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Scarlet and Purple Pokemon h a bug that allows you to run twice the speed using two controls

The first scarlet and purple Pokémon weekend h been intense on social networks. The new exclusive game for Nintendo Switch h been a source of memes and criticism due to its graphic finish and its mistakes, which also affect performance. One of the glitches that have been discovered is curious because it provides the opportunity to run twice much speed if you have two controls.

Published by Hamsterhead64 on Reddit, this user says that if you connect a second command you can take advantage of the BUG when positioning the diagonal sticks, to the left. How could it be otherwise, the thread h been filled with jocular comments, although there are also players outraged with the situation of the video game.


Part of the community ks for the reimbursement of your money

After the debut, some users are requesting reimbursement because of graphic and performance problems: I will be clear, they have money and resources. They have simply turned vague, says a user on Reddit. Another of them points out the following: If you bought it at the Nintendo Shop you have to know what you can call and k for a refund (…). They say it will be an exception to their digital games refund policies.

Neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have referred to the problems officially, so it is unknown if they will address the errors in upcoming patches.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple went on sale lt Friday, November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The game follows the path of Pokémon legends: Are and opts for the open world full of creatures and adventures. The Pale region, inspired by Spain, also incorporates the ninth generation of Pokémon.

Here Meditation’s analysis and do not stop going through the guide we are preparing.

Splatoon 3 demo cheats are already being baned

Notice to navigators: Nintendo will show zero tolerance with the cheats of Splatoon 3 . And it will do it to such an extent that those of Kyoto have not even waited for the final launch to carry out baneos no longer game, but even Nintendo Switch online , thanks to the demo that can be enjoyed since this lNintendo Directt end of week.

Nintendo Direct you can read on the Nintendo Life portal and the Dataminer Oatmealdome hNintendo Direct, Nintendo hNintendo Direct already banned players who have modified the game somehow . Apparently, the main reNintendo Directon is that some of them are being able to access areNintendo Direct that at the moment should be blocked, and are doing it using patches than for more inri, they are sharing. According to Oatmealdome, players are being banned from their console if they have modified the game, but this could lead to even complete nintendo switch online, the nintendo subscription service necessary to play online.

Everything indicates that Splatoon 3 will use the same system against cheats that would already use the second installment, which wNintendo Direct added exactly in 2018. Nintendo Direct Oatmealdome recalls, This system wNintendo Direct already able to detect patches like these In this third, with what from the company show their strangeness to see that some players know them again that there is a very high probability that they are detected.


The definitive multiplayer of Nintendo?

We hope you are not one of these birds… Meanwhile, we could play it in depth just a few days ago, both in its individual campaign and in its multiplayer, and we could verify that it will arrive full of content , Nintendo Direct it wNintendo Direct also Patent in the recent Nintendo Direct dedicated exclusively to the game.

Splatoon 3 will arrive at stores on September 9, only on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, you can discover the five reNintendo Directons why this third installment involves a qualitative and quantitative leap with respect to its predecessor.

Mega price cut at Nintendo: 3 Switch

It is currently worth taking an appearance at the eShop if you need brand-new games for the Nintendo Switch. There you can presently dust three ready less than eight euros. The offer just uses to a brief time.

Nintendo Switch: Video game package decreased by 85 percent

_ Achn new on the Nintendo Switch. Take a look at the trailer for Cult of the Lamp: _

With the bundle you obtain 3 games that could barely be extra various. In the arcade combating video game Slain: Back from Heck you cope six Gothic empires in pixel optio influenced by Heavy Metal. The emphasis below gets on a demanding melee and magic system. In the eShop, the game markets that there is no degree or crafting right here. It’s everything about combating.

In the Nintendo Eshop, three Switch games of the Publishers Digerati are on offer. For 7.79 euros you obtain the bundle from the games Slain: Back from Heck, Snakebus and also Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition. This represents a discount rate of 85 percent **. The games would cost you even more than 50 euros at complete cost. Right here you can view the deal in the Nintendo eShop yourself. You still have time till September 7th to strike.

Cult of the Lamb: Gameplay trailer for the Switch


fantastic switch offer for three indie games

Snake Bus after that delivers a lot more arcade action. As the name recommends, it is the classic Serpent, however you drive a bus . The bus will get longer and also longer up until it twists with the entire city at some factor when you gather passengers. Your task is to drive as long as possible. It’s Video game Over and also you have to start over if you can not obtain any type of further.

Sunless Sea: Zumbarin versions are last a role-playing video game by commanding a ship on the high seas. It is very important to defend your own barge against lake bars ** as well as at the same time to keep the team pleased and also to keep it from chaos. Especially indie as well as arcade followers can truly not go wrong with the offer in the Nintendo eShop.

