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Valve warns about the use of Steam Deck with high temperatures

We are in the middle of the summer, and as is the case year after year thanks to global warming, the temperature increases. Although we can refresh ourselves in different ways, our consoles do not have the same options, and sometimes the internal fan is not enough. In this way, Valve has shared a statement where he warns about what will happen to Elsteam Deck in these cases.

Through its social networks, Valve shared a message where he points out that Steam Deck can work quite well up to 100 degrees, but once the 105 mark passed, the laptop will go out alone . This was what was said about it:

Steam Deck works better at ambient temperatures between 0 degrees and 35 degrees. Above there, Steam Deck may begin to reduce its performance as a protection measure.

To be more concrete, the Steam Deck processor works correctly at temperatures up to 100 degrees. Overcome this threshold, accelerates and automatically turns off at 105 degrees to avoid fatal damage.


Valve is not the only company that has shared similar messages. Recall that Nintendo has also made a series of communiqués to warn the community about the risks that the switch runs with these high temperatures. It will be better to pay attention to these recommendations if you do not want your consoles to be damaged. In related issues, these are Nintendo’s recommendations to take care of your heat switch.

Editor’s note:

Heat is a real problem. Do not forget that there are cases where to hold the switch with these high temperatures results in uncomfortable game sessions, since you feel you burn your hands.

Vía: Valve

[New work in the second half of July] Another Seven Knights, Revolution

▶ 7/19 Stray Stray
Steam / ps4, ps5
Korean language support

▶ 7/19 yenling Endling-Exinction is forever
Steam / Epic / xbo / ps4 / nsw
Korean language support

▶ 7/19 Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheel Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels
Steam / XBO, XSX | s
Korean language support

▶ 7/20 As Dusk Falls As DUSK FALLS
Steam / xbo, xsx | s
Korean language support

▶ 7/20 Strainer of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Dragon Wang Bahamut
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trials of the Dragon King
Epic / XBO, XSX | S / PS4, PS5
Korean language support

▶ 7/21 Dear Journey Deer journey
Korean language support

▶ 7/21 Bright memory: Infinite Bright Memory: Infinite
XSX | S / PS5 / NSW / Ta Platform Release
Korean language support


▶ 7/21 Yeolgia Three Kingdoms River City Saga: Three Kingdoms
Steam / PS4 / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 7/21 Wayword Strand Wayward Strand
Steam / XBO, XSX | S / PS4, PS5 / NSW

▶ 7/21 Happy Danganpa s ultra-high school male dice camp danganronpa s: Ultimate Summer Camp
Steam / ps4 / iOS / and / other platform release

▶ 7/21 Hell Pi Hell PIE
Steam / XBO, XSX | S / PS4, PS5 / NSW

▶ 7/22 Live A Live Live a Live
Korean language support

▶ 7/22 Capcom Arcade Second Stadium CAPCOM ARCADE 2ND Stadium
Steam / xbo / ps4 / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 7/27 Train Valley: Console Edition

▶ 7/28 Digimon Survive Digimon Survive
Steam / XBO / PS4 / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 7/28 Seven Knights Revolution

iOS / and
Korean language support

▶ 7/28 Shin Hayari Kami 3 真 り 神 3
ps4 / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 7/28 Sims 4 High School Life The SIMS 4: High School Years
Steam / Origin / xbo / ps4
Korean language support

▶ 7/28 Captain Velvet Meteo: JUMP+ Dimensions Captain Velvet Meteor: The JUMP+ DIMENSIONS

▶ 7/28 Hongma Castle Remilia Symphony koumajou remilia: Scarlet symphony
Steam / NSW
Korean language support

▶ 7/29 Rim World Console Edition Rimworld Console Edition
Xbo / ps4 / Ta Platform Release

▶ 7/29 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 xenoblade chronicles 3
Korean language support

The Mafia saga is on sale on Steam, along with other great action games at a ridiculous price

Although the Steam Summer Sale is over, it’s still possible to find exciting games below their usual price on Valve’s platform. Without going any further, the entire Mafia saga is currently on sale, in its Definitive Editions and even in the compilation that includes the 3 installments. Do not miss the best discounts.

Mafia: the entire saga with a discount on Steam


  • Mafia: Definitive Edition for 13.99 euros (65% discount)
  • Mafia 2: Definitive Edition for 9.89 euros (67% discount)
  • Mafia 3: Definitive Edition for 9.89 euros (67% discount)

Are you interested in all? Then there is an even better offer: Mafia Trilogy: Definitive Edition for 23.99 euros (60% discount). This compilation includes all the games of the franchise and when you buy them in a pack you can enjoy a saving of almost 10 euros.

A remake at the height of the legend

The first Mafia is a much-loved game among fans of action games and gangster stories. And the Definitive Edition saw the return of a true clMafiasic, with new graphics and various technical improvements. In our analysis (9 out of 10), we said that Hangar 13 hMafia known how to treat with affection and respect a work that wMafia engraved in the retina for many who experienced it in the early 2000s. The studio hMafia not only respected the script, but hMafia reordered certain elements. Tommy’s motivations throughout the 1930s are even stronger here. You can know everything it offers in this link.

