Third victory in the third test game: Borussia Dortmund continues to emerge in good early kind and also defeat the SC Verl 5: 0 (4: 0). The game was the final thought of a friendship collection before the BVB will certainly go to the training camp in Bad Ragaz next.

The first half was very, great. We had an excellent ownership, it simply intended to do it, commended protector Mats Hummels.

Ole Pohlmann (16th) opened up against the third division club, who is normally quest for the 2nd team of BVB. Also prior to the break, Youssoufa Moukoko (28th/42nd) and Mahmoud Dahoud (37th) placed a clear 4: 0. Quickly after the reboot, Royal prince Aning transformed a charge (54th) to the final score.

Hummels: Currently the big competition can start at BVB

With the exemption of Marco Reus, who was made use of in the initial half, BVB train Edin Terzic did not use all other global players that just finished their performance examinations last weekend and had actually gone into training on Monday.

BVB gone along with the test game |* in the thorough online blog site. Here are all highlights to review.

The newcomers Schlotterbeck, Süle, Özcan, Adeyemi and also Haller will certainly after that be utilized in the BVB outfit for the very first time in the two test video games versus Seville (July 18) and also Villarreal (July 22). Currently the large competitors at BVB can begin, said Hummels.

SC Verl 0: 5 BVB

In the results of a requirement, bumblebee all of a sudden appears on the left wing. With the outside, the main defender brings a sharp flank inwards, Thiede parried in front of Moukoko.

+++ 16. Minute, Tooor for BVB, 1-0 by Ole Pohlmann +++.

+++ 45th minute, half time +++.

+++ 14. Minute +++.

An unsafe corner from Bynoe-Gitten reduces on the long blog post, however Rothe and also Fink hinder each other. Nevertheless, Rothe directly Fink’s shoulder, from there the round goes just over the bar.

+++ 20th minute +++.

_… The test gameExamination Video game The first half was very, extremely goodExtremely We had really excellent sphere belongings, it simply made it up to it.

The several modification went in the last couple of minutes at the expenditure of the game flow. Penalty area scenes are currently limited.

Go on! Rothe and also boar wine are new on the BVB side. Objective scorer Pohlmann and also Captain Reus have completion of work today.

Newbie Aning once again plays a striking game left wing. The Dutch obtains a great angled pass and has a lot of totally free lawn in front of your nose. Nonetheless, Aning has troubles with the acceptance as well as can not make use of the room.

+++ 64th minute +++.

_… The BVB newbies:We got top newbies. The degree in training was truly high, I wish that we can still boost this in the training camp. Currently the huge competition at BVB can start..

+++ 42. Minute, Tooor for BVB, 0: 4 through Youssoufa Moukoko +++.

As in the first 2 examination video games, BVB acts with a chain of 4 as well as 2 main midfielder (Dahoud and Kamara). This is anyhow the tactical system liked by Edin Terzic.

+++ 58th minute +++.

+++ 46th minute, kick-off 2nd fifty percent time +++.

+++ 61. Minute +++.

+++ 23rd minute +++.

And after that it is over, the BVB likewise wins its third test game in summertime preparation and also beats SC Verl 5: 0 (4: 0). In the 2nd fifty percent, the game lost a little swing after Aning scored the 5th objective quickly after the reactivate with a penalty. The bottom line is that BVB enjoys concerning a successful finishing prior to going to the training camp in Bad Ragaz tomorrow.

+++ 67. Minute +++.

+++ 32nd minute +++.

The yellow and black bring the very first good attack over the ideal side. Wolf lets his challenger stand with a nice technique and offers the center flat, where Pohlmann simply misses out on. Reus pokes, however does not obtain the round under control.

+++ Mats Hummels in meeting +++.

A child brings BVB in front! In time, the captain still takes the play right into the deepness, where Pohlmann checks out the round.

+++ 53rd minute +++.

+++ 37th minute +++.

Wolf stops working to Thiede! The right winger uses a blunder in the back team of the residence side and falls short from an acute angle on the Verler goalkeeper.

+++ 2nd minute +++.

