While Guerrilla Games has not yet revealed all the news around the Horizon gameplay 2: Forbidden West (there is an ultra large feature they still keep secret), the studio associates with Sony Interactive Entertainment to propose us A new trailer focused on the history of the game. We will obviously find Ally, who will have to go west forbidden to try to understand the reasons why the earth is dying, people suffer and the machines out of control. In this new epic, our red hair heroin will meet new peoples and tribes and bind for friendship with new protagonists. Some are also presented in the video, such as Regalia which is at the Tenants, with warrior temperament and which is incarnated on the screen by Actress Angela Bassett (Strange Days, Impossible Mission Fallout, Black Panther). She will share the game poster with a certain Carrie-Ann Moss, that everyone knows under Trinity’s features in Matrix movies and who will be the main antagonist of this suite. She will play indeed Tilda, a woman we see at the end of video and has a sophisticated white armor. Other characters will help our warrior such as Trend and Earl already known, but also Alva, ZO and Gaia.

The exit from Horizon 2: Forbidden West is expected for February 18, 2022, on PS5 and PS4.