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Fighting game The Rumble Fish 2 PC/Each console will be released in 2022. Equipped with a wide screen and online match mode

3GOO Co., Ltd. officially announced the PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X | S version on August 4. Released in winter 2022.


The Rumble Fish 2 is a fighting game developed by Dimps Co., Ltd. It was operated in the arcade in 2005 and is now provided for Nesicaxlive. It features a smooth 2D expression by the company’s own S.M.A. (Smooth Model Animation), 16 attractive characters, and flashy special moves.

For the game system, a 5-button system is used for weak, strong punches, weak, strong kicks, and attack avoidance. There are also two types of gauges: an offense gauge that can be accumulated by attack and a defense gauge that is accumulated when guarded. It can be used to consume offense gauge and can connect from a combo to a combo, or an impact break that consumes a defense gauge and prolongs the opponent’s attack when guarding. There are also boost dives that consume both gauges and use special mode specific to characters for a certain period of time.

In this work, which is the first home / PC transplant, the game screen is made of a wide screen at 16: 9. In the game mode, training mode and gallery mode are prepared. In the training mode, the strength and gauge of AI can be customized. In the gallery mode, character art, music, and behind the scenes are introduced, and the core fans who know the arcade version of the time can enjoy it. In addition, it has also been revealed that the online match mode is installed, and the online code has a rollback system.

3Gooo Di Costanzo’s Nicola commented that Dimp’s development team created an extended battle system and provided infinite strategies to players. And the 3goo mission states that this popular title is to introduce the wonderful features of this game by deploying this popular title on consoles and PCs, and by installing a place where you can learn comfortable online matches and combo correctly. 。

The Rumble Fish 2 is scheduled to be released in winter 2022 for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S version. According to Nicola, Di Costanzo will make some surprise announcements before the release.

Launch of the new update of the Nintendo SWITCH system

A new system update is now available for the Nintendo Switch hardware, which takes it to version 13.2.1. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not provided users with many details. Patch notes of the company. Official website simply indicates that Switch has received general system stability improvements to improve user experience. In other words, users should not expect to see drastic changes after completing the update. At the end of the day, these smaller updates can be a bit disappointing, but hopefully they will make the system work better for players.

The fifth anniversary of the SWITCH hardware approaches quickly, so it is unlikely that we will see drastic changes at this time. Throughout the useful life of the console, fanatics hoped to see the type of thematic funds that were available in 3DS, but that did not happen. The Nintendo double-screen handheld allowed players to buy topics based on several dear franchises, such as Mario, Pokémon, Sonic The Hedgehog and more. In the switch era, fanatics stayed with only black and white options, leaving little space for personalization. It is not a big problem, but adding the option would certainly make many fans happy.

Of course, the start screen really does not matter much, in the great scheme of things. Switch has been a great success for Nintendo since the launch of the system in 2017 and continues to capture the attention of new audiences. This year you will see the launch of a series of important exclusives for the console, which include Pokemon legends: aqueous, bayonet 3, Kirby and the forgotten land, platoon 3, and the sequel to the Legend of Zelda: breath of the savage. This week you will also see the launch of anjo-kazooie at the Nintendo 64 Online SWITCH application, which should be exciting news for Rare game fans.

It is possible that today’s update is not too exciting, but it is only January, and it seems that 2022 will have enough for Nintendo fanatics to excite. With luck, there will be much more to come throughout the year!

What kind of updates would you like to see in Nintendo Switch? Are you disappointed that the console has never received topics? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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