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Ride on the rail and put Pokemon! Pokemon Snap distributed to Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack subscriber

Nintendo has distributed Pokemonup at the online service Nintendo Switch Online + additional pack service Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online .

This is a camera action game released in 1999. As a Pokemon photographer, the player will take a picture of Pokemon while running on the rails on the rail, Pokemon Island where various Pokemon lives. Although it is not supported by the version delivered this time, it was also a hot topic that you could actually print photos by bringing a cassette to Lawson at that time. In 2021, the sequel NEW Pokemon Snap has been released.

More than 60 kinds of Pokemon have different gestures, such as poses and playing to the camera, and it is one of the attractions to discover various Pokemon. If you use Dogu given to Dr. Orchid, some Pokemon will respond different from usual, so you may have a great shutter opportunity.

Pokemon Snap is currently being distributed for Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online. The official website also lists capture articles at the time.

SPLATOON 3 will go on sale on September 9 and Nintendo celebrates it with a new trailer

The Nintendo Switch calendar begins to clear. After the advancement of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 wXenoblade Chronicles announced, the SPLATOON 3 turn hXenoblade Chronicles arrived, which will occupy the space that at first had the video game of Monolith Soft. The game will be available next 9 September exclusively for Nintendo Switch . From that moment, we will be able to build up with ink weapons to fight against other inkling and October.

Tintelia and the adjoining region offer us new features, weapons and equipment parts. SPLATOON 3 introduces the Territorial Combat mode, intended Online Fights 4 against 4 , which will take place both in new scenarios and known locations. To use online functions it will be necessary to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch online.

Splatoon 3 – Release Date Revealed - Nintendo Switch

To celebrate the announcement of the releXenoblade Chroniclese date, Nintendo hXenoblade Chronicles distributed an unpublished trailer, which you can see right about these lines. The video allows us to discover one of the exclusive locations of this new delivery, the crustacean alleys . In cXenoblade Chroniclese that wXenoblade Chronicles not enough, it also lets the arcromatizer, a bow-shaped weapon that players can use to shoot ink horizontally and vertically. Do not miss a preview of the equipment that we can collect.

Multiplayer, but with a single player campaign

Xenoblade Chronicles previous deliveries, SPLATOON 3 will not leave players Xenoblade Chronicleside who want to enjoy a Single-Player experience. In Company mode , users will come into contact with agent 3 and fight against rebel octarians, all Xenoblade Chronicles they discover the Mysteries of Alternan and PlXenoblade Chroniclesma Lailing. Another of the included modalities is Samon Run, where players will join forces to end hordes of salmon chiefs. Nintendo promises that some of them will be enormous.

SPLATOON 3 is one of the great titles that Nintendo prepares Swith this year. You can consult here the launch calendar , which includes the aforementioned Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

“Shining Force II” and “Space Harrier II” on the switch! Add 3 works to Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online

Additional titles have been distributed today from April 22 at “ Sega Mega Drive for Nintendo Switch Online “, which can be played by joining Nintendo Switch Online + Additional Pack for Nintendo Switch.

The lineup is “Shining Force II Old Seal”, “Space Harrier II”, “Sonic Spin Ball” .

SEGA Mega Drive Classics / Genesis Classics | FIRST LOOK GAMEPLAY (PS4, XBOX ONE & NINTENDO SWITCH)

Shining Force II Old Seal (SEGA)

Popular Tactical RPG 2nd work that allows you to enjoy more advanced strategies. To prevent the invasion of the demons, the Sage Astral’s apprentice Bowie led the army of light that gathers various races and goes on a journey to save the world.

Space Harrier II (SEGA)

A memorable title released at the same time as the Mega Drive body. This is an original sequel to the popular 3D shooting depicting the battle of Harrier in Fantasyland, which was invaded by unknown enemies.

◆ Sonic Spin Ball (SEGA)

The world’s fastest hedgehog Sonic is a great adventure in the pinball world! It is an action pin ball game that anyone can enjoy. Get the chaos emerald and rescue the four worlds from Eggman’s hands.

Mario Golf 64: The game arrives on Nintendo Switch, here is the trailer and some info

After having made a sprain last week with 3 games from the NES and the Super Nes, Nintendo again offers a title of the Nintendo 64 catalog for subscribers to the additional Pack of the Nintendo Switch Online.
As of April 15, it will therefore be possible to rediscover this classic of the 64-bit console whose graphics have severely aged when one takes a look at the trailer dedicated to it.
It is necessarily, we go back to a time when the 3D was stammering and where it was entitled to polygonal mittens as hands or hair.

Mario Golf is Coming to N64 Switch Online Expansion Pack This Month!

Despite this technique rendered obsolete with the means of today, the festive and benevolent atmosphere is still present, knowing that the gameplay is also very family.
Of course, to enjoy it, it will be necessary to be subscribed to the additional pack of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which costs the sum of € 39.99 year-round.

To Nintendo Switch Online, “Mario Golf 64” added. Popular titles of 1 pace continue continuing

Nintendo announced on April 7, “Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” to add “Mario Golf 64”. Delivery date is April 15th.

