Com2uS (CEO Jae-won Song, Johan Lee) announced that it has launched Dark sword, a new VR (Virtual Reality) game of its subsidiary Coitus Rosa.

Comes Rosa is a VR game developer founded by Com2uS in 2021. Shin Hyun-seung, a well-known Blade 2 PD, showed the first VR game title Dark sword.

The Dark sword is a VR action RPG based on the dark fantasy worldview, and is a standalone title that can run alone on a VR device without an additional device such as a PC.
Users can enjoy adventure on Act and stages using swords, shields, and bows, and can enjoy various actions such as actual battles such as wielding, blocking, avoiding, and archery through simple motion.

Comes said that it will be able to provide a high immersion with the realistic and magnificent graphics of VR games, and the interaction that can hold or throw things directly.
In addition to the RPG fun of collecting materials, the production and reinforcement of item, the achievement system, the season-specific reward, and the ranking competition with users around the world, such as the simple and repeated play of existing VR games, high sustainability and hardcore games
I was confident.

Comes launched the Dark sword through the Chinese store of the global VR company, PICO, to take its first step toward targeting the global VR market.
PICO currently ranks second in the global VR device market share, and supports various VR games and contents play through a dedicated store.
Com2uS said it plans to expand the Dark sword’s differentiated game in the Chinese market, where the VR industry and users are rapidly increasing.

Shin Hyun-seung, CEO of Coitus Rosa, said, Dark sword is the world’s best VR game that combines high play immersion, RPG growth, strengthening, and competition elements.
We will build a powerful fandom in the global VR market.