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Just how to access the shut beta of the new globe

A massively multiplayer online RPG New Globe brings you on the banks of Aeternum, the infinite island by encountering the legions of corrupt. It depends on you to map your course solo or with good friends while you are fighting to survive.

Amazon Game Studios is brand-new on the video game scene, but with the economic power of the largest store worldwide behind them, their projects have the prospective to be unbelievable. One of the video games that assures to be a superb adventure is New Globe.


To access the closed beta version, most likely to the video game register on the site where you can discover information on the game examination. From there, you have two alternatives.

First of all, you can pre-order any variation of the game. In doing so, you must have immediate accessibility to the beta version. When pre-ordering the game, go to your reception box connected to your purchase and also you should get directions on exactly how to download and install as well as play the closed beta version of the video game.

Second, you can sign up for the chance to access the beta version utilizing your Amazon account. Currently, all registrations are selected at random, which implies that if you do not have accessibility to it instantly, you will certainly need to await an email validating your choice. You can likewise access the beta version if you had accessibility to the alpha version of the game.

Not only that, however there is likewise a closed beta version of the game which will enable interested gamers to accessibility it.

With the possibility of specializing in combat to melee, range or in mysteries thanks to abilities and capacity trees, and also a craft system that finishes the skills system utilizing materials of surrounding environments, New World is an exciting outing that you and your buddies can organize with each other. push corruption.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile has arrived

Football Manager 2020 Mobile, also called FM20 Mobile, is here, because the game is also conquering other platforms, including Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, etc. Several weeks of open beta have been predicted by this version, but the game is not free, because Sports Interactive, the developers of the title, are considered the best to create the simulations of football leaders. PC and mobile versions (Android and iOS) are now available. Other versions are expected.

First, there is a difference between the FM2020, the FM20 Touch and the FM20 Mobile. Touch is also intended for Steam and Mobile devices, and represents a kind of reduced alternative version of the game, which comes down to the essential elements of the game, such as matches, tactics, transfers, etc. However, the PC and Mobile versions include the completely immersive experience which begins with the acceptance of the position of the team of the team of our selection. We are witnessing the council meetings, know what motivates our players and even deepen their interpersonal relationships.

FM2020 has also been available on Google Stadia since its launch, which took place on November 19, 2019. The mobile version of the game will be the most affordable, costing approximately 10 USD, while the Touch version will reach 30 USD and the full version for PC. Go to $ 40. There was the pre-order discount offered on Steam.

This 2020 edition includes many new features and considerably improves the kind of sports manager. The basic gameplay emphasizes a long -term management experience and an in -depth approach, as indicated above. It also brings experience from the revised meeting room, a five -year commission plan for your club, The expectations for the club’s culture, the market The Transfers, a presentation of style match on the field, and much more in In addition, the commercial version of FM2020 is offered in 100% recyclable packaging. With the sales forecasts provided by Sports Interactive, this could help avoid the creation of 20 tonnes of plastic waste, thus giving the example to other players in the sector and beyond.

Football Manager 2022 Touch Nintendo Switch Review

Football Manager 2020 Mobile also includes other interesting features of the game, such as expectations concerning playing time during the contract negotiations, the customizable loaks, the Improvements of the Staff in Borows, The Advice Before Match, The Advice on The ideal match teams and an even more in -depth tactical analysis than before. Your behind -the -side staff also suggests the ideal answers for your team meetings. The game is designed to provide an experience by proxy and hyper realistic of what it is really to be a football club leader.

Zombie shutter “World War Z” Nintendo Switch version will be released on April 21st. A developer who has transplanted “Witcher 3” reproduces a large amount of zombies in Switch

Publisher’s H2 Interactive announced on February 14th to launch the Nintendo Switch version of Zombie Shooter “ World War Z ” on April 21st. The price is 5280 yen (tax included).

“World War Z” is a 4-person cooperative play response action shooting game developed by SABER INTERACTIVE, based on the same name of the Brad Pit, published in 2013. In the world of this work, the mysterious plague to zombie is spread. The player takes a stage with a motif of the world including Tokyo in Japan and faces the flock of zombies.

In the campaign mode, we progress in the form of progressing the area of ​​the stage while engaging the survivors’ escort. The zombies of this work are so-called running types, and special zombies such as spitting or explosion of poisons will also appear. Besides the game mode, PVP and PVE multiplayer with up to eight people are also recorded.

In addition, about the game mode “Horde Mode Z” of the wave system that fights with a large amount of zombie flock, and the PVPVZ mode that adds more zombies to PVP, and the additional mission Malsei Wastery, it is added in the update after release.

By the way, “World War Z” was released in Nintendo Switch version in Nintendo Switch version, and Nintendo Switch version. In this work, it was realized by the development source SABER INTERACTIVE’s proprietary engine SWARM Engine, which is one of the launches that was one of the local film attractions. A maximum of 500 zombies are drawn on one screen.

Since the high visuals of such loads were characteristic, it was received with a surprise at the time when a transplant for Nintendo Switch in this work was announced. The actual transplantation work was not easy, and the lead game designer Dmitry Grigorenko looks back at the same studio in an interview with overseas media Nintendo Everything. The SABER INTERACTIVE has a track record of the Nintendo Switch version of “Witcher 3”.

For performance challenges in handling a large amount of active zombies and at the same time, it is not possible to dynamically generate and delete zombies, and change to the memory pool. In that case, management of the overhead of the memory pool is also required, and it was a difficult task to take a well-balanced balance, including loads that actually move zombies.

Of course, the optimization of visual surfaces, such as reducing resolution, was performed. In the image above, the Comparison of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch plates can be confirmed. Just about the functionality of the game, it has been ported with the user’s game experience and putting it in the form of all. As a result, it was appreciated that the media review was highly evaluated for the realization of these difficult transplants.

The Nintendo Switch version of “World War Z” is scheduled to be released on April 21st. At each retail store, the package version of the package version has started from today. Also, PC / PS4 and overseas Xbox ONE version are currently on sale.

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