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Valve warns about the use of Steam Deck with high temperatures

We are in the middle of the summer, and as is the case year after year thanks to global warming, the temperature increases. Although we can refresh ourselves in different ways, our consoles do not have the same options, and sometimes the internal fan is not enough. In this way, Valve has shared a statement where he warns about what will happen to Elsteam Deck in these cases.

Through its social networks, Valve shared a message where he points out that Steam Deck can work quite well up to 100 degrees, but once the 105 mark passed, the laptop will go out alone . This was what was said about it:

Steam Deck works better at ambient temperatures between 0 degrees and 35 degrees. Above there, Steam Deck may begin to reduce its performance as a protection measure.

To be more concrete, the Steam Deck processor works correctly at temperatures up to 100 degrees. Overcome this threshold, accelerates and automatically turns off at 105 degrees to avoid fatal damage.


Valve is not the only company that has shared similar messages. Recall that Nintendo has also made a series of communiqués to warn the community about the risks that the switch runs with these high temperatures. It will be better to pay attention to these recommendations if you do not want your consoles to be damaged. In related issues, these are Nintendo’s recommendations to take care of your heat switch.

Editor’s note:

Heat is a real problem. Do not forget that there are cases where to hold the switch with these high temperatures results in uncomfortable game sessions, since you feel you burn your hands.

Vía: Valve

No More Heroes 3 arrives on PS5, PS4 this year

No More Heroes 3 is No More Switch Exclusive! Coming to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox, & PC Enhanced!
No More Heroes 3, an exclusive Nintendo SWITCH, will be (Travis) Touchdown on PlayStation 5 and PS4 later this year. The game – originally released for Nintendo hybrid hardware last year – will offer improved HD visuals (expect 4K on PS5), as well as frequencies of images and faster loading times. He promises to be the final version of Threequel.

“To be ‘the number one assassin in the world’ is no longer what it was,” teases the press release. “The Héro Otaku Travis Touchdown is back once more, forced to leave his retirement to defend Santa Destroy and the earth, in an intergalactic power test while proving that it is more than a simple Has-Been who speaks to his cat. Reheat these beam katanas, tighten the brand new glove of death and get ready to participate in scandalous boss fights against the Malefic Prince Fu and its nine extraterrestrial men.

Pre-orders for a physical version will open soon and will include a 70-page flexible cover art book, a sound tape CD and a commemorative bike license plate – all for $ 59.99. Digital availability – and incentives – will be announced in a timely manner. Turn on your Katana Laser in anticipation of the arrival of this title on PlayStation platforms?

Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Rumor Reveals Launch Window

A new rumor has potentially revealed the launch window of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, which is the sequel to the popular Game Nintendo Switch of 2017. When Ubisoft first revealed the follow-up of batalla of the Kingdom of Mario + Rabbids last year, he only promised to launch the title at some point in 2022. However, from that revelation, the news related to chisps of hope has begun to remain completely silent, which has led some fanatics to worry about having a delay. Fortunately, if this rumor in question turns out to be exact, it seems that there should be no delay in the letters.

According to an informant who is known as Nate El Odionintendo and Ubisoft currently plan to launch Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Esperanza in Nintendo Switch at the end of this Christmas season. Based on what was previously said that it was known about chisps of hope, the game was always scheduled for the second half of this year. However, given the nature of many launched in recent years, there always seemed to be the possibility that the last game of Mario + Rabbids ended up sliding in early 2023. However, assuming this information ends up being true, it sounds like the owners SWITCH should still expect to play _chisps of hope this year.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope - Cinematic World Premiere Trailer - Nintendo Switch

In general, Nintendo Switch still has a fairly solid line of scheduled games to launch during the rest of 2022. In addition to Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope The Nintendo console is also ready to see shoots such as Splatoon 3, Bayoneta 3, xenoblade chronic 3, Mario Strikers: battle league and pokémon scarlet and violeta. However, this year is definitely shaping as a strong one for Nintendo that seems to have something for the fans of many different genres.

Are you someone who is anxiously waiting for the arrival of Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope Next this year? And how do you feel about this game that could be launched in the Christmas season? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

E3 2022 officially canceled completely canceled

After the E3 was completely failed in 2020, the organizer ESA had set at least a digital variant on the next year, which did not arrive as badly at the audience. Who was looking forward to a repetition of the event this year, we have to disappoint now. Because as already evidenced in rumors, there will be no E3 2022. This was confirmed by the organizer now against the media.

The second complete loss within three years should not mean death shock for the struck fair. But on the contrary. The organizer now wools all available and free resources to concentrate on the year 2023 and then connect the digital with the physical form. So the visitors should come full on their costs and at the same time the viewers should be able to participate in a digital form.

Official statements about E3 cancellation

For the cancellation, the Testainment Software Association has written an official statement.

E3 wants return in 2023 with a reinvigorated showcase that Celebates New and Exciting Video Games and Industry Innovations.

We Previously Announced That E3 Would not be hero in person in 2022 Due to the Ongo Health Risks Surrounding Covid-19. TODAY, WE ANNOUNCE THAT THERE WILL BE NO DIGITAL E3 ShowCase in 2022.

INSTEAD, We Will Devote All OUR Energy and Resources to Delivering A Revitalized Physical and Digital E3 Experience Next Summer. Whether Enjoyed From The Show Floor Or Your Favorite Devices, The 2023 Showcase Will Bring the Community, Media, And Industry Back Together to All-New Format and Interactive Experience.

We Look Forward to Presenting E3 to Fans Around The World Live FROM LOS ANGELES IN 2023.

In German:
The E3 will return in 2023 with a redesigned trade fair that celebrates new and exciting video games and industry innovation.

E3 2022 is Officially CANCELLED!! Here's Why...
We have already announced that the E3 in 2022 will not personally take place in 2022 in connection with Covid-19 health risks. Today we announce that there will be no digital E3 fair in 2022.

Instead, we will use all our energy and resources to offer a new physical and digital E3 experience next summer. Whether you enjoy the E3 on the live on-site or on your favorite equipment from home, the E3 2023 will bring the community, the media and industry in a completely new format and interactive experience.
We look forward to presenting the fans around the world the E3 in 2023 live from Los Angeles.

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Will NHL 21 be available on Nintendo Switch?

As with the Madden and UFC series, EA Sports has not developed NIntendo Switch game from the launch of the platform in 2017. But it will change in 2020, despite the fact that some of the others. EA Sports games did not receive launch on the platform this year? The answer to this question is no.

In a letter to the NHL community in July, the development team announced that NHL 21 would be launched this year for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The LNH developers did not mention a version of a version Nintendo Switch from NHL 21. On August 24, NHL 21 launch trailer was put online., as well as official information about the game and its release date. In this ad, EA confirmed that NHL 21 will be launched worldwide on October 16 for Xbox One and PS4 only.

When Will EA Sports NHL Be On Nintendo Switch? (Why Isn't NHL 21 On Switch)

So, just like Madden 21 and UFC 4, NHL 21 will not come on Nintendo Switch in 2020. And in the current state of things, the only franchise Ea sports to be on the switch is the FIFA series, which received an exit Every year since 2017.

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