Steam Deals on Action Games

Below we offer you a selection with other titles of the genre that are currently on sale on Steam. The sales for these games end next July 22.

  • Borderlands 3 for 14.99 euros (75% discount)
  • Control: Ultimate Edition for 11.99 euros (70% discount)
  • Red Faction for 2.49 euros (75% discount)

Unwell joke: Elden-ring players troll the vapor

Hard to believe, yet true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Steam as one of the finest video games for leisure.

Elden Ring comes to be a leisure game

Vapor is a capital for PC players! In the sea of big smash hit titles as well as tiny indie games, however, it is not so simple to maintain a summary. Consequently, Steam introduced the tags time ago. This function allows customers to designate different terms to the games so that interested gamers can much better evaluate a computer game unknown to him.

The custom tags for The Senior Scrolls V: Skyrim are, as an example, Open World, RPG, Adventure as well as Solitary gamer. There are also extra unique tags. These include female major personality or excellent soundtrack.

Now click on such a day or go into the search bar, Then you get all games from Heavy steam with a matching tag. And now we pertain to the real gag.

you can not trust the neighborhood tag

If you proactively look for to unwind , after that you enter enhancement to soothe games like The Sims 4 or Stardew Valley, also from-software Elden Ring:

It was specifically this reality that leads the players to the crisp RPG in rows with the day leisure. ** Certainly, someone shouldn’t really approach this wrong day, however that wasn’t the objective behind it.

Instead, such a procedure represents the regular Web wit **, as is exercised on pages such as 9gag or Reddit everyday. Whether this gag has actually succeeded or otherwise, everybody can determine on their own. The reality is strange.


The customized tags for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim are, for instance, Open World, RPG, Adventure and also Solitary player.

Hard to believe, but true: The hardcore role-playing game Elden Ring is identified on Heavy steam as one of the finest games for leisure. For this factor, Vapor presented the tags some time earlier. ** This function allows individuals to appoint various terms to the video games so that interested players can better analyze a video game unidentified to him.

The soulslike is anything but relaxing as well as, many thanks to its high level of difficulty, is thought about a real obstacle that calls for a certain level of aggravation resistance. Or to place it another way: fanatic as well as broken controller are not unusual at Elden Ring.

Award -winning steam

The Steam secret tip Exo One has been doing its rounds on the Valve platform since the end of 2021. Now the extraordinary sci-fi game should start on two other flat frames. As of summer, PS4 and PS5 players can finally travel foreign planets and discover the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of the exploration game.


PS5 lifts space experience to new level

The special sci-fi game Exo One mixed up the top seller on Steam for his release. In the extraordinary exploration game, their deeply dipped on foreign planets and controls your spaceship using gravity. Sounds special? It is.

EXO ONE - Gameplay 8 - My Vote For Steam Awards Game Of The Year!! What's Yours!?!?
Now there is good news for console players. Because as Playstation announces on his official blog, Exo One will finally be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in summer. (Source: PlayStation)

The porting offers additional advantages for PS5 owners. Because with the haptic feedback from the dual sensense controller you can feel the various substrates and weather conditions even more impressively.

This immersive experience is rounded off by butter-soft pictures with added 120FPS support -provided you have the right TV. So you can admire the beautiful landscapes and your sliding vehicle even better.

Take a look at the trailer for Exo One here:

Original message:

what is EXO One on Steam?

“A strange signal, an extraterrestrial construction, an interplanetary, gravity -strong journey through space and time.” The newly published exo One knows how it has to present and only raises more questions . However, it becomes clear from the trailer that this is a very special sci-fi adventure.

In Exo One, you control a small flying saucer that examines beautiful planets and strange alien landscapes . However, you do not need laser cannons or other weapons for this. Instead, you have to use the strange environments to move your ship forward.

The control for Exo One needs some practice, but a real master can complete impressive maneuvers with the Subtasse , for example by sliding over the cliffs of an ice world and thus building new swing.

relaxing space adventure is well received by players

Exo One not only cleared a few prices for indie games, but is also extremely well received by the Steam community . It currently reaches a “very positive” assessment. 91 percent of the players give the sci-fi adventure up a thumb.

If you are looking for more games in which you can explore foreign planets, we can recommend no man’s sky:

Are these pictures reality or video game?

The sci-fi game Exo One relies on exploring and fast space maneuvers and foregoing large air struggles . The game has been released on Steam and is already very well received there.

Neowiz 2D Action Game Unsourd, Global official launch

[Source: Neowiz]

\ -Simply launched in the steam and Nintendo switch, Xbox

\ -The story mode, boss rush mode, etc. can be enjoyed

\ -In commemoration of the official launch, discount and SNS sharing event progress

The 2D action RPG , which was developed by Neowiz and the Megu Star Game, announced today (28th) that it has officially released in Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass.

Unsund is a 2D action RPG that digs into the secrets of the world, which is covered by the dead of the prince who has the ability to absorb the soul. It gives a combat experience in the background of fast -paced play, in -depth action, and real -time pixel art.

