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WhatsApp update brings Bank

Always something new-that’s what WhatsApp user wants to bind on. A larger update is still coming in August. But there is an adjustment beforehand.

Dortmund-a life without WhatsApp? It would be possible, after all, there are now enough alternatives to the popular Meta trade fair service. This will also know the Facebook group that tries to tie users with new updates. There should still be new functions in August.

WhatsApp brings out a new update in August-a function is still open

Actually, the messenger now has many functions that users have missed in the past. It was only this year that the function was introduced to react with emojis to WhatsApp messages. This brings the advantage that group chats in particular remain so tidy and are not flooded by emojis.

In addition, the new function of being able to process messages is still in the starting blocks. Insiders have already been able to spot the first indications and it is only a matter of time before WhatsApp rolls out the corresponding update. But that’s not all: Another larger update is still coming in August.

WhatsApp brings out three essential innovations with a new update

And that is mainly about security and privacy. The new functions are said to have wanted users for a long time according to T-online. Three innovations in the META app are crucial:

before the planned update publishes WhatsApp a decisive relief

However, it should not remain with these new functions that serve primarily for privacy. WhatsApp announces that messages that may contain an embarrassing typing error can now be deleted within a longer period of time.

Where Messenger-users have only had an hour and eight minutes to delete a message from the chat, WhatsApp is now giving a time climb. In the future, users will have two days to delete a message.


But be careful: the message does not disappear without a trace. Furthermore, the hint can be seen that a message has been deleted. Once the time has expired, the message can only be deleted from your own field of vision. The chat partner continues to see them.

In addition, a new function called registration confirmation is to be rolled out, reports CHIP. This is intended to receive users in-app message if someone else tries to log into the account. So it is another security function. It is not known when this function is introduced.

Rubric list picture: © Germanopoli/Imago

SSV Ulm 1846 strikes research Mainz with 4: 0

The Regionalliga Südwest opened its gates on Saturday as well as at first with SSV Ulms Offenbach and also SSV Ulm in 1846 the large favorites are in focus. Also away from this duo, various other sonorous names are set up to put their stamp on this period.

In the 18th minute the mid-day initially took a various program, Afamefuna utilized a positional error from Plattenhardt and conquered Caretaker Salfeld from a brief distance to the Koblenz lead. It lasted for regarding 4 mins, after that Fabian Eisele stabilized a corner of Gerezgiher in his head. In the blockage time of the initial fifty percent, Homburg originally battled for a Lattenskracher von Hummel, but in the next attempt the unlucky pitch bird incorporated with Mendler through the white as well as red rows of cover, Eisele presented, that placed in 2-1.

One after anonther. Timo Wenzel, coach of FC 08 Homburg, demanded an excellent begin to the period from his group as well as was listened to. To the discouragement of Bundesliga goalkeeper legend Oliver Reck, who took over at FC Rot-Weiß Koblenz as a brand-new instructor in summer season as well as had to acknowledge a 1: 3 defeat on Saturday.

The FCH had to tremble for a long time, because Koblenz truly obtained going. It was just in the fifth minute of deduction.

Ulm to Clever for Mainz II

With the other 2 promoters playing on Saturday, the psychological situation could hardly have actually been more different after 90 mins. While SV Eintracht Trier sent the FC-Astoria Walldorf residence 3-0, SGV Freiberg lost 1-2 versus VfR Aalen because of an objective in injury time.

SSV Ulm did not need compensatory minutes on the last trigger in 1846 on this matchday. Abouts at 1. FSV Mainz 05 II it was currently 2-0 to objectives from Chessa (17th) as well as Rösch (20th) after 20 mins. Helpful for Ulmer, which transcended to day, due to the fact that the Mainz U 23 removed their unpredictability after the 2 goals and also began to play a study. Efficiency is additionally component of the collection of a top group, and so Reichert added 3-0 in the 52nd minute after a corner kick. Nearly 180 seconds later on, a mercilessly pushing SSV Heimkeeper Rieß compelled to a poor pass, Jann performed in the empty real estate. The victory was bagged, but the zero fifter talent might be expected that they were still searching for the offensive, albeit without yield on this matchday.

When inquired about the championship faves, the name TSV Steinbach Haiger is additionally duplicated. Yet in comparison to Homburg and Ulm, the soldiers of train Ersan Parlatan missed their beginning. Increasing SG Barockstadt-Fulda had actually introduced a courageous look in the person of his train Sedat Gören and also his males followed this path. A minimum of it melted more frequently throughout the game in both penalty areas. The goal of the day fell with a charge that Grösch became the goalkeeper with a shot (21st). Lüdke nearly added the 2-0 in the 75th minute, the blog post remained in the means. However this bad good luck was no much longer extremely crucial afterwards.

Trier penalizes Walldorf’s risk

At the Bahlinger SC, Häringer will certainly be targeted by the shoulder knockers, because the 32-year-old headed a 2-0 lead against VfB Stuttgart II (30th/60th), which the small VfB (62nd) and Wolf (78.) Egalized. Häringer had to go once again, in the 82nd minute he headed a flank from the fifty percent area to the winning goal over the line.

To Trier: The 2741 spectators in the Moselle Arena remained in the arms for the very first time in the 48th minute when king worked well with a vast sphere from Boesen and put the sphere from an acute angle under the bar. SV Eintracht countered ice cold when Walldorf went down more as well as a lot more. Just in the 85th minute: King assisted for Brandscheid. And with the last action, Debrah screwed the lid (90. +4).

FSV Frankfurt defeated TSG Balingen on the last few meters. Substitute Bouthakrit concerned a long round in added time previously, was lowered by TSG goalkeeper Binanzer. Leon Müller transformed the penalty enforced.

