Overwatch Nintendo Switch Release Date for October! The Nintendo Direct show has confirmed that the owners of their SWITCH console will have the opportunity to play the Overwatch Legendary, starting October 15 in North America. With the game in question launched on Amazon some time ago, which pushed everyone from – Oh, we know what you do!

The physical retail version is also upcoming, but it is important to note that it will contain only the download code. Part of the press release regarding this unveiling was in the direction of this:

“Overwatch Legendary Edition for Nintendo Switch will be available in commercial and digital versions via the Nintendo Eshop at the suggested price of $ 39.99. The two versions are accompanied by 15 bonus skins for a series of heroes in order to launch the collections of the players, as well as an individual three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online so that the players can take action and start to Beat alongside their compatriots Nintendo Switch. Players immediately.

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Players who pre-bought Overwatch Legendary Edition before the game Launch October 15 will also receive the WidowMaker black skin. In addition, Nintendo Switch players who will connect to Overwatch before December 31, 2019 will receive a bonus in case of golden booty containing at least one legendary secured object. “

Like many fans already know, this game has already conquered consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the pc in 2016. This is an online fps shooter based on the game. Team and, for lack of better expression, role play or play your role in combat. The games take place between two teams composed of six players. The game currently has more than 30 different characters, which all work as in the role play, with their strengths and weaknesses.

Their players are competing, earn rewards and points, master their favorite characters, compete and socialize in an online environment. This latest online aspect of the game still leaves Nintendo Switch users because we still do not know what direction go. This does not really fit the “nature” of the console for the moment, but similar games like paladins, have shown how it can work on a hybrid system like this. In total, Overwatch Switch will be launched in about a month, so get ready!