“ZDF” Port Reporter Claudia Neumann has again pronounced a female quota in German football.

“Before I’ve been intensively dealing with it, I also found the female quota rather negative. But: Quote does not hurt,” said the 58-year-old in an interview of the “Augsburger general”. Instead of introducing women’s lack of expertise, in their opinion, it has to come up with the insight that women can be a profit for football – a female quota is essential for the entry phase.

The football is “far away from equality,” Neumann said after being addressed to the new managing director of the German Football League, Donata Hops. “This will show whether the announcements, for example, at the German Football Confederation, in the future, in future involve women’s more strongly, are only symbolic policy or actually filled with life,” Neumann said, which in social networks criticized for their use and their performance at the microphone had been. Because it does not simply go “for the existence of women, but about acceptance, recognition and a matter of course.”

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Neumann admitted that she had pushed the topic “women in football” for 25 years. Now they have obtained the topic: “I am very happy about it, because I am now an important task in and in cooperation with other women is able to deliver added value.” Her benefit was that, like all her male colleagues, she had been soccerized. However, this is no longer a prerequisite today. “I would like to encourage young women to stay totally with themselves and do not have to be the expectation of others,” Neumann said.