Freiberg appeared to run in the fourth minute in a similarly gratifying afternoon. Barini, 1.73 meters high, skipped opponent Wächter and also gone to the lead. The awakening experience for a much less imaginative VfR happened in the 31st minute. Via Abruscia as well as Bux, the round in the penalty location pertained to the Seitz, which was laid off, which fit the ball in the objective. The sports and also singing club established a great deal of common situation and also came to be hazardous again and once again. In in between, Aalen might be happy not to drop behind. Up until said injury time burst out as well as Müller conquered the ball against Thermann, fit on Abruscia as well as this Arcalean served, that noted the winning objective.

Worms with a big job

His Offenbach colleague Alexander Schmidt takes the favorite function in 1st place without reluctance and likewise needs: We want to emphasize the opponent by placing him under stress and playing passionate football. And if the opponents tension back and also therefore promise their very own climb stress? No trouble for Schmidt, on the contrary: This is not pressure for me, yet appeal.

TSG Hoffenheim II likewise determines Hesse Kassel on Sunday.

In the 18th minute the afternoon originally took a various training course, Afamefuna utilized a positional mistake from Plattenhardt and also conquered Caretaker Salfeld from a brief range to the Koblenz lead. FSV Mainz 05 II it was currently 2-0 to goals from Chessa (17th) and Rösch (20th) after 20 mins. Effectiveness is also part of the collection of a leading team, and also so Reichert added 3-0 in the 52nd minute after a corner kick. To Trier: The 2741 spectators in the Moselle Arena were in the arms for the very first time in the 48th minute when king functioned well with a large round from Boesen as well as put the round from an intense angle under the crossbar. Häringer had to go once more, in the 82nd minute he headed a flank from the fifty percent area to the winning goal over the line.

The 4th mountain climber, Wormatia Worms, interferes on Sunday as well as immediately reaches do with SSV Ulms Offenbach. The brand-new Wormatia trainer Max Mehring knows that only transfer can be the goal. According to the previous co-coach from Waldhof Mannheim, this will certainly work finest: I anticipate my team to always have fun with heart and enthusiasm as well as spend everything in every video game.

F1 22 newbie standards – five ideas that you need to understand

A new period of Formula 1 is there and also F1 22 lets the gamers experience it themselves. With improved gameplay and a reduced setup system, players need to think about a lot of points when they go on the track-regardless of whether they are new to the racing video game collection or not. Against this history, we have actually placed with each other 5 important F1 22 entrance pointers with which you can drive a fastest lap in no time.

F1 22 is not the most convenient available racing game-but that doesn’t suggest that it needs to be difficult. With these F1 22 novice suggestions , we will certainly undergo some important points that you have to take notice of when you are just starting. This includes your auto setup, the helps you utilize as well as the race itself.

If you have troubles in this last curve to get the tire take care of or if you shed secs when you obtain through these harassment, read on and you must find some suggestions that will certainly help you prevent this in the future.

F1 22 ideas for beginners

If you have played F1 2021, you should be well suited to drive 22 races in F1-but that does not indicate that it is specifically the exact same video game. The new Formula 1 automobiles take care of differently and also you need to take this right into account prior to you go full steam. Without more wague, below you are five important entry-level tips for F1 22 :

  • Know the course| maintain your ideal line in the eye | Take note of visuals | Establish, established, established | Select your aids carefully

recognize the route

Paths such as the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and also the Yas Marina Circuit likewise have actually upgraded curve layouts. It is not constantly a huge change, yet if you are a person who hugs the wall, you ought to have an eye on where this wall surface develops.

We do not have a full listing yet, yet Codemasters has actually altered the tracks from F1 22 to make sure that they reflect their actual counterparts. This means that Albert Park Circuit in Australia will have brand-new curve layouts and also upgraded arches, something that you need to remember with every Grand Prix.

It goes without claiming, but it is very important to understand the course where you drive-and in F1 22 several of them have actually altered slightly.

watch on your racing

Rate is king in Solution 1, but that doesn’t just imply if you drive directly ahead. There are seconds to lose with every curve, even if you assume you have done it well. When it comes to getting in a curve as well as motivating them, the ideal line is therefore an important guide to make sure that you are much more or much less on the ideal track.

The ideal line assistant is activated by default for a particular reason-we do not suggest removing it. Why? Well, F1 22 has brand-new handling mechanics to show the stiffness of this year’s cars, as well as the proper positioning of your automobile is an important component to obtain the very best out of a curve.

Take notice of aesthetics

Making the finest of a curve in F1 22 by making use of the visual is a capability to learn, and it is very important that you do not compromise your lap time for something that looks like a quicker ideal line. When bending can lead to a bad rotary-or even worse, curbs provide much less tire hold than asphalt and also increasing curb. Because a lot of paths additionally have a handful of raised aesthetics, it is important to know which you can use for your benefit and which you have to stay clear of. Generally, this comes with technique, but it does not harmed to look at some shots aboard online.

In F1 2021, CUBS was a threat-especially in high-speed curves. They are even worse in this year’s F1 video game.

Establish, established, set up


From our experience, taking into consideration the angle of your rear wing in the Aerodynamics area is one of the most vital parts of the arrangement. It is easy to shed the rear of your vehicle when it speeds up from a curve and also to have adequate rear-off to prevent this on paths such as Monaco and Marina Bay Street Circuit is a fundamental part to obtain it unharmed endure.

Much like in 2014, the configuration of the car is one of the most important things you can do to prepare to take place the track. With even more depth than ever in the past, F1 22 makes this much more important for players who wish to drive competitive lap times from the beginning.

Carefully pick your helps

Against this history, we have put with each other 5 important F1 22 entryway pointers with which you can drive a fastest lap in no time.

We consequently recommend changing off the steering as well as brake assistants entirely. It is worth utilizing the grip control aide and the anti-blocking system, but it is constantly adequate to find the ideal line for on your own. We also suggest changing off the ERS control aide. The arrangement of this service boost, if you are just a portions of a second from the DRS range, make the difference-if you count on automatic, you do not constantly have this high-end.

