Although the Switch reached a new milestone in sales, with more than 122 million consoles sold worldwide, Nintendo also lowered sales expectations for the current fiscal year.
Thus, many wonder if the company plans to reduce the price of its hardware or software as we enter the sixth year of the Switch in the market.
Unfortunately, it seems that this will not be the case.
During an investor Board, Shun taro Kurosawa, president of Nintendo, was questioned at the possibility that the price of the switch or its games decreases to face what the executive called an unexplored period.
This was what he commented:

We believe that we are now entering an unknown territory within our business dedicated to game consoles.
Within this environment, it will not be easy to sell hardware at the same rate as before.


As a result, we realize that our new challenge will be to convince consumers who are considering new purchases, replacement purchases or additional purchases to choose Nintendo Switch.

As for the hardware, we believe that there will be opportunities for new customers to buy our products proposing both new and classic titles.

We also believe that continuing with the Nintendo Switch life cycle will generate opportunities for consumers to play additional software.
For example, during the month of December, Total Nintendo Switch consumers reached a record and many continue to play Nintendo Switch.

Therefore, it is integral to show the attractiveness of Nintendo Switch through future software proposals for customers who are considering buying new hardware, additional replacement hardware or hardware.
Regarding the games that we will see in the future, Tears of the Kingdom Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, Metro id Prime 4, Pinyin 4 and Bayonet ta Origins are still on their way: Cherry and the Lost Demon.
Along with this, today’s Nintendo Direct could reveal more titles for this console.

As if that were not enough, Nintendo could also expand the offer of the online switch, with the inclusion of Game Boy or Game cube games, something that has been rumored for some time.
In related issues, the company’s actions have come down.
Similarly, Tears of the Kingdom could suffer a delay.
Editor’s note:
No one hoped that the official price of the switch and its games would drop price at this time.
Nintendo does not usually do, and instead offers more accessible models, as is the case of the Switch Lite.
We only have to wait for today’s Direct to learn about some of the company’s plans for the future.