Bynoe-Gitten is directly visible left wing as well as leaves 2 challengers. The Englishman puts flat in the middle of the standard, however there is no consumer in the five-meter area.

+++ 54th minute, Tooor for BVB, 0: 5 by Prince Aning +++.

Configuration BVB: Meyer-Passlack (from 73. Semic), Papadopoulos (from 73. Suver), Hummels, Aning (from 60th Bynoe Gitten)- Dahoud (from 73rd pan), Kamara (from 73. Michel)- Wolf (from 73. Bueno), Reus (from 46. Eberwein), Pohlmann (from 46. Rothe)- Moukoko (from 60th Fink).

Verl issues regarding Papadopoulos’ handball in the fine area, the umpire waves. Instead, BVB remains in attack, Aning is up as well as of it as well as is placed in the fine location. This time the referee factors to the factor, fine for BVB.

_… his physical fitness state:Practically ten kilometers in the test game against a 3rd department club is currently an excellent condition in this stage of preparation..

The following likelihood for the yellow and black: Wolf finds Reus in the center, the captain postpones on Moukoko. The assailant is at first obstructed when he finishes, as well as Aning just places the rebound past the left post.

The game ripples in the direction of the end. Bynoe-Gitten brings an additional edge, yet far also flat on the first message. Rothe attempts to insect the ball in the center, but actions past the ball. There is a kick. A few seconds later on, Rothe comes to the end, the sphere Gehr a few meters across the bar.

What an objective from Mo Dahoud! Seconds after Wolf’s opportunity, a pass lacquer plunge makes clear only poor right into the back room, where Dahoud rushes. The midfielder takes the sphere directly from around 25 meters and puts his shot precisely beside the best post.

What initially looks like a penalty turns out to be a world-class stacking of the Verler Zehner in slow-moving motion. Eckball is the rational consequence, but BVB can not utilize it.

+++ 73. Minute +++.

Passlack is fouled in the best half area, there is a complimentary kick in an encouraging position. Aning hits the sphere into the charge area, however the round finishes up in the arms of Verl-keeper Thiede, without a BVB gamer has a chance of final.

+++ 85th minute +++.

+++ 35th minute +++.

+++ 26th minute +++.

Pohlmann declares the sphere in the Verler fifty percent as well as spikes the ball right into the top of Moukoko at the last minute. The U-national gamer skilfully allows the ball gone through his own legs and sprints afterwards quickly. From 8 meters and slightly sharp angle, Moukoko sends out the ball right into the much edge, 2: 0!

+++ 88th minute +++.

+++ 78th minute +++.

Moukoko almost with the double pack! Kamara prevails well over the right and provides flat on the long blog post. There, the marker from just 2 shoe sizes missed.

Rothe on Fink, this moment voluntarily: The left-back takes a long hand down the external lane as well as finds the free-standing Fink 7 meters in front of the goal. The assailant closes directly, Wiesner gets on hand with a solid foot parade. That might have been 6-0.

+++ 71. Minute +++.

The fouled happens itself. Aning converted safely near the bottom right, Wiesner got on the other edge. The young Dutch therefore collects its fourth scorer factor in his 3rd test game in the BVB gown.

It goes into the break, the BVB leads 4-0 at SC Verl. Dortmund at half time checked the game from the very first minute without working opportunities. This transformed in the lead goal by Youngster Pohlmann (16th). Moukoko with a dual pack and also Dahoud making use of a desire goal from the distance provided the 3 more goals.

The BVB indoor defender…

BVB captain Reus cheers together with Moukoko.

+++ 37th minute, Tooor for BVB, 0: 3 by Mahmoud Dahoud +++.

Eastern Switzerland is currently a tried and checked plaster for the Dortmund. Already in the twelfth year the BVB-Tross obtains suitable for the new season. As component of this training school, there are 2 more test video games: Borussia Dortmund bets two Spanish initial department teams, only versus FC Valencia (July 18, 7 p.m.) as well as then against the Champions League semi-finalist FC Villarreal (July 22, 7 p.m.).

+++ 11th minute +++.

