The huge castle of Hogwarts hides the countless secrets and riddles left by the great wizards of the past.
One of the secrets left by the master of Popular is the puzzle Hogwarts Heritage Halls of Heroin.
The Halls of Heroin puzzle consists of three stages, and solving each of them is a difficult task.
To find the puzzle of the Meridians, first you need to take a quest from Sofia.
Go to the Hogwarts astronomical tower, and you will find Sofia in front of the spell class.
She will look at the picture on the wall.

Solution of the Hogwarts Legacy Halls of Heroin

The quest notes the location of the riddle of the Heroin Hall on your map.
The head of the header is located on the first floor of the protection tower from the dark arts of Hogwarts, south of the courtyard of the Transfiguration.
You need to enter the puzzle dungeon using repulse.
The puzzles of the Hall of Meridians, in fact, are three separate puzzles.
All of them can only be resolved using repulse, but you can also use Action to solve them faster.
Repulse is the main spell for this quest, you cannot do without it.

How to solve the first riddle in the halls of the Heroin

The first puzzle is very simple.
As soon as you enter the hall, you will see two blocks at the end of the room.
Pull them, and then click on them on the right side next to the wall to fix them in place.
Climb them to get to the first chest of Heroin’s halls.

How to solve the second riddle in the halls of the Heroin

In the second hall you can see three mobile blocks.
One of them swims, and two are on the ground.
Use action to pull one block over two blocks.
From this moment you need to move three blocks next to the place where you entered the second hall.
To do this, move the blocks next to the left wall, pull them back, and again next to the right wall of the room.
If they are still not aligned properly, you can push them back until they allow you to access a small platform above the entrance on which the second chest is located.
Having opened the chest, press the blocks again, using Repulse to get to the door for the last puzzle.

How to solve the third puzzle in the halls of the Heroin

The third puzzle of the Hall of the Heroin in Hogwarts’s Heritage seems difficult, but in fact it is very simple.
As soon as you enter the hall, go up to the first fixed block that you will see right in front of you.
From here, pushing the mobile block forward, then to the left, and then back.
This will place them next to the chest.
There is a gap in one block, but we recommend leaving it.
If you move the block right next to the platform, it will be very difficult to pull it out again.
Just jump onto the platform and get a chest.
To leave the halls of the Heroin, you need to act quickly.
Use action to pull the blocks so that they go to the door, and as soon as they move, run to the block.


You will go to the blocks to the end and go to the door to leave the halls of the Heroin.

reward for riddles of the Hero Meridians

For the implementation of the puzzle, you get the whole outfit of the Meridians.

The outfit is not provided as a reward for the quest, but all its parts can be found in the chests that you collected throughout the puzzle.
With the outfit, you can return to Sofia and show it to her.
Here you can either ask a small fee to get a little gold, or just leave with the experience that you will receive by completing the quest.