If you require new games for the Nintendo Switch, then it is now worth taking a look at the eShop. There you can presently dust three games for much less than eight euros. In the Nintendo Eshop, three Switch games of the Publishers Digerati are on offer. In the arcade battling game Slain: Back from Hell you struggle via six Gothic empires in pixel optio inspired by Heavy Steel. In the eShop, the game advertises that there is no degree or crafting below.

Nintendo joins Xbox and also responds to the PS5 price increXbox Seriese: Switch will not do so

The PS5 price increXbox Seriese continues to be the main topic of conversation in the video game industry. If this morning we tell you that Microsoft hXbox Series decided to keep the PVP of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Now it is the turn for Nintendo , who hXbox Series sent a statement to the Eurogamer portal in which a shhntaro appointment appears Furukawa , president of the Japanese company.

We have no plans to change the price of our hardware

Sure and concise, thus confirmed Furukawa that they do not plan to upload the price of Nintendo Switch in any of its models (normal, Oled and Lite). While we cannot comment on the price strategies, currently we do not have plans of change the price of our hardware due to inflation or increXbox Seriesed cost E s in each country . We will determine our future price strategies through continuous and careful deliberations, he explains.

How much do PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch cost in Spain?

The new generation platforms are on their way to turning two years old-Switch is in 2017-and after knowing that Sony hXbox Series decided to upload the price of PS5, along with the answer of their rivals to the question about whether they will follow their steps or maintain Until now, it is a good time to list The prices of all consoles in Spain today.

  • PS5 (model with reader)-549.99 euros
  • PS5 (digital model without reader)-449.99 euros
  • Xbox Series X-499.99 €
  • Xbox Series S-299.99 euros
  • Nintendo Switch (Normal Model)-299.99 euros
  • Nintendo Switch OLED-349.99 euros
  • Nintendo Switch Lite-219.99 euros

The figures correspond to the official price recommended for retailers. Regardless of the PVP, It is possible that on some occXbox Seriesion you will find a console with slightly different prices , since shops tend to play their cards by adjusting the numbers within the small margin they have available. For example, it is not surprising that at some point you have seen a Nintendo Switch Lite for approximately 200 euros.

Announced Nintendo Switch prevention service for Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION. Actually, Protect from Emu

Technology company IRDETO announced on August 24, local time, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION as a service for the Denuvo game provided by the company. As the name suggests, it seems that the main service is to prevent Play on the Emulator in the title for Nintendo Switch.

DENUVO is a security solution for game titles centered on copy guards. In addition to Denuvo Anti-Tamper, which prevents the use of pirated games for PC games, it has also provided cheat countermeasures DENUVO ANTI-CHEAT and DENUVO SecUREDLC for DLC for DLC. Both are basically targeted for PC titles, and there are many cases of adoption mainly in large game titles in Japan and overseas.

And this time, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION has been announced as a new service. This is unusual for DENUVO, and is a pirated version of the title for console. According to the announcement, the technology mainly focuses on preventing unauthorized game operation in the Nintendo Switch emulator for PCs.


According to iRDETO, in the case of multi-platform development games, even if the PC version is protected to pirated, there is a background that pirated versions can be played relatively early in the Nintendo Switch version in the emulator. Say. Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION will prevent such emulator software operation and increase revenue immediately after the game is launched.

In addition, Nintendo Switch EMULATOR PROTECTION is said to be integrated into build tool chains, like other Denuvo techniques. They say they will block gameplay on the emulator without affecting the game experience. In any case, it seems that the main focus is on preventing the operation on the Nintendo Switch emulator, rather than preventing the copied software from the actual Nintendo Switch.

And what is really worrisome is the performance. This is because Denuvo has long been a debate that it may adversely affect the movement of the game. The title includes the past that has been verified by Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil Village (related article 1, related article 2). In addition, depending on the implementation of each title, Denuvo recruitment titles generally require online authentication. Even in Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, it is a matter of concern whether it is possible to play in a completely offline environment.

However, as long as the pirated version is flooded, it is natural that the manufacturer will take measures. In addition, there are many parts of the game side copy guard implementation on the effects on performance. It would be quick to hold concerns about Denuvo Anti-Tamper in Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection. I would like to wait for a future title recruitment example so that the technology protects the sales of the game company before the user notices.

Nintendo Switch had an effective October

The Nintendo Switch recently exceeded sales of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), yet the crossbreed console continues to function well. According to October NPD sales numbers, the Nintendo Switch and also the Nintendo Switch Lite have actually offered greater than 735,000 devices incorporated in the USA just. This puts the Nintendo Switch at greater than 22.5 million devices marketed to date in the USA only. Nintendo Switch Online brings the Nes and also SNES virtual library to the Nintendo Switch as well as the Nintendo Switch Lite at $ 19.99 per year.

