The series has been repeated, and the bending is the bend, but the game pocket monster is still one of the most popular series of Nintendo. Furthermore, Pokémon’s Pokémon’s Pokémon’s Pokémon’s Pokémon is a media franchise that has released the best revenue of Disney, Marble Cinema Universe, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Simply pray that Merchandise, Games, TCG card sales are greatly sold in the world, which is the best-selling IP in the world.

Of course, I would have dreamed of Pokémon Master if I enjoy the pocket monster game and seeing an animation. In fact, even if the Pokémon Master does not know what it is, I do not know what to do with a lot of Pokémon,

And Pokémon GO seemed to realize such a dream in reality. Based on location information and AR technology, it is not just moving the character in the seated spot, but I did not differ from the Pokémon Trainer.

Pokémon GO is being steadily service until today after 2015 announcement. On January 24th, I will look back to the day of Pokémon Trainer, which started with the dream of Pokémon Trainer.

In the beginning, Google’s April Fool’s Day was playful

Before Pokémon GO is officially announced, the form of the game was released through Google. When April 1, 2014. Yes. Every time, Google’s achievement of the apical scale of achievement is a joke that the fans are surprised at this time.

In E3 2016, Pokémon GO Developer Nora Tattoo is a story of Nora Tattoo and Pokémon’s Sahara Tsunekatsu CEO, Games Prick Matsuda Munich, a global-scale April Fool’s joke.

April Fool’s Day, I can have a joke that I have to go. April Fool’s Day, you can see that today’s Pokémon GO’s concept is quite a pretty plausible implementation. Pokémon on Google Maps and utilizes AR skills, and take advantage of Pokémon on the physical world. The concept of Pokémon GO is here for the detailed detail of detail.

Anyway, until then, the April Fool’s Day was the taste of ‘Scale is also Google’ And one year later, I did not know anyone who will become really real.

Nintendo, Pokémon, and Ingres Giant, Pokémon appeared in the world GO

Nintendo, who has already occupied a portable game device market, has not revealed great interest in the mobile market. But in 2015, it was a form of collaboration with Dena, and it was like a full-fledged way to take a foot on the mobile platform. And in September, Nintendo will first disclose smartphone project Pokémon GO through a new business strategy presentation.

It was a concept video that has only a concept, rather than a real game screen, but it was enough to increase the expectations of fans. In fact, some of the idea that the concept video was actually implemented, but it was.

Anyway, I am also proud of the expectation that I can become a real Pokémon Trainer. It was not aggregated for a year, but it was $832 million on the first year of release. Naturally, the market download ranking first and sales in the first place.

In the case of revenue distribution, Nintendo stocks that are interested in the remaining profits and the stake in Pokémon, which are the remaining profits and stocks, and the Nintendo stocks are up to 28,220 yen from 13,800 yen to 28,220 yen. Pokémon GO was spreading like Syndrome, to US fans who had a tremendous interest to the card game as well as the pocket monster game.

Sancho, Korea is the village of Korea

It was Pokémon GO, which has been in accordance with the service in many countries, but the news of domestic service was investigated. In particular, Korea has also appreciated that the Nine Hank’s representative was delayed due to security issues and Google Map functional constraints. Job playback requests to play the game played by the public opinion, the Ministry of Land, Transport, Direct Google Map, and the issue of the Google Map is not related to Pokémon GO service.

Anyway, even if you download the game through the bypass path, you can not receive GPS information, and the game played. Only the map that has nothing to do instead of the map that should come out in the actual game is unfolded. However, according to GPS zone settings, I was able to get GPS information fully in some areas. West Sea 5 degrees, Ulleungdo, etc. And the most common topic was unique.

In the land of the land, the story of the preliminary trainers who have hit the work, and the story of the preliminary trainers who flocked into the socciliaries, and the story of the preliminary trainers that flocked to the socket immediately in the news that the Pokémon GO is possible in the easier accommodation. In the Pokemon Trainertion, I cut off the evening taxi, and I have dipped a few days a few days, and I also caught Pokémon.

Both the Bus, and the story of the military disease that did not necessarily have tooted vacation returns. The Sancho market directs free Wi-Fi John and the overseas media has also been to the article. Anyway, when the Sancho, I called a joy in a tourist special. It was possible that it was possible for Pokémon GO to leave a case that could help to help tourism and tourism.