Well, below are all F1 22 entrance suggestions that you ought to think about when you go on the track for the very first time. Of program there are lots of ways to play this auto racing game, and the adaptive AI of F1 22 will certainly aid to do justice to every player level. So it is necessary to have a good time and drive the fastest lap times.

It is nothing to be ashamed of reconciling the option of helps in the video game of F1 22, but it is important to make certain that you choose the best assists-and, if you wish to improve, making use of Avoid helps that you have left also a lot.

With these F1 22 newbie suggestions , we will go with some important points that you have to pay attention to when you are simply starting. Without further wague, here you are 5 important entry-level ideas for F1 22 :

Making the ideal of a curve in F1 22 by using the visual is a capacity to discover, and it is important that you do not compromise your lap time for something that looks like a faster ideal line.

Well, F1 22 has new managing technicians to reflect the tightness of this year’s autos, and also the appropriate positioning of your vehicle is an important component to get the best out of a curve.

Automatically generate high difficulty 2Dact “RUN: The World in

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-interlocated show to developers for the developer of TEAM RUN development, “ Run: The World In-Between “, which was released on April 14 for PCs.

This work is a high 2D action where the map is automatically generated. With the simple operation of running, jumping, and dashing in the air, we will run through various traps while escaping from the ghost approaching from behind. It has already been supported in Japanese.

“Run: The World In-Between” is being distributed for 1,010 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

2Pac - Run! (Ft. Biggie Smalls & The Game) HD
Hephep We are Team Run, a development team consisting of six French people. Encremecanique (Graphic Design, Level Design), Thomas Barrandon (Music), Louise Jeanson, Melissa Gross (Public Relations), SORGHAL (Quality Guarantee/Test), and I, Hephep are in charge of programming. Encremecanique and I were also in charge of the game design for this work.

I’m alone, but it’s difficult to choose one of my favorite games. Some of them are “Super Smash Bros. Special”, “Outer Wilds”, “The End Is Nigh”, “Hollow Knight”, “Hyper Light Drifter”, and of course, “Elden Ring”. In terms of game design, I like simple but smart works. “MINIT”, “TOWERFALL”, “A Short Hike”, “Katana Zero”, “INTO THE BREACH”… too many and there is not enough time here! However, there are games that the whole development team likes, which is “Celeste”.

――Why did this work developed?

Like a lot of gamers, I always wanted to make a game myself. I wanted others to feel what I felt when I was playing the game. I was challenging alone, but at that time, my friend called out to Encremecanique, a tattoo artist who carved a tattoo. He was good at art and wanted to make a game! Thus we started a project called “Tamange Nashi”. This is based on onions, and for French people, this Japanese name was cool (laughs). This project failed because the scale was too large. I created a team of about 10 people with little experience, but I couldn’t manage. However, Encremecanique told me, “Let’s make a simple game with two people al1. It’s a very simple game that can be made in three months!” Two years later, this work was completed.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Hephep This work is just a simple 2D action. You can run, jump, and dash in the horizontal direction. However, the fact that this work is characteristic is that there is no stage. You play the same place over and over again, but you will play a new map that is automatically generated using a “block” that can unlock every time you clear it. Every time you clear it, you can get a new block, and the oldest block is no longer available. Every time you play, these blocks are selected and shuffled. Therefore, players will never have the same experience again. And every time you unlock the block, the difficulty gradually increases.

There is another characteristic of this work. In this work, players cannot take a break. The ghosts that copy the player’s movements are always being chased. You have to accept death to find, act, and sometimes find a way to capture new blocks.

(And music is also wonderful)

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

Hephep To be honest, this work is designed for those who are attracted to the high difficulty 2D action. In other words, it is a work like “SUPER MEAT BOY”, “THE END IS NIGH” and “Celeste”. However, we worked hard to play this work. In “No Stress Mode”, ghosts do not appear, and the difficulty and operability are well adjusted. My 9 -year -old son is also enjoying this work, and some people are trying time attacks for the first time in this work. Some people say, “I don’t like difficult 2D actions, but this game may change!”

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

Hephep Yes, of course. The most affected work was “Celeste”, “Super Meat Boy”, “The End Is Nigh”, and “Hollow Knight”. Some of them refer to only the “philosophy” of graphics (this work doesn’t look like “Hollow Knight” at all (laughs)). In addition, in this work, it is possible to unlock a memory that uses many games and movies as a original story by collecting gems. I think it’s a clear thing, but it’s all in this work that I have experienced as a gamer as Encremecanique. The operation feeling of the character of this work is a mix of my favorite part in the 2D action game, and the optional menu designed by Encremecanique is clearly influenced by the game I played before.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

Hephep was not so much. I’ve been working remotely before. The development of this work was done using our spare time, such as at night. We had a lot of workflows because we met quite often. In the previous project, the problem was that the number of people was too large, but this time we started with two people, so it was very simple. Although it did not affect the development of this work, some development members have not yet met. That’s a bit disappointing.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

Hephep Yes, of course! Distribution is a very good way for many people to know this work, so I rely on it. And it’s very fun to see someone playing this work. If a Japanese distributor is reading this, please let us know on Twitter before starting this work. We will take several French people to the distribution and support you!

– Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Hephep Thank you for reading this interview, Japanese readers. I’m glad if you want to play this work! It is a great honor to be able to deliver a voice in a distant country like Japan in this way. If you play this work and have an impression, it will be fine if you can write it in a review. I will refer to the next work. Everyone in Team Run wishes you for your health. Please have a good day.

–thank you.

Shooting game Feast “Shoe Grand Festival 2022” Large Looking back. Delivered a total of 18 offices of a total of 18 companies

Manufacturers who send shooting games to users in the form of “transplant / reprint” and “new work” meet together, and the distribution event “Shoe Festival 2022” will be available on the latest information and gameplay. It was held jointly by City Connection and Ge Senmicad (INH) for two days on the 3rd (Sun). In addition to City Connection, Cave, BEEP, Success, EXA-ARCADIA, G-MODE, Granzera, MOSS, major manufacturers such as Hamsters and M-Two, transplanted male, and Platinum Games and Sega Toys, and more power-ups than last time. It was the content.