The success of the Nintendo Switch in October formally made it the 2nd very popular console on the basis of October sales in the background of the video game. It is the second after the record already established by Nintendo with the Wii console in October 2008, which marketed 807,000 a lot more excellent duplicates. Offered the NPD records of October, Nintendo has actually up until now sold a total of 22.5 million Nintendo Switch systems in the USA. Considering that it is a consolidated figurine Nintendo Switch and also Nintendo Switch Lite, it would be intriguing to understand which of the two different SKUs sold best in October.

The Nintendo Switch remains to maintain its very successful computer game console for the 23rd successive month according to recent NPD sales numbers in October. NPD states it is the longest series for a console considering that it began to follow the sales figures, revealing us what an effective crossbreed console of Nintendo was. From November 22, Nintendo will certainly sell a Nintendo Switch set with a download code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and also an individual 3-month membership to Change Online for $ 300 as component of a Black Friday sale which will most likely also contribute to success November numbers.

Are you among the many countless owners of Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!


Likewise look

Charts France: Xenoblade Chronicles 3 becomes the finest sale in August

If the long holidays are not the most rewarding minute in terms of video game sales, some still take care of to do well; Nintendo. By marketing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 straddling in between July and August, the Kyoto company handles to passion people that have not left on the beach sides. Outcome of the races: the J-RPG developed by Monolith Software takes the lead in the position of the France graphes over the weeks 30 as well as 31 July. Horizon 2 Forbidden West, that had actually proceeded last week by returning in the leading 5 handles to remain in 2nd position, over both consecutive weeks. A wonderful task when we understand just how much the games on Nintendo Switch over success whatever in their path, with the added incentive of the return of Nintendo Switch Sports, the Gamings Estival customer public the same level excellence.

On computer, the launch of Les Sims 4: Lycée years upset the position, since the last DLC of the monitoring video game takes the top of the top 3 as well as this over 2 successive weeks. Evidence that the Maxis and also Electronic Arts workshop does not require to launch the Sims 5 in the rainfall…

Charts France Week 30 (from 25 to 31 July 2022)

TOP 3 PC .

Top 5 gaming consoles
1/ Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch-Nintendo).
2/ Perspective 2 Forbidden West (Ps5-Sony Interactive Amusement).
3/ Gran Turismo 7 (Ps5-Sony Interactive Amusement).
4/ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch-Nintendo).
5/ Mario Strikers Battle League Football (Switch-Nintendo).

1/ Sims 4: Lycée years (Electronic Arts).
2/ Farming Simulator 22 (Koch Media).
3/ The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt-Game of the Year Edition (Bandai Namco).


TOP 3 PC .

Leading 5 gaming consoles .
1/ Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch-Nintendo).
2/ Horizon 2 Forbidden West (Ps5-Sony Interactive Entertainment).
3/ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch-Nintendo).
4/ Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch-Nintendo).
5/ Mario Strikers Battle League Football (Switch-Nintendo).

Charts France Week 31 (from 01 to 07 August 2022).

1/ Sims 4: Lycée years (Electronic Arts).
2/ Farming Simulator 22 (Koch Media).
3/ SIMS 4-Edition Standard (Electronic Arts).

If the lengthy vacations are not the most productive minute in terms of video game sales, some still handle to do well; Nintendo. By marketing Xenoblade Chronicles 3 straddling in between July as well as August, the Kyoto company handles to interest people that have actually not left on the coastline edges. Outcome of the races: the J-RPG established by Monolith Software takes the lead in the position of the France graphes over the weeks 30 as well as 31 July. Perspective 2 Forbidden West, who had made a begin last week by returning in the top 5 handles to remain in second position, over the two consecutive weeks. A wonderful task when we recognize how much the video games on Nintendo Change victories every little thing in their path, with the included reward of the return of Nintendo Switch Sports, the Gamings Estival consumer public the same level excellence.

Nintendo Switch: Do not miss out on these bargains in the eShop!

A great deal of deals for the Nintendo Switch await you this week too. As constantly, you can find all offers straight in the eShop, where larger sales with a selection of attractive deals routinely start. An impressive series of video games awaits you. Along with Triple-A productions , you likewise anticipate smaller indie titles and also expansions .

many switch video games more affordable!

Every week we offer the present highlights among the affordable Nintendo switch games in the eShop. You always maintain an overview as well as can save a great deal. When possible, we additionally connect the appropriate and tests ** to make sure that you can get a much more comprehensive picture prior to acquiring.

the very best imagine the switch

Right here you will discover a checklist of the existing switch highlights in the Nintendo Eshop in the KW 33:

You are big Nintendo fans and are you interested in whatever about the subject of Switch (buy EUR 300.00 currently) and the newest video games? You are simply right with our Nintendo podcast .

