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Sony as well as Nintendo will certainly upgrade the plans of their on-line services at the demand of an UK microorganism

In this sense, Sony will take measures for your PS And also that include contacting users who do not make use of the solution for a while and also remind them that their membership is still active . Furthermore, the firm goes a step further and likewise introduces that it will certainly quit approving the settlements of those customers that do not make use of the solution, but do not cancel it either. For its part, Nintendo takes another course with changes in its online switch button, which will no longer be offered with automated renovation . They will have to trigger this option by hand after logging right into their accounts if customers want to maintain their month to month subscription.

Modifications take place at the demand of the UK Competition and Markets Authority Both systems go to the viewpoint of the competition authority and also markets of the United Kingdom, as the Agency is examining the practices of Automatic renewal on Sony as well as Nintendo systems. As read at Gamesindustry, both Sony and also Nintendo have replied to the demand of the company with some adjustments in the policies of their services that will certainly help with the understanding and coming close to the customer to particularities around the automatic regular monthly repayment. A technique that, normally, is enforced on numerous services as quickly as you register.

Sony and Nintendo Have to FIX THIS After 3 Year INVESTIGATION!
The videogame sector has actually been set out on the possibilities offered by subscription services, and also large companies have not missed the occasion to market us various alternatives that adjust to our requirements as gamers. The most current situation is the PlayStation with its brand-new PS And also, which will be separated into 3 designs According to the games to which the user desires to play, but we have to not neglect that Nintendo has currently offered an added subscription for his well-known Nintendo Switch online.

Knack does not confirm new delivery, but Sony hMark Cerny renewed the brand

Since Knack 2 came to the market, Sony Interactive Entertainment hMark Cerny not announced any more video game in the series. Both deliveries went on sale at PlayStation 4 and can be enjoyed on the new generation machine thanks to retraction. Meanwhile, the Japanese company hMark Cerny renewed the brand in Japan . The record, dated this same March 28, includes the possibility of marketing a product “downloadable or installable in a domestic video game machine”.

Of course, the renewal of a brand does not necessarily imply that the company is thinking about designing a new video game, since on many occMark Cernyions these movements respond to an operational and routine reMark Cernyon intended not to lose rights over its intellectual properties.

Two games directed by Mark Cerny

Advertising VS Branded Entertainment

Mark Cerny, the architect of PS4 and PS5, Mark Cerny well Mark Cerny veteran video game developer (participated in Sonic 2 of Mega Drive), wMark Cerny the director of Knack and Knack 2 . Although the reception of criticism wMark Cerny not particularly satisfactory, the two deliveries have worked Mark Cerny a specific demo species: it wMark Cerny PS4 launch game, while the second installment served to show the PS4 Pro improvements.

The gender of platforms and action hMark Cerny had its representative in PlayStation 5. Insomniac Games, also creators of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, edited lMark Cernyt year Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension, Exclusive title of the new generation. PlayStation Studios, for its part, hMark Cerny expanded the Internal Games catalog with two large products in 2022.

After the launch of Horizon Forbidden West the following on the list hMark Cerny been Gran Turismo 7 , a game that despite having worked on international criticism hMark Cerny been very criticized because its gameplay hMark Cerny built on a “always online “. Polyphony Digital wMark Cerny forced to maintain the servers and practically all the game remained inaccessible for almost 24 hours. They have already promised compensation.

Free Action: Sony makes PS4

PS4 players are allowed to look forward to a new gift from Sony. The company currently distributes a free theme exclusively to all owners of the last gene console – PS5 owners go out empty.

Dusting free PS4 theme

From March 1 to March 31, 2022, the Woman’s History Month took place in the USA. This is used for years to focus historical events in which women play a major role.

Sony also participated in the action and now distributes a free theme for all PS4 owners whose design is created at the action month:

To grab the new design for your console surface, you only have to redeem the promotion code: 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 in the PlayStation Store (Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment).

The new theme is available Exclusively for PS4 players – PS5 players have to do without it. However, that is not surprising because Sony’s Next Gen Console has missed a support for themes until today . After all, VRR should be submitted via update in the coming months (Source: giga.de).

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That’s how you snatch the free PS4 theme

Anyone who wants to secure the theme for free is as follows:

  • Opens the PlayStation Store on the PS4.
  • Scrolls to the penultimate menu item with the name “Redeem Codes”.
  • Now enter the doctoral code: 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 and confirms the entry.

(EP 17) Making Custom PS4 Themes & Installing Permanent PS4 Themes (9.00 or Lower)

After that, the activation is completed and you will be forwarded to another PlayStation Store screen, which indicates that you have successfully redeemed the code. Here you can also download the PS4-theme directly .

If you want to enable the new design, you will then have to search for the submenu “Designs” in the setting menu of your PS4. There you should find the new free and all more themes that are available to you for your PS4.

The PS4 themes not only change the background of your dashboards, but also symbols in the start menu and system sounds. A nice way to miss the user interface of your PS4 a new look & feel.

In significant changes to the PlayStation Plus service from June

After a few years of status quo, Sony will make changes in June in the structure of its two PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscription services. It is retained that both services will be migrated into one under three levels of subscription: PlayStation Plus Essential, PlayStation More Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium. Here are the details:


Playstation Plus New Tiers - Big Changes Coming To Ps Plus
* Offers the advantages of which subscribers in PlayStation Plus already have:
* Two downloadable games each month
* Exclusive discounts
* Storage in the cloud for game backups

  • Access to multiplayer online
  • This landing has no change for players currently subscribers to PlayStation Plus.


  • Includes all the advantages of the Essential Bearing
  • Also offers a catalog of about 400 of the best PS4 and PS5 games, including hits from our PlayStation Studios catalog and our third party partners. Extra bearing games can be downloaded to allow offline access.


  • Offers all the advantages of Essential and Extra bearings
  • Offers approximately 340 * additional games, including:
  • PS3 games available via streaming in the cloud;
  • A catalog of large classics, available streaming or download from PlayStation, PS2 and PSP games.
  • Access through streaming in the cloud at PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games of extra and premium bearings in markets ** currently offering the PlayStation Now service. Guests can play streaming on PS4 and PS5 consoles, as well as on PC.
  • Limited time test versions will also be offered to this level, allowing players to test them before buying them.

Nintendo has no interest in continuing the rhythm of acquisitions from Microsoft and Sony

After several announcements followed by Purchases of Studies by Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo has positioned himself before his investors: he has no intention of following the rhythm and acquiring new studies at the moment.

“Our brand has been built through products created with dedication by our employees, and having a large number of people who do not have” Nintendo DNA “would not be good for the company,” explained the head of the company, Shhuntaro Furukawa, In a videoconference with investors translated by Bloomberg.

In recent years, Nintendo has only bought external developers occasionally, and never at the same speed as Sony and Microsoft have presented in recent years.

The most recent acquisition of Nintendo was a year ago, in January 2021, and had to do with the Canadian developer Next Level Games, who had created Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Sony Responds to Microsoft with Bungie Acquisition, Is a Nintendo Announcement Next?

Last week, Sony announced the purchase of Bungie, the developer of Destiny, the sixth study that buys from the beginning of 2021.

On the other hand, in January, Microsoft announced its Activision Blizzard purchase plans.

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