·First day

·the 2nd day

Regarding the last shoe festival, Mr. Nobuhiro Yoshikawa, CEO of City Connection, said, “If you invited another manufacturer in a situation that was not perfect, you could not take responsibility for anything. Commented with the concept of “Let’s do it once with a close member”. He said he would like to take the second time to prepare and spend time to cooperate with each company, but this time he has successfully invited a total of 18 companies (titles). He said this reason:

Mr. Yoshikawa:
The last time (1st) was about 0.5 times rather than the first time. However, Mr. Atobe of Sega Toys was actively attracting the title of “Astrocity Mini V”, so there was a part that was inspired by calling various companies without losing. I was thinking of planning and proceeding since last year, but I was able to solve issues and worries such as technical, feelings, timing, etc. in ourselves.

Mr. Ikedamino Rock, the store manager of Ge Senmikado, said, “In the past year, I was able to get acquainted with Sega toy’s Atobe, Platinum Games, and Bushiroad, so the luck of increasing the number of friends involved. I think it was there. ” It seems that the organizer was also a fulfilling event.

From here, let’s introduce the announcements of each company. First of all, Citi Connection is the launch of a new team “TAKE x OFF”, a new team specializing in shooting games by Zero Div Fukushima Factory, and the “Death Smile II II II” released last year. ] Was announced that it will release “Red Sword” later this year as a transplant of a cave title. The main menu was also lined with the logo of the upper version of the “Red Sword” and “Red Toshin”, which was added to the HD conversion of the screen and the addition of the stage, but the mode and additional elements included. Will be notified from time to time.

In addition, it has been announced that it will actively develop Taito works that were once transplanted to Sega Saturn as the Sega Saturn as the Sega Saturn’s second Sega Saturn. Surprise was released on April 28, the first installment of “Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute”, and a trial version for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 was distributed at 0:00 the following day. Since then, in the same series, in addition to “Metal Black” and “Elevator Action Returns”, “Puzzle Bobble 2X & 3” and “Cleopatra Fortune” are also planned. In the corner, Katsuhisa Ishikawa, the “Babi” of the Taito sound team “ZUNTATA”, appeared, and about the sound chip used on successive Taito Arcade boards, such as F2 boards (YM2610) and F3 boards (OTIS+ESP). We had a talk.

Claris Disk, a game music label in City Connection, has announced the release of a shooting soundtrack. The first point is “Nichibutsu Shooting Sound Box”, which has finally been released after nine years after the first report. It contains a total of 18 sound sources, including the improvement of sound quality using digital recording technology, and a total of 18 titles, including arcades and home titles, but there are still hidden balls.

In this corner, HALLY, a game music and game historical researcher, and two of them who talked about Nichibzu sound. Interview with the sound composer, Kenshi Yoshida, who belonged to Nichibutsu, introduced the chronology of the sound he was working on in a slide format. The entire interview can be read in the booklet attached to the sound box. The release date has been decided on June 29, but since it is limited production, if you want to obtain it, please make a reservation at the claris shop on the direct sales site.

The second point features Kenichi Arakawa, who was in charge of composing the “Cotton Rock and Roll” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Arcade), and Kazusashi Tsurukubo, who created the sound effects. It announced that it will be released on April 27, a two -piece CD, “Cotton Rock and Roll Complete Soundtrack”, which contains original songs and arrangements. The arrangement composers include Hiroyuki Kawada, Yonaokei, Go Sato, Technouchi (feat. Saki Hayashi), and Hagane, and I would like to hold down the shooting game fans. In addition, as a notice of the game itself, the “All.net P-RAS Multi version 3” version operated at the game center nationwide will be updated to add a stage and character, and this fall Steam version. It was also announced that the distribution was decided.

“Cotton reboot! From beep, which is on sale (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam), producer RF Maruyama and Daisuke Matsumoto, who participated as an arrangement composer, appeared, and an episode talk at the time of production was held. 。 In addition, the actual X68000 XVI machine is brought to the venue, introducing the doujin software “Blue Wings” and “Blue Knights” on sale at the company, and as a news from the BEEP Game Production Office, “Cotton Rubet! ] Was announced that the second title will be developed. What was revealed as a hint was the shooting title released on the Sega system board, NAOMI, and I would like to expect a follow -up report while thinking about it.

EXA-ARCADIA, an arcade game substrate, which is developing all over the world, has been used up all over the 50 minutes. Currently, the “Angry Bee Most Bees EXA Label”, which is currently being sold and operating, has reduced the input delay (achieving one frame from the substrate 2 frames), improving the processing of the Original mode, improving the sound, and reducing load time. Announced that the update will be made for free. Next, “P-47 ACES Kai”, which was first unveiled at the last shoe festival, was omitted during the development of the original version “P-47 ACES”, which was re-adjusted the game balance, added some of the enemies and some stage roads. It has been revealed that the hyper system ( * the shots of the machine will be enhanced for a certain period of time) will be revived. In this corner, Namiki Namiki, who once belonged to NMK and worked on the original version of the sound, appeared, along with the announcement in charge of all the songs, the arrangement song of stage 6 was performed in advance. Producer James said, “I want to release it this year.”

In addition, “Astria Ninja Man EXA” by manga artist Riki, a manga artist Illustrator Riki, who participated as a composer, and 60 bosses (including different colors), “Cambria Sword AC”. We announced that “Noise Arc Coda”, which incorporates the elements of music games, will be operating within this year. In addition, as a new game of the barrage genre that was decided, the horizontal shooting “Jam Jam Jerry Extrand” and the vertical shooting “Shinorby Pink Label” were announced at once. In an interview comment after the corner, Eric declared that “new commercial titles are decreasing, but we will continue to support game centers around the world.”

