaper to buy a Nintendo DS online and play that way, but for those who have the folding phone, it’s a good advantage. It seems that Nintendo Switch will be the way to the future for Nintendo, so it is likely that DS fanatics do not see a successor in the short term.

Would you use a folding phone to emulate a Nintendo DS? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

The best micro SD cards for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

The eighth generation of Nintendo games took the form of Nintendo Switch and has become one of the best-selling console of all time. There is not so long, Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite, which focuses only on the mobile aspect of the switch, which does not need to switch docking station or TV.

Both offer the ability to play on the go, making it ideal for both consoles travel anywhere. Unfortunately, we know that storage of Nintendo consoles is insufficient compared to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both of which have about 500 GB in their internal hard drives. Both switches have 32 GB of internal storage, this represents an enormous difference.

There is a way to solve the problem of small storage for two switches, and these are the micro SD cards. To collect all 32 GB of storage, examples of games Switch and space required to include in-house:

Fire Emblem: Three masons – 11.9 GB
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – 13.6 GB
Epee Pokémon And Nuclear – 10.3 GB

If you were to download these games in digital format, their size is 3.8 GB, and it is only three games! This is where micro SD cards come in to mitigate the frustration of not having enough space. Here are some of the best micro SD cards for your Nintendo Lite Switch or switch.

Top Micro SD cards for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite


Considering that Nintendo has an official mark for a micro SD card, SanDisk offers three options from 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. The latter two are quite expensive, but will give the necessary space for downloading games form digital. The 256 GB may contain up to 21 games in digital form, which is much compared with at least three sets for internal storage of Switch / Switch Lite.

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Samsung EVE

Micro SD Samsung EVE cards are not officially licensed by Nintendo but are an economical option if SanDisk is too expensive for you. As micro SD cards do not have the Nintendo brand nowhere near Samsung, prices are more affordable and offer much space. The EVE rises to 128 GB, half of the high bid of SanDisk 256, but the price is better in comparison.

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Net ac

Net ac the micro SD card can be used with other devices, such as phones, but it is compatible with both versions of the Nintendo Switch and offers affordable price for each gigabyte of content in each micro SD card. The brand is 8 GB to 128 GB, which can be beneficial if you need more space for a game or ten. It can be used for other storage media, but for Digital Switch Nintendo games; This is another interesting option for more storage in your Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

Remember that these micro SD cards will safeguard the games and downloadable files, not the data. The saved data are only on the system Switch / Switch Lite and there is no external source or data stored in the cloud.

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