151 horses, and then, the newly emerged Pokémon

Pocket Monster, the start of Pokémon Monster, and Pikachu. The Pokémon of the Kant region, which is a background, is also a great love to this day. Especially, it is also a Pokémon that is presented by the largest generation,

The beginning of Pokémon GO began from this Kant Pokémon. And these Pokémon have sucked into one two monster balls through enthusiastic Pokémon trainers. I was steadily with the new Pokémon’s new Pokémon. Many Pokémon joined the game steadily and increased its number every year.

In February 2017, which is not a month since Korea launches, Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal’s Background, Crystal Pokémon, is added, and at the end of 2017, Ruby, Sapphire’s pottery was added. Since then, Shin OSI was added, one province, and on December 20, 20, the Pokemon X, Y, was added to Carlos province.

Pocket Monster This series has been Sun, Sun, door. Sword and shield were released. Alondra provinces and Kara provinces of the two works, although all the Pokémon of Kara province, but after the previous appearance, a remote foam Pokémon has been added with a unique appearance that only formats in each region. The Pokemon Legend Tarsus, which deals with the ancient Shin Origo-room His, is also ahead of the launch. Pokémon with the appearance of Heath Jiang is expected to join Pokémon GO in the form of regional form.

Some Pokémon added through these multiple updates can be obtained only in certain areas. If you are Pokémon, you can meet only in the equatorial area, it’s hard to travel abroad. I can not buy both versions just to catch a Pokémon that comes out for another version like an existing pocket monster.

Instead, the research of a kind of quest concept is updated, and I was a little of such a problem. In the limited research, we are making it possible to get Pokémon catching opportunities that are difficult to get in the usual area.

All the gym? Now you’re fighting together!

In fact, Pokémon catching and growth are the core fun of Pokemon, but there were not many opportunities to test how strong my Pokémon was stronger. Usually, the contents of the trainer have a week. It is the introduction of the Raid Battle, right to change to such Pokémon GO.

The laid battle introduced with a large-scale reorganization of the gym system is the way that multiple trainers are captured in a limited time. Pokémon Acquisition From the opportunity to less participate, you can get the reward in proportion to the contribution, so the content that you can do with everyone is revealing the contents. Mega Reid Battle was added with the appearance of Mega evolution Pokémon.

The trainer battle, which is close to the original Pocket Monster than cooperative, was finally added to the end of 2018. Now that you have three Pokémon, you can play with three Pokémon directly with other players. Here, Go Battaleaggle painted the ranking of the world’s trainer to compete with the World Trainer.

It is a typical content praying that the fact that the high-ranking trainer is increasingly increasing with other players, such as getting compensation according to seasonal performance.

I do not just enjoy the game together, right? Only Pokemon cartoons, multiple trainers share and adventure, and bring them as a colleague, and friends. Another updated feature in 2018, a friend and exchange is a system that melted the story of this Pokémon.

It was not another trainer to live in the same area, not another trainer in the same area, but it has also been able to benefit from the trainer with a friend who has made a friend. Pokémon exchange to change the Pokémon needed to each other was added at this time.

Pokémon exchange is a means of remembering the Pokémon stored in the box long ago. Some Pokémon exchange is a sparkling Pokémon. At this time, it is also helpful to grate high object values. The shiny pocket nail captures the old Pokémon, the easiest possible, the easiest possible Pokémon, which is deep into the box, becoming the opportunity to get a chance to work again.

Perusal and Pikachu? We also have that relationship

It is not just fun to fight for the sympathy with Pokémon. Sometimes I have to leave the adventure, and remember the special place, I have to build a bond with Pokémon, who was fought together again.

Pokémon GO gave me a real Pokémon, giving the snack, playing together, and the battle of the trainer and Pokémon’s bonds were accumulated while playing. Especially, Pokémon has added partners and adventures to follow the back of the trainer on the map. We maintained a good relationship with Pokémon to raise the partner level, give a special gift, and make a special gift, making it an element of your own partner as an enhancement.

Here, the improvement of AR technology among the services is to implement more realistic Pokémon on reality. AR blending is applied, and it is possible to implement the object of reality more accurately and to implement the object behind the object. Also, AR + updated with the iPhone has been helping to implement the size and location of Pokémon based on the surrounding environment. Like a big Long stone in front of you, Longs ton is blocking the road.

If you think of Pokémon, you think Pokémon GO is a long period of time, and I think that many things have changed since I have been a long time ago.