Mr. Namiki also appeared in the Sega Toys’s “Astrocity Mini V” corner, which was decided on Thursday, July 28. In transplanting the recorded title “Armed Police Batriders”, we announced that we have worked on two boss battles, because we want to deliver it in a new form. He said that the tempo and melody of the original song did not change significantly, and the concept of a guitarist who loves hard rock and the concept of a music college graduate and unknown female keyboardist jumped into the band. A new song was also performed along with the actual demo play, so please check it out at the archive. In addition, in addition to the first release of the menu screen, the DIP switch setting that can change the number and difficulty of the remaining aircraft, the explanation of the simple save road function, Mikado’s Ikeda’s Demo Play was also performed.

Cave opened an online shop commemorating the Shoe Festival for a limited time (March 30 -April 10). The magnification chip that appears as a scoring item in “Ketsui -Kizuna Hell-“, the “fluffy cushion”, which is greatly printed by Colonel Gott Veien Rongena, which appears in “Angry Bee Resurrection”, and a commercial board. We sell “pillowcases” such as instrumental instructions and instructions. In addition, along with the announcement of the in -game event of the smartphone app “Gothic is a magical maiden”, which celebrated the 7th anniversary of the distribution on April 1, the score battle by Mr. Calen’s voice actor and Citonnection, Cancitake. Holds. At the last shoe festival, Mr. Ceca won and had the nickname of “Voice Actor Crying”, but in this game, Mr. Tanaka achieved revenge, and the YouTube chat column was greatly boiled.

In the LIVE WIRE corner that has been transplanted (developed) and released the cave title to Nintendo Switch, following “Espugaruda II” and “Insect Princess”, “Angry Bee Revival on November 25, 2021” ] To the main. This work contains two titles of “Angry Bee Territory Resurrection” and “Angry Bee University Resurrection Black Label” at the same time, and the distribution is the charm of this work seen from the eight game modes including arrangements and the game system. He talked about the degree of transplantation.

In the corner, elementary school students who have never played the shooting game itself played the video actually played, and appealed that this title is a game that can be enjoyed not only for beginners but also for children. This video has been uploaded to the Live Wire official YouTube channel, which includes parts that could not be published for time. In addition, the first announcement at the Shoe Festival was revealed that the transplant and development of “super legendary shooting” were decided. I would like to announce the title of the worrisome title from this summer to autumn, so I look forward to receiving a follow -up report.

The pyramid 3D shooter game “Alice Gear Aigis” (PC / Smartphone) from the Pyramid 3D Shooter (PC / Smartphone), which is also a topic, and the Main Story Victoring Hen (PC / Smartphone) this year’s Golden Week It was revealed from Mr. Yoichi Imamura and Script Director, who is planning to release it in the Development Director. In addition, the demo play of the mini game “Galactic Destruction” that can be played in limited time (April 1-11) as a new mode of the Schu Daisu Festival special project and the planning for April Fool’s Day (April 1-11) Each showed off. In addition, as the specifications and plans of “Galactic Destruction” are released within the official site of “Alice Gear Aigis”, I would like you to look through it.

Next, Mr. Namura, the pyramid, appears at the demonstration player of “Maid Lagon of Kobayashi !! Choito Gon Bless” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch), and demonstrates the Books of Scorer and Kinno. In the way that he has a vigorous attack on the road, the beauty Wakana, who served as a voice actor of Scarlet Orsen and YA-121 TypeC type, is also surprised that “Avoid!”. In the boss game, I showed a gacho-like capture play, and Mr. Hoshino of Kaminari Games, which was in charge of development, also does not think that “I will try to take measures against the update,” also leaks words.

From the pixel that works on the event of game development and retro game events, along with Mr. Yoshikawa of the City Connection, Mr. Sasaki, Sasaki, the representative director appeared. He made an announcement of “Hogi Hugh WITH (AND) Friends” delivered with the exhibition to the Shoe Daisu festival and the “Hogi Hugh WITH (AND) Friends” distributed with Nintendo Switch. Also, as a new work, Shuzilow.ha, music “Kawagen”, “Kawagen”, “Kawagen”, and a guest designer, and the staff who worked on the older masterpiece, the game “Asteria wing” The trailer of “revealed to be released within 2022. In addition, we announced that follow-up report on shooting games “Anchorian Rigar” that is neither horizontal.

Why You Never Mess With A Guard Of The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier... (BIG MISTAKE)

Next Grandera appeared. At the last Shoe Daisu festival, “R-type final 2” (R-Type Final 2) that was the title title (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One / Xbox Series X · S / STeam / PC). Major Update “R-Type Final 2” (Ver 2.0.0) Implementation The preparation for “R-type FINAL 3” is in progress, and part of the content scheduled to be implemented was introduced. It is the owner of the “Seabed Oar War” released in 1993, and “Gran Via F” that appeared in “R-type Tactics II” can be used as a new player aircraft, and the underground stage where the submarine enemy machine appears It was announced that the series fan is greatly pleased. Besides that, it is a new mode, and as a new mode, a long-stage player and the last one player with a longest stage, as a new mode, an extension of the “R’s Museum” that can be viewed on the platform and the Collectional aircraft. It will continue to update to play for a long time, such as the implementation of “competition play (provisional name)” to survive.

He also appeared in Platinum Gamado Kamiya. Platinum Games Neo-Classic Arcade Series “Sol Cruncher” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam), who has surprised the video as an April Fool’s Day of 2020 and actually started the project. Some Gamiyuki Kamiyuki, who has been a general director, is also aimed to be a shooting game that makes the know-how of the scenario created by “Beautiful Joe” and “Bayonetta”, and the Download Content ‘Dramatic Mode’ will generate a character of the character across the entire full film. It has become a thick story that will come back.

In making the story of “Sorcrsta”, “Mandler Forces” in “Terracsta” picks up the settings such as the “Mandolian Base formed by the Mandler Base”, and in the “Moon Cloth”, which corresponds to the previous work It was a launch organization of the moon, and it failed to recapture, so it is interpreted that the earth was also robbed. Finally, Hakuya said, while humanity who failed to recapture the earth as a drama that failed to take the sun as a drama. In addition, as a game system such as a formation attack, such as a formation attack, which forms a heading to a specific shape, it is also aware that the players do not force their use, even though they are incorporated into the game.