Mario Golf: Super Rush All Courses Speedrun in 54:19

“Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online” is a service that can be used by joining “Nintendo Switch Online + Addition Pack”. Nintendo 64 titles are unlimited, and “Super Mario 64” and “Ocarina at the Legend of Zelda” and the like are recorded. Each title is highly resolution for Nintendo Switch, and save functions are available anywhere. You can also enjoy up to four multiplayers at Local Online.

“Mario Golf 64” is a golf game released at Nintendo 64 in June 1999. Working on development is a camerot. Camelot developed by the first “everyone’s Golf” will start developing sports game for Nintendo, focusing on Takahashi brothers. Since then, the “Mario Golf” and “Mariotenis” series are developed focusing on the company. Mario characters evolve to more three-dimensional games in accordance with the evolution of hardware, as they are the evolution of hardware as it is, the axis for working in golf at a three-dimensional course. After that, the “Mario Golf” series continues to evolve, but “Mario Golf 64” is a foundation.

In the official Topics of Nintendo, the introduction and capture articles at the time of “The 64DREAM” (current: Nintendo Ream) are published. Hidden elements are also openly released. Such materials are worth reading for those who were playing games at that time.

In Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online, a constant title has been implemented. “Mario Story” in December last year. This year is “Banjo and Kazooi’s Great Adventure”. February is “Mask of the Legend of Zelda”. March is “F-ZERO X”. And April is “Mario Golf 64”. Although one is one, constant delivery has been performed. Both are popular titles, and it is expected that the announcement for May is also expected.

“Mario Golf 64” will be added to Nintendo 64 Nintendo Switch Online on April 15.

Nintendo Switch online users are upset with the new gift

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Switch, Switch Lite and Switch OLED are not happy with the last gift of Nintendo Switch online. Every month, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers obtain SNES and NES “Free» games. If you have the «expansion package» level, you also get some classic Games from SEGA and N64. In addition to the free games of Nintendo and Sega’s past, Nintendo Switch online subscribers, regardless of the level, obtain access to exclusive custom icons, which can be unlocked with Platinum Points. Each month, new icons are recycled. For April, _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_ Characters who meet years in April are available in the form of an icon. Meanwhile, replacing Super Mario Odyssea last month is Splatoon 2.

SPLATOON 2 is a popular game, so Nintendo probably except Nintendo Switch subscribers online for being excited about the announcement of its inclusion, but judging by the answers to Tweet that transmits the information, subscribers are not very impressed. On the one hand, some subscribers want icons of different games, such as xenoblade, Emblem of fire and _zelda. Meanwhile, others are less than impressed with the execution of free icons and design flaws.

“Why are the rendering so far away? You did it perfect with the free, why ruin it? You can not use the edges and personalized backgrounds in the free characters, it is a waste… you were so close ». Read a popular response. “Agree. I was so disappointed when I saw them, the size of the characters in the free is perfect and now it looks all bad ». Add an answer response.

«The splatoon 2 In my opinion, lack of icons and why did you use another series of animal crossing? Why can not we get two new games for PFP as I do not know, perhaps for more retro titles and could use official art for advertising that? Game in my opinion, that sounds 10 times better, “reads another answer.

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will make some change depending on the comments you receive, and it also remains to be seen what the icons will be next month. _ Crudge of animals: new horizons_ will continue with new characters, but Splatoon 2 must be replaced.

Nintendo Switch Online NEW UPDATE... + BAD NEWS For Nintendo Just Dropped!
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Nintendo Switch online premieres its April benefits, with Crossing Pet as well as Splatoon 2

From Nintendo proceed to include various features for Switch, as well as Nintendo Switch Online is being the protagonist in the Japanese company’s technique throughout the last months. In addition to the additional titles with the development bundle **, which is paid separately, the members of the subscription solution have premiered a system of objectives and also benefits in March.

Platinum factors are gained by meeting objectives Now we have currently entered a brand-new month, so Nintendo has actually picked to update its benefits for the month of April . Nintendo Switch online users will currently have the ability to access Platinum Points by Going Across Animal Icons: New Horizons and Splatoon 2. Those accessing My Nintendo can produce them by changing the Fund as well as the personalities, as well as you can see several of them listed below:

These symbols will just be available for a minimal time, so if we intend to finish with them, it will certainly be needed to trade them before May 1 From Nintendo they say there will be consolidations of new icons every week, so they invite us to proceed going into the Nintendo Switch online application so as not to lose any of them.

BRAND NEW Animal Crossing Icons JUST DROPPED! | 14.1.0 UPDATE

To obtain platinum points we will certainly need to finish goals , some as straightforward as playing online or use the data conserving solution in the cloud. The benefits system does not seem in all, absolutely nothing extremely rompedor, something about what a beautiful Jesus showed in his latest viewpoint column, where he puts the factor of sight at Absence of adaptation ** of Nintendo relating to fads already established as well as the requirements of the gamers.