5 GREAT Game Art Styles for BAD Artists
In the official version of Unsould, you can experience a total of five chapters, and you can also check 60 kinds of passive ability, 7 boss technology, and 16 kinds of character technology. It supports a total of four languages: Korean, English, Japanese, and German.

In addition to the existing story mode and boss rush mode, new contents ‘Abyssization’ and ‘Mirror Space’ were also added. Abyss advancement is a content that can be summoned up to five enemies and fighters, allowing you to check your own combo damage. In particular, the mirror space is a variety of challenges that can be selected in the game, and users can participate in the task of difficult difficulty.

In commemoration of this official launch, various events will be held. First of all, by May 9th, Steam can be purchased at 35% and Nintendo Switch and Xbox at a 20% discount. In addition, for two weeks, the post will be posted on Twitter, including Unsunde hashtag, or 10 of the retweet users will be drawn to present the Steam Gift Card 10,000 won.

For more information about Unsunde, you can find it in Steam Page .

Valve says its increasing steam cover shipments

The developer of Steam Deck, Valve, has said today that it is in the process of “increasing” shipments of the portable PC platform. After launching Steam Deck at the end of February, Valve has continued to emphasize that it is doing everything possible so that the coveted video game platform is in the hands of as many people as possible. And although there is likely to arise some manufacturing problems in the foreseeable future, that has not prevented it from trying to increase their efforts to move forward.

In a new update message today, Valve informed those who seek to obtain Steam Deck about what he plans to do with the platform in the coming months. «Welcome to the second trimester!» Valve said on social networks to coincide with the beginning of April. “We just sent the first set of order emails to which they booked the second quarter (in reservation time). As of today, we are increasing Steam Deck shipments and we will send more email availability emails every week. Sometimes, even twice a week! “

To accompany this new message, Valve also revealed today that it has updated its website for Steam Deck to provide those who have booked the platform a better defined window when they could expect their own shipment. Valve made it clear that none of its previous windows has been modified due to delays or other problems. Instead, it’s just trying to give customers a better idea of how this shipping process will remain in the coming months.

Valve Steam Deck Shipping Update, SCAMS & Stick Drift Problems Addressed!
At this time, if you want to buy a Steam Deck for you, Valve has said that the new orders will not be fulfilled until October 2022 or later. As such, if you buy one at some time soon, prepare to wait a decent amount of time so that it really appears.

Are you still trying to get a Steam Deck for you? And if you already have a reserved one, when is it estimated to have your own unit? Give me your own response in the comments or you can send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.

Steam stops: popular streaming

For many PC users, Steam is known above all as a gaming platform, but the Valve service also houses a wealth of software away from the gambling pleasures. From now on, Stream users can find one of the most popular streaming programs.

Steam grabs OBS Studio

How nice would it be to find everything in a place? PC players enjoy great freedom and high individualization options on their computer. The price is often a Launcher and Provider Jungle , which is not always comfortable.

Steam is now trying to remedy and get the popular and free streaming software Open Broadcaster Software Studio – better known as OBS Studio – in the boat. So far, the recording application had to be manually downloaded either on the official website or other third-party providers (Source: Steam).

Should Steam be your usual games at home, you can now safely cover your Obs Studio and have everything in a launcher **.

What are the advantages of the steam version?

The first good news: If you decide to run Obs studio over Steam, all your stored settings, scenes and more stay. So is no annoying new messages needed.

Pressure Reducing Valves in Steam Heating Systems

Especially for Update muffle the Steam version offers a decisive advantage. As soon as your Steam starts, the launcher starts automatically (if not otherwise set) by downloading available updates. So now also at OBS Studio.

In the standalone version you will always be asked if you want to post an update and must be active by itself. Just if your OBS Studio does not use frequently, so some patches can force themselves, which you must first manually download.

Otherwise, the free Steam version of OBS Studio offers all the functions that the standalone version also offers . The first reviews on Steam also fall very positively, so the program seems to run well as usual.

The Gunk comes close to Steam with a launch home window and also incorporates a new photo mode

How to make Steam Games Windowed/Full-screen - Without a Program (2022)
The Crud will get here in Steam in springtime of 2022 Eurogamer has actually resembled the intentions of picture & form games , which can be seen on the game tab on the Valve platform. According to the previously mentioned tool, The Crud will reach Steam at Spring of this 2022 , so the journey will not be hoped for other players that do not have Xbox Game Pass. In enhancement, we are likely to see distribution in other computer systems, as the writers have actually promised a launch in more computer platforms .

However right here they did not end up the information from Photo & Form Games, since they have likewise introduced the inclusion of a picture mode that will allow us to capture one of the most impressive battles against aliens whatsoever times. A possibility that we can share online with other users and also that will additionally be available in the version that gets to Steam and other PC systems.

The authors of Steamworld took a daring step with The Crud, the experience between aliens that concerned the community of Xbox Game Pass last December. The different trailers of the video game have fallen for the followers of science fiction , so the developers have actually intended to increase a lot more the first success of their deal with a go for Vapor that will certainly draw in much more customers.

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