A hamster developed “Arcade Archives” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Xbox One) exhibited Namco’s masterpiece shooting game “Dragon Spirit” delivered on March 3. In addition to Mr. IMO, who was convinced as a test player who is familiar with the own delivery program “Arcade Archiver”, and Mr. IMO, who is a common scorer companion, Mr. Sakai, who is a common scorer companion, and Mr. Sagiji, who is a common scorer companion, and Mr. Sakai. Through the actual play, while explaining the difference between the OLD and New versions of the player character-blue dragon, the difference between the OLD and NEW versions with different judgment, the enemy “Rock Face” is buried in the ground (Glacier), We introduced the point and technique of capture, such as the last stage (Maima) wall-mounted and splashing.

Emthu is entitled “M2STG live broadcasting in Shoe Grand Festival”, and it is released on April 28th! shark! shark! An announcement about “PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo Switch”. From custom modes where you can set the degree of difficulty and the number of remaining machines, etc. shark! shark! The viewer was stunned by the enemy bullets released at an unusual speed and released at an uneven speed. First time bonus booklet “BEEP! Shark Flaking” Developer interview and capture articles, and the special 4 frames by Ogawa Bukubu are introduced in slide form. Mr. Horii also “Thank you for checking me!”, “Thank you for checking!”

In the second half of the corner, Mr. G Darious HD (PLAYSTATION 4 / Nintendo Switch / STeam) added to Mr. Taitishima and Taito’s producer and Mr. Oyama appeared on March 31, the additional content of “G Dalias HD” (PlayStation 4 / Nintendo Switch / Steam) I was announced again. Additional recording of “G Dalias Ver.2” (and HD Version) and “~ for Consumer”, a training mode that can customize the power-up state of the start zone and its own machine, an environment that imaged the game center HEY in Akihabara A volume that can not be played back during the game play, such as a set of free volumes.

As a title related to Eastern Plan, the “Snow Brothers Special” (Nintendo Switch) launched on May 19 was exhibited from the Happinet. A fixed screen action game “Snow Brothers” running in 1990 is remake, new 30 stages have been added, and a monster challenge that can use enemy characters and time attack mode that competes to clear time Is installed. Gesen Micado, a guest player, who is responsible for the demonstration delivery of “Snow Brothers”, has launched “the original version of the pattern, which can be enjoyed as a new work.”

A scho feast festival that supports arcade, home, PC, smartphone and all directions, and has always been recognized that the genre of shooting games is always familiar. There are three things that have become a major announcement, and there are three things that have a two-dimensional scale and a cloth, and it is a place to be held next year. After the event Final show, Mr. Matsumoto, Mr. Yoshikawa, Mr. Ikeda, and the outlook, and the prospects from now on.

The last time, “I can do it next time” with the loneliness after the festival, said Mr. Matsumoto said, but this time, it is said that it is a good response and confidence and expectation.

When the last shoe festival is over, there was a subtle part that there was a good idea to “I can do it again”, but this time “it was fun, it seems to do next,” wins I’m sorry. It was thankful that many companies cooperated with many companies, and the excitement of Twitter and YouTube chat was connected to confidence. I think that the shooter game fan is a fan of the shooter game fans who can not deliver the information that “transplantation comes out,” It was not possible without the presence of the people who played. If you are not known, the information is zero, so you’re really thankful to you. If you borrow the word of the Ikeda store manager, it’s because the game you do not know is new.

The number of exhibitors increased, and the user has become a highly attention event, but in the manufacturer, Mr. Yoshikawa was also a place for interchange that worries to know that it is in the same position, not just a place of presentation. Speak.

Mr. Yoshikawa:
As the event of Mikado and other companies have increased as the front stage of the Schu Daisu festival, even if only that company is gathered, “Nice to meet you” in the air room, “I’m going to be a long time,” How is it? It seems that a considerable frustration is accumulated in this 1 or 2 years, and if it is here, the trouble and hardship is there, and there are many people who understand. If you spit the real note, you’re a place to return to anything, so I think it was good to hold it in the sense that I was able to make a place for communication. If a company that is created a shooting game at the same timing is gathered, I want to do it again next year.

“I want to grow Mikado as a place of collaboration with manufacturer and promotion activities” and talk about the prospects, “Lightning IV × Mikado Remix” “Solksta” “Astrocity Mini V”, and the promotion project steadily increases Mr. Ikeda, who is increasing the circle that involves his friends. The goal of holding the next time, and I mentioned a notice in promotional activities.

Mr. Ikeda:
As the current game center is bad, there is a place where sales are bad and there is a place where there is no longer a company in tomorrow, so I was able to make a production of business with collaboration and sales promotion by collaboration and promotion, so the ruins and Yoshikawa I really do not go up my head. I want to do it again on a similar scale, and it is important to have a goal of working hard to work hard. I think that it will continue to say if it will be a shooting game forever, so I want to say forever. Anything is the news, but I can not notice what happened if there was no noise. Because it is only a reason to be aware of “Oh, shooting games” finally in the fuss. Since they were experiencing such an experience in the promotion of “Leiden Fighters Ashiz”, they looked at that time, so they were reminded by that time (laughs)

A posture of a shooting game fan watched with the thought of a circle due to the exchange of manufacturers across the fence, and “I want to enjoy purely”. The maker and the user did not communicate one-sided, but I was able to feel the feeling of live and the warmth of the people who are excited by the call and response. Those who have reconfirmed that the idea that the genre of shooting games was good and good to be good and good throughout these two days should be less. A fun festival that gives these joys and surprises will be welcome to be held safely next year.