_… The upcoming training camp:It will certainly be a mixture of health and fitness, quickness, strategies as well as automatisms that are rehearsed. The basic stones for the season are always laid in the training camp..

Two more adjustments at BVB, two various other markers leave the field. For Aning as well as Moukoko are now on the lawn.

+++ 28th minute, Tooor for BVB, 0: 2 via Youssoufa Moukoko +++.

Not the 5: 0! Dahoud lifts a free kick flank from the left to the Verler Five-meter area. There Hummels is cost-free and also heads. The line judges recognized an offside position, the objective does not count!

Tore: 0: 1 Pohlmann (16th), 0: 2 Youssoufa Moukoko (28th), 0: 3 Mahmoud Dahoud (37th), 0: 4 Youssoufa Moukoko (42. ), 0: 5 Prince Aning (54. )

The residence side flies their own corner around their ears because the BVB counterattack wants to over Wolf. Moukoko remains past Thiede in the penalty area, waits for nearly as well long with the college graduation and also then pushes in from a couple of meters.

The home side now have a bit more game shares and also have actually had 2 great chances in the last couple of mins. Much, the Verler has actually not been closer to the honor goal.

Change of five at Borussia Dortmund, even a six-time adjustment at SC Verl: In the last stage, gamers from the 2nd row or young people get their opportunity of probation.

Dortmund takes the pace out of the game in this stage. Additionally, Verl’s new striker Akono makes certain a little extra operation in the black and yellow back team.

+++ 8th minute +++.

BVB instructor Edin Terzic was pleased with the efficiency.

Even worse game mistake by a Verler protector who intercepts bynoe-gittens and releases them straight on Fink. The aggressor was just offside, his free run on caretaker Wiesner is reduced down.

+++ fifth minute +++.

+++ first minute, kick-off +++.

Papadopoulos must be treated outside the field in these seconds. For now it is not clear why the Greek has to step down. After a short care, the central defender is back.

+++ 81. Minute +++.

The sun is deep, the last few mins run. Currently the game really has a summer jick. That wants to condemn the gamers at the rating.

+++ 90th minute, game end +++.

+++ 49 mins +++.

Numerous changes are anticipated in the 2nd round. What is particular, however, is that the BVB remains in a great early form also without beginners. See you soon!

+++ 69 mins +++.

Aning plays a careless ticket in the facility in her own half, Pohlmann can not tie the round. Verl attempts to change quickly, but Kamara vigorously steps in. The 17-year-old from Guinea observed the second time with a good conquest.

The BVB launched, the round rolls!

Borussia Dortmund still contests the third test game of summer preparation without a nationwide player. After the loosened training on Monday, the novices Nico Schlotterbeck, Niklas Süle, Salih Özcan, Karim Adeyemi and also Sébastien Haller are not yet utilized.

The only exception: Captain Marco Reus must get on the yard versus the third division club.

+++ So the very first examinations of BVB +++.

+++ This is exactly how BVB +++.

+++ BVB without an exemption +++.

2 games, 2 triumphes, is the equilibrium of new trainer Edin Terzic. The video games versus the sixth-class Lüner SV (3: 1) and also second department relegated Eager beaver Dresden (2-0) can not be utilized as actual reference worths.

The 18-year-old newbie Royal prince Aning drew interest. The Dutch was involved in 3 of the five objectives until now, but after moving from the Ajax youth, it is at first prepared for the junior varsity of BVB.

+++ SC Verl vs. BVB +++.

_… The test game:The first half was very, very goodReally And after that it is over, the BVB also wins its third test game in summer preparation as well as defeats SC Verl 5: 0 (4: 0). The young Dutch therefore collects its 4th scorer factor in his third test game in the BVB dress.

Prince Aning shone in the initial two test games.

Invite to the BVB test game versus SC Verl. Kick-off of the game in the Verler BVBclub Field goes to 6 p.m. Around 5,000 spectators are expected.

The BVB interior protector…

Instead, BVB is in attack, Aning is up and also of it as well as is put in the penalty area. It goes into the break, the BVB leads 4-0 at SC Verl.