You are simply right with our Nintendo podcast .

  • Bioshock: The Collection (EUR 9.99 rather than EUR 49.99).

* Cuphead (EUR 13.99 as opposed to EUR 19.99).
* Darkest Dungeon (EUR 7.47 instead of EUR 21.99).
* Doom Everlasting (EUR 14.99 rather than EUR 24.99).
* Jurassic World Development: Full Version (EUR 20.99 as opposed to EUR 59.99).
* Olliolli Globe (EUR 20.09 s rather than EUR 29.99).
* PGA Excursion 2K21 (EUR 14.99 rather than EUR 59.99).
* Sid Meier’s World V i (EUR 8.99 as opposed to EUR 29.99).
* Subnautica (EUR 14.99 as opposed to EUR 29.99).
* This Battle of Mine: Full Edition (EUR 1.99 as opposed to EUR 39.99).
* Wolfenstein 2: The New Collosus (EUR 7.99 as opposed to EUR 39.99).
* XCOM 2 Collection (EUR 7.99 rather of EUR 49.99).

A lot of bargains for the Nintendo Switch await you this week also. In enhancement to Triple-A manufacturings , you also expect smaller indie titles and also extensions .

Every week we present the current highlights among the affordable Nintendo switch games in the eShop. If possible, we additionally connect the best and also examinations ** so that you can get an extra detailed picture before purchasing.

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Nintendo Switch bargains: dark cult

According to Limbo, Inside is currently the 2nd indie favorite of the Danish studio Playdead-and is currently one of the 20 most popular games at the Nintendo Switch **. The decisive factor for the resurgence 6 years after the launch is most certainly a substantial price cut campaign: the outstanding and atmospheric journey is currently lowered by a monstrous 90 percent in the eShop.

In the Nintendo Switch eShop, you can presently snap a dark cult hit at an absolute top price: the game Inside is reduced by a monstrous 90 percent as well as now available for less than 2 euros.

Click on this link for Inside in the Nintendo Eshop!

Inside: presently minimized by 90 percent on the Switch over

In the Inside journey, as a ** little young boy you have to hike via a dystopian and usually dark world, in which you need to fix puzzles and remain active despite numerous different hazards. You have to record it with an ominous company that manages other individuals by brainwashing.

Inside, 4 years after the Change launch, it has actually currently been advanced on the 17th area of the Nintendo charts-not the very least as a result of the mega-division, with which you can utilize the climatic video game for only 1.99 euros instead of 19.99 Grab Euro and thus save a whopping 90 percent.

Take a look at the trailer for Inside:

Nintendos Eshop: Big hits in bestseller graphes

Amongst United States (9th place), Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (11th location) as well as Mario Strikers: Fight Organization Football (14th location) are additionally preferred.

While Inside has actually crept into the top 20 of the bestseller charts, heavyweights are currently dominating on top. Minecraft narrowly ends and also misses the podium up in fourth area, the portal friend collection, Nintendo Switch Sports and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Fight Share the locations 3, 2 and also 1.

In our photo series we show you 11 ingenious button video games that you can buy permanently for much less than 25 euros:

Splatoon 3 will transfer the progression of Splatoon 2: how, what moves and rewards

A few weeks after the battles with more fierce colored inks begin, Nintendo hSplatoon confirmed that certain Splatoonpects of Splatoon 2 can be transferred to Splatoon 3 . The official website of the video game hSplatoon detailed exactly the options, while revealing some rewards that users who do it will receive.

The online data that are transferred are The level of player, the ranges, the objects and the equipment of equipment , which are transferred to the server through the Nintendo account. Splatoon the Kyoto recalls, the progress of history that does not require Internet connection can be uploaded to the Nintendo Switch online cloud.

Bonuses and how to transfer Splatoon 2 to Splatoon 3

If there are stored data from Splatoon 2 in your system, one part can be transferred to Splatoon 3. In fact, there are some advantages if you do.


  • Receive three SHELDON LICENSES OF GOLD TO BUY MAIN WEAPONS, regardless of the level.
  • Anarchy battles unlock from the beginning
  • The game begins with a higher range, depending on your range in Splatoon 2

  • Paradejamiento with other players with skill levels taking into account your level in the second installment.

To transfer progress you just have to start Splatoon 3 or enter the lobby when you have an Internet connection. The only requirement is to have a splatoon 2 save in the same Nintendo Switch and with the same account.

Splatoon 3 will go on sale next September 9 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Recently a new Nintendo Direct took place in which all the news were detailed. This is the next great title of the Japanese after the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, a video game that hSplatoon received extraordinary criticism in both national and international media.

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