In the 7th chapter of the career, the story returns by the moment when Laura was kept in a police station. When playing for the Laura, you can explore the area where you will ultimately find the computer Sheriff Travis Hickett. To unlock the trophy bizarre but conscientious, you will need to find out the device password, following some hints.

How to unlock the achievement / trophy Bad but conscientious in The Quarry

The computer can be unlocked by entering the sheriff’s birthday as a password. To find out the password, start with the exit from the camera and follow the stairs into the rooms upstairs. Go to the first room and you will see a congratulatory card on the ad on the board to the right of you. Having studied the map, Laura will learn the year of the birth of Travis.


Leave the room and go to the last room on the floor to find the next hint. In the left corner of the room you will find a calendar in which Travis would celebrate his birthday. This was the last step in opening the password.

Finally, go down to the office with a computer. As soon as you interact with the computer, Laura automatically enters the password and unlock the device. Let your character explore the files, and you will receive a pop-up window with a trophy bizarre but conscientious, and it will be added to the list of your achievements.

Although the goal itself is funny, you can skip it if you rush to pass a 10-hour game. You can also listen to Bizarre yet bonafide-The Podcast of the Pranormal Episode 1 below.

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