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A girl who loves games solves an incident! Super Bullet Break will be released on August 12th at the same time in the world and on multiple platforms.

BeXide announced that it will release Super Bullet Break worldwide on August 12, 2022.

In this work, a turn-based rogue where three game-loving girls, Akari, Sumire, and Hikaru, set out to investigate the cause with the mysterious girl Nayuta and a black cat, because an error of unknown cause made it impossible to play games all over the world. Like strategy. Players collect bullets with over 160 newly drawn illustrations. Build a deck using Barrett and face turn-based battles that require strategy. It is also possible to add carts with unique effects to the bullets to enhance them.

In addition, there are also elements such as seven missions with the motif of nostalgic retro games such as romance games, rhythm games, shooting games, and a scout system that draws bullets. A trial version is available on the Steam page, and a trial version of PS4 and Nintendo Switch will be released on July 21st.


Super Bullet Break will be released on PC (Steam) / PS4 / Nintendo Switch / iOS on August 12, 2022. Nintendo Switch will start accepting reservations from July 14th with 10% off.

Mario Golf 64: The game arrives on Nintendo Switch, here is the trailer and some info

After having made a sprain last week with 3 games from the NES and the Super Nes, Nintendo again offers a title of the Nintendo 64 catalog for subscribers to the additional Pack of the Nintendo Switch Online.
As of April 15, it will therefore be possible to rediscover this classic of the 64-bit console whose graphics have severely aged when one takes a look at the trailer dedicated to it.
It is necessarily, we go back to a time when the 3D was stammering and where it was entitled to polygonal mittens as hands or hair.

Mario Golf is Coming to N64 Switch Online Expansion Pack This Month!

Despite this technique rendered obsolete with the means of today, the festive and benevolent atmosphere is still present, knowing that the gameplay is also very family.
Of course, to enjoy it, it will be necessary to be subscribed to the additional pack of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription, which costs the sum of € 39.99 year-round.

Super Nintendo World arrives in Orlando

Comcast’s leaders have recently confirmed that Super Nintendo World will come to Epic Universe, a new park that is expected to open in 2023 as part of an expansion of Universal Studios Orlando. Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Osaka this summer and North America will get its first Nintendo theme park in 2023. With Super Nintendo World expanding outside of Japan, it is possible to Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore get the Nintendo theme park in the future.

I think the next big thing on the horizon is Nintendo. Nintendo, on the basis of our research, is one of the main potential engines of attendance you may have any type of intellectual property. It is up with Harry Potter, said one of the Comcast leaders in a fourth quarter results call. Comcast is the parent company of Universal Studios, so it is the official confirmation of the expansion. The President and CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, Tom Williams, previously stated that Super Nintendo World would integrate in one way or another Nintendo Switch in the experiment, but how would it work now is unclear.

Even though Nintendo Switch is not integrated with the Super Nintendo World experience, Nintendo confirmed that Visitors Super Nintendo World will wear a Power Up Band. This group transforms the park into a live and breathable video game thanks to AR technology. Thanks to the portable device, visitors will be able to collect parts and perform other tasks. Now that we know that Super Nintendo World will arrive at Universal Studios Orlando in 2023, we are curious to see where he will develop.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Super Nintendo World has to offer visitors to theme parks? What character Nintendo do you hope to be part of the theme park experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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