· Shoe Grand Festival 2022 Special Site

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“Apex Legends” control mode is revived for a limited time. To the new event “Warriors Collection”

Respawn Entertainment announced the new event “Warriors Collection” at “Apex Legends” on March 25. The event will be held for a limited time from March 30 to April 13. During the event, the control mode will be resurrected in the 9-to-9 team match.

Control mode is the game mode that appeared in the season 12 “Defiism”. In a 9-to-9 team match, we will fight over the bases called control points. Unlike battle royal mode and arena mode, respanes and ammunition are unlimited. There is no shield cell or a shield battery, and the armor is automatically recovered by not receiving a predetermined time.

In this control mode, coasted processing facilities, which are areas in King Scanion, will appear as a new game map. Shields, zip lines, Skydhaba runacers and Hobby tanks are newly added, and it seems to be changing to the map that can move vertically and laterally.

Also in the arena mode, a new map drop off is added. Sounding Hammundro Botix manufacturing tower and a violent battle under the dark sky covered with smog.

[002.jpg] Also, in this event, various limited items are sold. Skins such as octane, horizon and lifeline appeared including an artificial hunter, a skin of Ash. At the same time, 24 types of decorative items are sold for a limited time. At the end of the trailer, the super legend of crypt and thought video. If so, super legend appears to be available by aligning all the event-limited items.

Furthermore, a reward tracker during the event period is provided this time. As ever, by achieving the updated challenge daily, the point is acquired and the tracker is advanced. In Warriors Collection, it is also possible to have long-term challenges that you can get four limited badges.

“Warriors Collection” event that controls that were in popular mode are resurrected. A new map will be added to the control and arena mode and you will enjoy a hot battle.

“Apex Legends” is currently being held 12 “Defiism”. Warriors Collection events will be held for a limited time from March 30 to April 13.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fan PC Port lanzado

A PC port made by fans of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of the most beloved games of all time, has been completed and released. Nintendo fanatics have a history of trying to take the Japanese giant’s games to the PC, since players want to experience the classics of new forms and also make them more accessible. Although emulation has existed for years, detailed PC ports require much more time and effort. Sometimes, Nintendo also responds to these ports. A PC port of Super Mario 64 was hit with copyright claims from Nintendo, since it was not officially authorized by the developer.

Despite knowing the potential risks, that did not stop Harbor Masters developer. The developer has launched the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on PC through an unofficial port. The Nintendo 64 classic port presents an ultrachantal screen resolution, HD graphics, keyboard compatibility, modding and even gyroscope orientation. Harbor Masters also plans 60 FPS images, double lever camera controls, support for Mac and Linux, and much more in the future. The port of Ocarina of Time works with a piece of software called Ship of Harkinian, which is now available in Github. According to CVGlos players, they must use their own N64 ROM of legal origin to obtain the port and software will extract the Nintendo assets and produce a native version for PC.

Harbor Masters hopes that this reverse engineering technique is protected from any legal action by Nintendo. However, Habour Masters still wants players to admit the online Nintendo Switch version of Time_ __ if possible. The developer is working on a similar port of Majora_ as well as. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will try to challenge this port for PC, but it is an exciting perspective for people who wish to experience one of the most acclaimed games of all times on PC.

What do you think of this Port for PC of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Will you play it? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Conduct balance adjustment with “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” and DLC delivery. Return time of item box shortening

Nintendo started delivery of the first edition of the paid additional content “course additional path” of “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” on March 18. A little balance adjustment seems to be implemented according to the addition of new content.

This time, I REALLY got the Booster Course Pass in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe EARLY!!

There are 8 courses added this time. In the powerful cup, Tour Paris Promenade, 3DS Kinopio Circuit and N64 Chocoma Uoon Ten Wii Coconut Mall appeared. At the Neco Cup, Tour Tokyo Clamped DS Kinoko Ridgeway Way GBA Sky Garden Tour Nintendogo has been added. The popular courses of past works were implemented newly implemented.

Course addition is planned to the sixth installed and delivered by the end of 2023. If you purchase a 2500 yen course additional path or join “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”, you can enjoy them. In addition, if the members who play together with the local / online match have their content, they have a specification that you can access new courses without buying / joining. The new course is elected in the Internet match that it will be after March 22nd.

And according to the patch notes published this time, it seems that balance adjustment and bug fixes are also implemented according to additional content delivery. Bug fixes have corrected an issue where communication errors may occur when they match 12 people in the Internet match. On the balance adjustment surface, it is written that “the item box has been taken to someone and then shorter the time to restart”.

The item box is installed in the course. It is possible to obtain items by contacting. When another player gets, the item box disappears for a while and has the property of being resurrected over time. Item boxes are very important, so there is also a bargain that spends over and revive. It is said that the resurrection time was shortened.

How much did you actually be shortened? The RTA runner THETA_K verifies the time taken for revival on version 1.7.2 and Ver 2.0.0. So far, it has been resurrected in about 1 second, but reported that it has come to revive about 0.85 seconds by update. When the magazine was also verified, there was a slight error due to the difference in measurement method, but the same result was confirmed. It is only 0.15 seconds, but this time is very important for “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” unfolded for high-speed battle. It is easier to get the item and will be able to further chaos in the course.

When content is delivered until the end of 2023, there is a possibility that some adjustments may be made in the balance side. “Mario Cart 8 Deluxe” is on sale for Nintendo Switch. You can enjoy the new course by purchasing “Course Add Pass” of 2500 yen or “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”.

[Aiki Yoshidas picture diary] Play the title that was worried about the Virtual Console of Wii U now! “MOTHER3” etc.

When playing old hard games… First of all, we will start with the cleaning of the unit.

Even though I should have been put in the shelf, I’m dusty, and I’m getting dirty and dirty in the controller’s groove…… , my room is not only special dirty right? Everyone feels like that…?

If you have joined Nintendo Switch Online, if you have joined Nintendo Switch Online, if you have a Nintendo Switch Online, “Nintendo Switch Online + Add Pack”, you can also play Nintendo64 and Mega Drive game, so old hardware The opportunity to play retro games decreased. Nevertheless, the Nintendo E-shop virtual console also has a game that can not be played with a Nintendo switch, so 3DS and Wii U will not be released yet.

