Publisher’s H2 Interactive announced on February 14th to launch the Nintendo Switch version of Zombie Shooter “ World War Z ” on April 21st. The price is 5280 yen (tax included).

“World War Z” is a 4-person cooperative play response action shooting game developed by SABER INTERACTIVE, based on the same name of the Brad Pit, published in 2013. In the world of this work, the mysterious plague to zombie is spread. The player takes a stage with a motif of the world including Tokyo in Japan and faces the flock of zombies.

In the campaign mode, we progress in the form of progressing the area of ​​the stage while engaging the survivors’ escort. The zombies of this work are so-called running types, and special zombies such as spitting or explosion of poisons will also appear. Besides the game mode, PVP and PVE multiplayer with up to eight people are also recorded.

In addition, about the game mode “Horde Mode Z” of the wave system that fights with a large amount of zombie flock, and the PVPVZ mode that adds more zombies to PVP, and the additional mission Malsei Wastery, it is added in the update after release.

By the way, “World War Z” was released in Nintendo Switch version in Nintendo Switch version, and Nintendo Switch version. In this work, it was realized by the development source SABER INTERACTIVE’s proprietary engine SWARM Engine, which is one of the launches that was one of the local film attractions. A maximum of 500 zombies are drawn on one screen.

Since the high visuals of such loads were characteristic, it was received with a surprise at the time when a transplant for Nintendo Switch in this work was announced. The actual transplantation work was not easy, and the lead game designer Dmitry Grigorenko looks back at the same studio in an interview with overseas media Nintendo Everything. The SABER INTERACTIVE has a track record of the Nintendo Switch version of “Witcher 3”.

For performance challenges in handling a large amount of active zombies and at the same time, it is not possible to dynamically generate and delete zombies, and change to the memory pool. In that case, management of the overhead of the memory pool is also required, and it was a difficult task to take a well-balanced balance, including loads that actually move zombies.

Of course, the optimization of visual surfaces, such as reducing resolution, was performed. In the image above, the Comparison of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch plates can be confirmed. Just about the functionality of the game, it has been ported with the user’s game experience and putting it in the form of all. As a result, it was appreciated that the media review was highly evaluated for the realization of these difficult transplants.

The Nintendo Switch version of “World War Z” is scheduled to be released on April 21st. At each retail store, the package version of the package version has started from today. Also, PC / PS4 and overseas Xbox ONE version are currently on sale.