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The Serpent Rogue: Alchemical Adventure published

Team17 and Sengi Games have released the Alchemie-Sandbox adventure game The Serpent Rogue for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

In the role of the mysterious protagonist “The Warden” with a epidemic mask, the players have to explore the world, produce and use important potions to clean the world of malignant corruption, which is known as “Serpent Rogue” to restore Mount’s disease in the countries.

Alchemy is one of the most important ingredients in The Serpent Rogue gameplay and its mastery will be of crucial importance for the success of The Warden.

Collecting and researching ingredients to discover their uses, experiments with various mixtures to produce unique potions, and uses the brews in different ways to move in a constantly changing world.

The snake villain enables the players to master challenges in a variety of ways: opponents can be defeated directly in the open fight, by perfectly timed alchemical potions or to make friends and taming of local beasts. Every step on the visitor’s journey is associated with challenges and decisions, the echo of which can be felt throughout the world. For example, if you leave food lying around, the vermin attracts and causes devastation while unerring bodies attract terrifying spirits.

The Serpent Rogue - Chill and creepy botanical fantasy adventure
* The Serpent Rogue – ~~ 19.99 euros ~~ – 17.99 euros

The Serpent Rogue: Alchemistisches Action

Team17 and Sengi Games have announced today that the ALCHEMIE Action Adventure The Serpent Rogue will appear on April 26 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

The Warden goes to the search to save the world from corruption, which is known only as the title of Serpent Rogue. He has to use any tool available to cleanse the kingdom and restore balance to Mount’s disease.

The alchemy is one of the most important ingredients in the gameplay of The Serpent Rogue and its mastery will be crucial to the success of the Warden.

Collects and explores ingredients to reveal their uses, experiment with various mixtures to produce unique potions, and uses these mixtures in various ways to advance in the ever-changing world.

The Serpent Rogue | Date Announce Trailer
Every action of the Warner has an impact on the world: if, for example, too many objects in an area are left, rodents are in bulk and set up chaos; If corpses are not buried, their scent attracts spirits that leave death and destruction.

Feature by The Serpent Rogue

  • Sandbox Roguelike: explores the mysterious world of The Serpent Rogue; Places and objects are randomly determined by storms sweeping over the land
  • Countless permutations: Uses the magic and craftsmanship of the alchemy to develop new tactics to overcome the many threats and situations that have arisen through the corruption.
  • Cause and effect: The actions of the overseers have consequences that can be used for your benefit; But you will be the hero of history… or the rogue?

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