The end of the Nintendo e-shop service in Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, who was thinking about such a thing, was announced the other day. Nintendo E-Shop Available at August 30, 2012, with Soft, Additional Content, Purchase Certidation, Game Item Item Item Ends in late March 2002!

This is anxiously bought the title and bought fishing…!

So this time, we introduce some of the virtual console titles delivered at the Nintendo E shop of Wii U!

# “MOTHER3” is not too high at the party of the party?

First of all, software for game Boy Advance released from Nintendo in 2006 “MOTHER3” . It is the third work of the masterpiece RPG “MOTHER” series, which was known without saying.

This work consists of all 8 chapters, characterized by chapter that the protagonist changes… but it is written in the wind as you knew, but in fact, I have never played “MOTHER3” in the series. At the time of the release, I was worried about it, but after all I bought it….

Twin brothers and his mother had a good time in my grandfather’s house. And that day to return to our home waiting for my father, an incident happens…… , but I’m the first play, so I’m going to know that there is no reason to know that!

First of all, it is an input of the main character name. The twin brother’s name was decided to “I’m sorry”.

The family name borrowed my friend, a kitten, editorial name. My brother is “Oohara”, Mother “Naga”, Father “Abe-kun” and dog dog are “Tomoko”.

My favorite food was “Hijiki”, and cool was made “Mizuna”. This is also the name of the kitten. By the way, the cat has the name of the food you like.

Women characters have a female friend’s name, but since there were not a female friend, I was sacrificed to editor.

Mother, today’s dinner is hijiki.

From the point of view of the mushroom, it switches to the father “Aben” waiting for the return of the family at home. A fire occurs in the neighborhood forest, and “Aben” goes to the rescue of the villagers who are left behind.

But…… Graphic is horrible, so I can not distinguish the enemy and allies.

It is often good that the battle begins if you get closer to talk to say “ Villager or? “.

The battle is simple in command selective expression. This simpleness of the sister gamer is “ Good thing. This is good! “. The latest open world games with complex systems are also interesting, but there are times when the brain is looking for simplicity.

Oh yeah, I have a system called “sound battle” which can attack continuous attacks when attacking at the time of attack, but there is a system called “sound battle”…


Since the tune changes for each enemy, continuous attacks could not be repeated until you get used to it. In particular, the rhythm of the Slot tempo song is not good enough….

Save talks to frogs on the field, not from the menu screen. It seems that it seems to be inconvenient, but the frog is pretty and therefore it seems that it is not troubled with save spots.

Well, there is a “full backup feature” of Wii U that can be saved at every time Cael-kun is not.

After that, although the villagers were rescued safely, they listen to disturbing news about the family, and again the father’s father to explore. Perhaps again again with the family and turned out the point of view and switched to Oohara. **

It will be a papassic case of “Dorakue 5”. If it is decided so…

Take off your father’s equipment and get naked!

Because I want to enhance the equipment of my sons….

However, I did not switch against the forecast. Furthermore, the main character was not a boy, but the main character was a drobo’s old man….

The main character’s sanity rate, too high!

# From that work guest participation! “Good luck Goemon Gaiden 2”

Next is software for NES for NES.I. 2012 for NES.I. 201. This is also the spin-off of the “Do your best Goemon” series here, Genre is the RPG!

In this work, the Goemon and Ebisan who participated in the “World Dorobo Tournament” to see the winning prize of 100 million, seek the “Tenkai Treasure”, which is said to come true, and the story that adventures all over the world be painted. What I want to mention is where “Devil Castle Dracula” and “Twin Bee” are also appearing! Luxurious!

There are five-storey department stores in the Edo period, such as the world’s view of the age is also interesting point!

I was a boyhood I liked this work from the Action’s “Good luck Goemon” series. I also liked the comicalized version that was serialized by deluxe bonbon. Bundo book or not….

Battle is a simple command type, so I think that you can enjoy without stress even if you play for the first time.

During the battle, pretty characters are likely to get tired, and I’m looking to get tired. However, because the encounter rate is enhanced, it is a bit troublesome….

A plurality of mini-games can be replaced with luxurious prizes. The mini game of “Dongden Tyron” that beats the drums on the street of the model, so it can doubles the hanging on the up to 14 consecutive, so I enjoyed it while I was a kid.

Now…… Boro in Ikasama using the whole backup function.

# Me and a family of families in God! “Sennen family”

Lastly, family observation simulation for game Boy advance released from Nintendo in 2005 “Sennen family” . The player who is an apprentice god is a time to watch a family and sometimes interference, so that its family will continue forever.

If you use the “Calcycle Arrow”, the family is focused at that time. Conversely, you can use the “Otsune Arrow” to lose interest. I will control my family in this way.

If the result may go in a happy direction, it will be unhappy.

In order to flourish the family forever, the love of children who are traces also support. However, if you look at the kid’s position, what kind of feeling will be imitating that a lover will be applied at a sense of sensitive time.

If you try to replace it with yourself…

I want to do it vice versa…!

When I am “Hmmm, I can not help it.”

“MOTHER3” has been released after a chance of changing compatible hardware, and it seems to have had a pros and cons that has been caused by a strong story compared to the previous work, as it was released, and it is difficult to understand. increase. However, I was able to enjoy it without stress, thanks to the fact that “it was another game nearly 15 years,” and some dissatisfaction point and the inconvenience were played and played.

“Good luck Goemon Gaiden 2 Tennother Treasure” and “Sennen Family” are at the time to clear while nostalgic at that time.

Wii U’s Virtual Console is rich in lineup compared to Nintendo Switch Online, and you can play for a long time if you purchase software and install it on the Wii U unit. Besides, the Backup feature of Wii U will help you play.

People who do not possess Wiii will be a retro game dedicated machine to this opportunity and get it in hand?

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