Natsuma Tari Co., Ltd. is a national version of the Nintendo Switch ™ Title, and developed and developed by Taoto’s licenses, and the Package version of the Package Edition of the Package Edition It was said that it starts at 12 pm on the 10th (Thursday).

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The Package Edition will present a magnet sticker using a character that appears in “the enigma of the instrument’s anti-black cloak”.

This little household original game is a fully renewable new job for the sequel of “Black Cloak” (Super Famier) (Super Famier). The special team “TENGO Project”, which consists of the members who participated in the development of the “Developer’s Black Cloak”, “TENGO Project”, which has been involved in the development of “the black cloak” of “

In addition, as a cute suffering, the action shooter is a game, 16bit emotions, the graphics, sound, and fun are powered up. You can also see the quality of the delicately depicted overwhelming dot graphics of the TENGO Project even in this title.