As component of the plea bargain, he concurred to pay Nintendo $259,323 in restitution, and the prosecution will certainly advise three years behind bars. The final judgment will depend on the court, and also Hernandez could deal with 5 years for the hack and twenty years for his various other criminal offenses. If you wish to check out the information, you can look into the DOJ declaration below.

Of training course, as you understand from the title, Hernandez hasn’t quit hacking Nintendo servers. A lot more stupidly, he spoke honestly concerning his ventures on Twitter and also Dissonance, and also ran a discussion forum called Ryan’s Below ground Hangout where he remained to leakage personal information. This led to the FBI raiding his home in 2019, where they discovered thousands of confidential Nintendo documents, pirated video clip games and software, and also various other revolting items that I won’t go over here.


A California man named Ryan Hernandez pleaded guilty today to hacking into Nintendo web servers as well as other costs. According to the US Department of Justice, Hernandez hacked into Nintendo in 2016, when he was underage, making use of phishing. He had the ability to access very early information regarding the Nintendo Switch over and also other upcoming titles, which he later leaked online. In 2017, an FBI examination caused Hernandez being called by the organization at his parents’ residence. There he assured to end all unlawful task as well as also acknowledged the repercussions if he proceeded to hack.