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Enmedia Platform, Nintendo Switch Game Price Comparison Service All Magge

[Source: Nexon]

\ –Nintendo E-shop domestic and overseas game price information comparison app launch

\ -Expectory functions by game evaluation, search function, genre, etc.

** \ -Olmage’s own popularity, profile, storage box, etc.

The Enmedia Platform announced today that it has opened the Nintendo Switch game price comparison service ‘All Magge’.

‘All -Magge’ is an application that can compare game price information in domestic and overseas Nintendo e -shoes. It can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Nintendo E -Shop, the price of the world’s games, the discounts by country, the game with the highest discount rate, and the highest discount rate, as well as the national support language, Nintendo overseas e -shop use method and not only to purchase game purchases such as Provide the required practical information in detail.

In addition, the company introduced its own popularity ranking, which comprehensively analyzes the scores of the Nintendo Switch Game Evaluation, All -Magge, and the score of game evaluation agencies.

Nintendo Switch Sports, Portrait: Dorfromantik | GAME TWO #246
In addition to this, the company has enhanced the convenience of search functions and genres so that various games can be easily found, and additional service functions such as user profile and interesting game storage box are added.

Kim Eun -ha, general manager of Enmedia Platform, said, “All -Magge will be a particularly useful service for users who have experienced Nintendo switch game purchasing in overseas shops.” ”

Nintendo Switch Sports: Better than Ring Fit Adventure? This is what the reviews say

Summer comes and with him a new sports game for the Nintendo Switch. We summarize for you what the international press says about Nintendo Switch Sports.

How good is the new Nintendo Switch game?

Hold your Joy-Cons ready on 29. April 2022 A new fitness game for Nintendo’s hit console is released with Nintendo Switch Sports. After Wii Sports and the super successful Ring Fit Adventure for the Switch, this is now Nintendo’s latest attack on unpopular fat pads and tired bones.

And while the majority still have to wait a day for the ambitious game, was already allowed to train the international specialist press . The cut on Metacritic reveals how well Nintendo Switch Sports has become.

At the time of this article, the fitness game holds a solid cut of 75 percent on the well-known review aggregator- based on 32 reviews.

This cuts Nintendo Switch Sports a little worse than Ring Fit Adventures, which holds a score of 83 percent. The classic Wii Sports from 2006, on the other hand, is on the same with 76 percent.

Ring Fit Adventure - What Does a Professional Trainer Think About this Workout Game?

the best party game for the Nintendo Switch?

Of course, the individual opinions are much more meaningful than the pure numbers. This we do not want to hide from you. The conclusion of IGN, which assigns 70 percent, , for example, fails as follows:

“Nintendo Switch Sports, like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, is best suited as a party game. Switch Sports largely adheres to what its predecessors have made so unforgettable: intuitive movement control, the ability to effortlessly get a group of people in motion, and a great menu music that will stay in your head all day. ”

Digital trends also awards 70 percent and comes to a fairly similar judgment:

“Nintendo Switch Sports is exactly what it has to be. It is an intuitive package of sports mini-era with more precise movement control and complete online integration. Motivating activities such as bowling and badminton make it one of the best multiplayer party games for the Switch. ”

In summary, one can say that Nintendo Switch Sports has become a successful party game, but this does not replace a real fitness course. The focus here is clearly on the multiplayer experience.

Nintendo Switch will get the PS5 launch game soon

It seems that Nintendo Switch users, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED will get a PS5 launch game and they will get it soon. In the launch, the PS5 had some great games, mainly Spider-Man de Marvel: Miles Morales and remakes of Demon’s Souls. Of course, the PS5 launch game that will come to Nintendo Switch is not any of these games. What will apparently reach all Nintendo Switch devices is _The without path of the Giant Squid developer and the Annapurna Interactive publishing house. None of the parties has announced the game for Nintendo Switch, nor Nintendo has announced so much; However, the port has been filtered by the ESRBLA organization that qualifies the games for its launch in North America.

The ESRB does not only qualify the SWITCH game for this platform, but indicates that the game will soon arrive at Nintendo Switch, since the ESRB does not get involved or qualify a game until that game is close to its launch. In other words, wait for a formal ad soon.

Debuting in November 2020, The without path is a game of action and adventures and the second year effort of the aforementioned study, being its first-year effort of 2016 abzu. After the launch, the player obtained metacritic scores ranging from 77 to 81, according to the platform.

«From the creators of abzu, the without path is the mythical adventure of an archer and an eagle in a vast forest,” says an official comment on the game. “Become a hunter, a master shooting teacher traveling to a mystical island to dissipate a curse of darkness that takes over the world. He forms a connection with your companion Eagle and flies through the air. He performs fluid acrobatics and run impressive shots with trick with a unique archery system that allows to shoot effortlessly while moving at high speeds. “

Nintendo Switch Online NEW UPDATE... + BAD NEWS For Nintendo Just Dropped!
At the time of publication, not a single part involved has commented on this filtration. If this changes, we will update the story. Meanwhile, to know all the other news, rumors, filtering, offers and most recent speculation of Nintendo Switch, click here.

Will NHL 21 be available on Nintendo Switch?

As with the Madden and UFC series, EA Sports has not developed NIntendo Switch game from the launch of the platform in 2017. But it will change in 2020, despite the fact that some of the others. EA Sports games did not receive launch on the platform this year? The answer to this question is no.

In a letter to the NHL community in July, the development team announced that NHL 21 would be launched this year for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The LNH developers did not mention a version of a version Nintendo Switch from NHL 21. On August 24, NHL 21 launch trailer was put online., as well as official information about the game and its release date. In this ad, EA confirmed that NHL 21 will be launched worldwide on October 16 for Xbox One and PS4 only.

When Will EA Sports NHL Be On Nintendo Switch? (Why Isn't NHL 21 On Switch)

So, just like Madden 21 and UFC 4, NHL 21 will not come on Nintendo Switch in 2020. And in the current state of things, the only franchise Ea sports to be on the switch is the FIFA series, which received an exit Every year since 2017.

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