In the improvement of these AR technologies, it is easier to leave special memories with Pokémon. GO snapshots that can take Pokémon and photographs in favorite places have been made to make people and Pokémon together as a more realistic appearance. The sympathy with Pokémon is not only in the game, but it has been out of it.


Pokémon’s licorice rocket

Pokémon Multi Series has an evil organization that prevents the trainers’ ahead. From Magnet, the bosses and assessments to the crowds, and the bosses and their workers were starred in the marine. But the most memorable organization of all series is the rocket that is the rocket that appeared in many works from the first series. Unlike what the organization of many evils, the rocket is firmly, the rocket is firmly trembling.

And this rocket team was added to Pokémon GO.

Trainer The GO Rocket Tags, which spreads in the battle method, blocks the pocket stop and challenge the trainers. Especially, shadow Pokémon, which are powered by GO rocket groups, are drawn in the new form of existing Pokémon. In addition, confrontation with the workout is that the utmost superiority is important, and it is pretty educational, which can learn this through the metabolism.

The GO rocket team appeared in the hot air balloon is simply a three liver leader beyond the closure. And if you are Pokémon fans, you can also meet GO Rocket’s boss.

I left the heating hot air balloon, Roy’s appearance was one of the events to be rejoiced if it was the original fan. However, because of the special circumstances, the event has been developed in the way that Rosa and LOI come directly to the player.

Circular situation, the feature of the game is a new writing

The special circumstances that the ahead was a large-scale fan Demi due to Corona 19. The feature of AR games, which has been launched in earnest, in earnest, has been characterized by an active game that plays directly with the device to a specific place. However, it was not easy to leave social streets and increase the time at home and enjoy AR games.

In fact, Microsoft’s Micro Soft Earth, which is a 10th anniversary of service, is unable to fill in two years, and the service is shut down and the service is shut down, and the Harry Potter of Nitrogen was completed. Global change was not good for Pokémon GO.

However, Pokémon GO has drawn the survival direction with changes and updates for this situation.

Priority Balance changed the peripheral distance to the nearby point and changed the gym to use the pocket stop and gym at home. Here, we have eliminated the Battle League participation restrictions that need to walk 3 km. We have introduced a remote raid pass that can participate in the rateable battle in a far away place.

Instead of actual performance, a collaboration with Edson, who wrote a worldly loved song, such as Shape of You, Perfect, in a situation where a virtual performance that expands concerts and events in a famous artist in a famous artist. Ad synth, who has been revealed by the Pokémon series, is known to enjoy the game as a posting Pokémon, usually. In the eddy event period, much water Pokémon have emerged as wild Pokémon, including sunglasses.

Game external has begun to be a program that has been awarded to work with a small prize. The restaurants or bookstores who have been recommended by the trainer are specifically specified by the pocket or gym, and the game users are looking for. It was also a favorable purpose that it was a good purpose that it was a local business that is hit by Corona 19. When everyone can find, it is sightseeing, and when it is not, the Giant is directly to recover the economy.

Pokémon GO, which everyone gathers, pledged steadily next five years,

As such, the game has been added to the game, externally, more changes and updates, and Pokémon GO steadily grown in the case of Corona 19. The first GO FEST 2017 held in Chicago, commemorating the first anniversary of the launch of the game in 2017, and 20,000 trainers participated together with special events. In 2020, we transferred the festival place online and transformed into events that trays can participate in the world.

Jamil, Star Field Honey Branch, CODEX Dollar, and Pokémon GO Open with Susan Vesta GIA THE GOURD, has also opened an event that our trainers can participate. In the City Spotlight Initiative, which has been conducted in 2020, the City Spotlight Initiative, which was conducted in the City Spotlight Initiative, was selected for the event targets in Japan, and Auckland, Thai, and New Zealand Auckland.

Pokémon GO, which requires users to find a specific location, also led to the creation of economic value accordingly. The economic impact estate was about 19.4 billion won through Safari John events in the three-day Rivers pile Salton Park, last October, and tax income was 6.3 billion won. The results of the survey that have had 214 job creation effects were presented here.

Through these changes and win-win, Pokémon GO has been a game that has endured Corona 19 situations. In fact, since 2017, global revenue has increased steadily every year, and last year, we also recorded $1.2 billion following Battlegrounds, Prince Young, Winning, Rowlocks, etc.

These achievements would have been possible because it has the power of the pocket monster, and the peripheral situation, depending on the surrounding situation, it would have been possible to change the default damage to the game. And with this advantage, Pokémon GO is expected to exert a great force for the next five years.