Subscribe to the 3D game network on YouTube .

Nintendo Switch: Snap now 3 new free

It’s time again: Switch online members can look forward to three more NES and SNES classics that are now available for download for the Nintendo Switch.

These are the three new switch online games in March 2022:

  • DIG DUG II \ – In the NES-Arcade classic you have to kill with pump and compressed air hammer armed monsters out of the isometric view on an island
  • MAPPY country \ – the continuation of the arcade classic, in which your gifts collect and put them against monsters to the fight
  • Earthworm Jim 2 \ – a Run & Gun Platformer for SNES, in which it jumps through several levels to save a princess

When are the NES and SNES games available? You can download all three tracks now without further additional costs for your Nintendo Switch, if you have a paid Nintendo Switch online subscription.

The lower trailer introduces you all three new games , so you can make an impression:

Fun Fact (which may be a little annoyed): Instead of Earthworm Jim 2 Japanese Switch online members get the Farming Classic Harvest Moon for SNES in the context of the subscription this month.

All information about Switch online + extension pass

If you do not have a subscription: Switch Online does not just grant you access to a free library from several selected NES and SNES classics, but is also the basic requirement for being able to play online.

The basic subscription is divided into the following prices:

  • 1 month : 3.99 euros
  • 3 months : 7.99 euros
  • 12 months : 19,99 Euro
  • 12 months Family subscription : 34.99 euros

If that is not enough, you can subscribe to the expansion fun with an extra charge. This costs:

  • for 12 months : 40 Euro

Nintendo Switch Online + Pack additionnel – Bande-annonce de présentation
* for 12 months Family subscription: 70 Euro

With the expansion pass, you have access to selected N64 and Mega Drive games that you can download free of charge. However, the partly poor emulation of titles repeatedly encounters criticism of the fans. The expensive pricing of the additional subscription also ensures heated minds.

All more information about Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Guard can be found in a separate SNES article.

Now the SNES Community is required: What do you think of the three new switch online games?

Nintendo Switch online surprises fans with Stealth Super Nintendo launches

Last night, Nintendo revealed a trio of new additions for SNES and Nintendo Switch online applications online. However, once the applications were updated, users noted that -soil Jim 2 was not the only new incorporation into the SNES application! Nintendo also added two «SP» versions of Súper Stroke !! _ and _The world of Super Mario. The special versions of the two games allow players to enjoy all the content unlocked from the beginning. It is a good way for players to experience everything these games have to offer, even if they do not have time to unlock everything.

Nintendo Switch Online NEW UPDATE... + BAD NEWS For Nintendo Just Dropped!

These SP releases have been somewhat common in Nintendo Switch online. In the SNES application, both Súper Metroid and Super Mario Kart received previously SP versions. In the NES application, there have been many more offers, including SP versions of Super Mario Bros 3, The Adventure of Kirby, zelda II: Link adventure, master Blaster, and more. It’s nothing too significant, but it gives the players something extra to see!

It is not clear why Nintendo did not include these SP releases in your ad, but it should be a good extra for subscribers. Nintendo Switch Online has created a respectable library in recent years, and although there is no such games as fanatics would prefer to see, it is difficult to exaggerate the amount of quality games that subscribers can play. NES and SNES had impressive libraries, and now those who have Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack can also see the games that were launched for the first time in Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

Hopefully, we will continue to see a constant flow of content for all these consoles in the coming years. There have been rumors that Nintendo could add even more previous systems in the future, including Game Boy. That would undoubtedly be amazing to see, but for now, fans will only have to settle for what is currently available!

Do you plan to try the SP versions of these games? What games would you like to see aggregates to the SNES application? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Nintendo Switch Online has a new gift for Mario fanatics

Nintendo has a new gift for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. Like the two previous weeks, Nintendo Switch Online users have received a wave of new profile icons that are exclusive to the subscription service. In other words, if you are only a standard Switch, Switch Lite or Switch OLED user without subscription to online switch, you do not have access to these new icons. However, although subscribers have access, each icon is blocked behind the platinum points, although these are easy to accumulate. In fact, you probably already have a great accumulation.

As you will know, the previous wave of free icons offered to Switch subscribers online Super Mario Odyssea Icons The third wave does the same, but where the last wave focused on Cascade Kingdom, this wave will focus on the Tostanna region, also known Like the desert region.

Next, you can see the new icons for yourself:

For those who are not familiar with what is happening: Nintendo recently began a new Promotion of Nintendo Switch Online that offers free profile logging subscribers every month. Every month, some of these icons include _ Crudge of animals: new horizon_ and any character that has a birthday in that determined month. In addition to this, there will be a rotary game. This month, it’s Super Mario Odyssey. See April 4, it will be a new game. What this game will be, is to be seen.

Nintendo Switch Online is available through Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED at two different prices. The base version costs $ 20 a year, while the Booster Pack, which comes with free N64 games and Sega Genesis and other bonuses, costs $ 50 per year.

Nintendo Switch Online NEW UPDATE Leaked For THIS Week...
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